[Top 5] Dota 2 Best Tiny Builds For Godlike Rampage

This gargantuan elemental entity knows no bounds! Tiny sounds like the least intimidating name for a hero, but as the game progresses, he makes you feel tiny! Not only does Tiny deal heavy damage in the early game, but he can also be a fun-to-play hero since you can toss people. A quickly tossed enemy into allies soon becomes toast Or the other way around if you want to grief your allies (which we do not recommend) 

If you are interested in playing Tiny or want to enhance your gameplay, then you’ve come to the right place. We bring you the best 5 builds that guarantee you a rampage! These builds are tried and tested by pro players, which means they’re relevant in the current patch!

5. Yatoro’s Build

Winning the International at such a young age is quite an achievement to have. Yatoro has shown how versatile he is with his builds and hero pool, he can win games even if you ban his primary hero pool. Tiny is a rare sight, but whenever Yatoro is playing, he manages to put up a show with his hard-hitting build. His item build consists of Echo Sabre, Swift Blink, Bloodthorn, Silver Edge, and even Satanic at times. This build guarantees him insane damage and durability in teamfights! There is no way your enemies escape alive if you follow this build.

Why is this build good? 

  • High physical damage
  • Immense mobility
  • Crowd Control

4. Timado’s Stealth Build

This rising superstar from the SA region has made his mark on the pro scene. Timado’s exceptional flexibility and gameplay have been a subject of praise by fans all around the world. Timado loves playing the slow game by passively farming through the laning phase, but as he acquires Aghanim’s Shard, the game changes! Along with the Shard, he loves building items that provide him attack speed, like Moonshard and Assault Cuirass. In the late stages of the game, he prefers building Black King Bar and Satanic to be durable in fights.

Why is this build good? 

  • High Attack Speed
  • Immense Armor
  • High Lifesteal


3. 23Savage Tiny Build

The meteoric rise of 23Savage is not worth negligence! He is known for being a menace of multiple carry heroes, his pool is said to be the most diverse amongst SEA carry players. Tiny is part of his extensive hero pool, and he is quite a threat if let loose! Just like his peers, 23Savage prefers opting for items that offer increased attack speed which combined with his Aghanim’s Shard will deal insane damage! Hence we see him buy Assault Cuirass, Echo Sabre, and Moonshard! This topped with a Black King Bar will ensure you are durable while dishing out extreme damage in fights.

Why is this build good? 

  • High Durability and Status Resistance
  • Immense Lifesteal
  • Extreme Physical Damage 


2. Ame’s Hard Hitter Build

If you have watched the International 10, then you may know that Tiny was quite literally a lethal weapon utilized by Ame. Just the amount of insane damage he dished out was unparalleled by any other hero in the game. It’s better if he is supplemented by heroes such as Io or Lycan, but Ame can still cause destruction without them. Items such as Swift Blink, Satanic, Assault Cuirass, Silver Edge are bought by him, which offer a variety of perks, including mobility and durability. Rampages are quite easy to harvest with this build!

Why is this build good? 

  • High Mobility
  • Immense Attack Speed
  • High Sustainability


1.  Arteezy’s Build

It’s always too easy for Arteezy when he is playing Tiny! Although not one of his main heroes, he still performs exceptionally well even if he is on the losing side. With Tiny, Arteezy performs his same old maneuver of winning the lane quite effortlessly and relying on his Stun and Toss combo to get kills in the early game. Mid and late game witnesses him buying Aghanim’s Shard for immense physical damage, which is followed by Echo Sabre, Silver Edge, Swift Blink, and Black King Bar! These items ensure you end up getting rampages!

Why is this build good? 

  • High Physical Damage
  • Status and Magic Resistance
  • High Mobility

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