[Top 10] Dota 2 Best Heroes To Solo Roshan

The ravaging Roshan is by far the most prestigious neutral creep in Dota. His ferocious nature scares all heroes away in the early game as they’re too weak to face him. Roshan is highly prioritized by teams after a certain stage in the game as he is known to drop the most precious Aegis of Immortality. If secured after a successful fight, then it may very well be the beginning of the end for the enemy team. Generally, it takes 3 or more heroes to bring this monster down, but there are a few exceptions! Roshan is countered by certain heroes who can effortlessly slay him alone.

We have compiled this list of the Best 10 Heroes to Solo Roshan and bring him down quickly. Not all heroes are good at fighting this scaly dragon alone, but the legends mentioned in this list are more than enough to essentially end Roshan’s career.

10. Death Prophet

Death Prophet looms over her prey, foreshadowing their existence and planning her every move toward increasing chaos! Seeing Death Prophet in pub games is quite a common sight in the recent meta as she is a textbook counterpick to massive spell-casting heroes and can also counter-push with her ultimate. Most heroes are obliterated in the laning phase and are subjected to constant harassment. Death Prophet can snowball pretty quickly and take down towers if she has an easy early game. The game can essentially be over for enemies if Death Prophet manages to silence them and have all her Exorcism spirits target them.

Death Prophet can ward squishy enemies off the lane with her Spirit Siphon, further solidifying her lead in the early game. Late-game Death Prophet is a whole different beast as her ultimate, Exorcism allows her to not only fight well but also take down towers and even Roshan! It is quite a common sight to see experienced DP players drop their ultimate inside the Roshpit and tank through the damage in the late game, after all, it’s all worth it for the Aegis! She may require an armor item like Solar Crest or Shiva’s Guard as the spirits deal physical damage as they latch onto the targets, making Roshan meltdown like smooth butter!

What is needed for Death Prophet to solo Roshan?

  • Her ultimate, Exorcism, can mow down Roshan as it deals physical damage as each spirit latches onto him, making him take an immense amount of damage. It is advised to have a few levels in the ultimate before you Rosh as you can survive easier in the late game. 
  • Death Prophet can also opt for armor reduction items as they can help her deal higher damage in the Roshpit.


9. Arc Warden

Zet, the Arc Warden knows no bounds, his foes know no way of countering him, as there are often two of him, and no you’re not seeing double! Known to deal massive damage right off the bat, Arc secures the laning phase versus his opponent. He is also a quick farmer, as he can just duplicate and make his clone push out the lane while he farms the jungle! Late-game Arc Warden can disable and obliterate enemies within a few hits and clicks of spells. He is an excellent lane pusher, and can also resort to ratting if things go south for his team. There are endless possibilities and no method to the madness of the resilient Arc Warden.

This addition to the list may feel a little out of fit as Arc Warden isn’t conventionally seen as a Roshan hero, but with the recent buffs to Spark Wraith, one can’t help but spam it next to the winged beast and let it stack. Once there are enough stacks, you can aggro Roshan and make him walk into the stacks, making him disappear from all the damage dealt! Physical damage builds of Arc are also not to be ignored as that is somewhat the more orthodox build that helps people secure Aegis from the mighty Roshan.

What is needed for Arc Warden to solo Roshan?

  • High-damage items like Daedalus, and Monkey King Bar combined with a disable like Orchid or Scythe of Vyse can seal the deal for Arc Warden when it comes to securing Roshan.
  • Arc can also opt for the magical damage route explained above, which can help him decimate Roshan with the stacks of his prime ability, Spark Wraith.

8. Lifestealer

The threatening Lifestealer is a deadly force to be reckoned with. His strength ruptures even the most meta heroes. As you may know, Lifestealer is a carry hero, and he is quite good at carrying the team on his back, especially if he is playing against squishy heroes. It is highly unlikely that Lifestealer ever has a bad time in the early game as he can secure farm for himself and fare well in the early game courtesy of the lifesteal and magic immunity from Rage spell, both providing him survivability and sustainability.

It is known that Lifestealer relies on kills to get gold, making him a fight-oriented hero, as with the right items he can obliterate the enemy team. Being a carry hero, Lifestealer must stay sustained in the late game, building items and securing Roshan to help him to frontline fights. He can easily Roshan with the help of Desolator, which provides him with attack damage and armor corruption. He can also lifesteal while doing so, making him easily survive the scaly beast.

What is needed for Lifestealer to solo Roshan?

  • Physical damage-dealing items like Armlet of Mordiggian and armor reduction items like Desolator go a long way in decimating Roshan quickly.
  • You can use Open Wounds (Aghanim’s Shard Upgrade) to heal while you hit Rosh if someone manages to break the Linkens on him.


7. Wraith King

None stand a chance against the Wraith King! He resurrects from his shattered bones and comes back with a vengeance. His vigor and lifesteal make him one of the most badass heroes in the game. Wraith King is a great addition to your team if you lack a hard-hitting carry or require an excellent team fighter. He is known to farm quickly with the addition of the skeletons, which allows him to split push, he is also durable in fights due to his ultimate which brings him back to life. He is one of the few heroes who can stand his ground against multiple heroes without even needing any backup!

Roshan is something that all carry heroes who want to conquer, but not all can as effortlessly as Wraith King. He has the right toolkit to take down the winged beast. His lifesteal, high physical crit damage, and a barrage of loyal skeletons are contributing factors to his Roshan and teamfight success Wraith King can easily solo Roshan if he has the essential core items like Armlet or Desolator, which makes him need no backup from his puny allies!

What is needed for Wraith King to solo Roshan?

  • Wraith King needs a few points in his Vampyric Aura and also in his Mortal Strike before he can attempt Roshan, as these two spells grant him survivability and also the backup of his Skeleton army which deals a decent amount of damage to Roshan.
  • Wraith King also may need a few physical damage-dealing items which can help him deal higher damage and bring down Roshan within a nick of time.


6. Nature’s Prophet

It is safe to say that the mighty Nature’s Prophet is a great hero and has stood the test of time, unlike most heroes in the game. Nature’s Prophet is one of the most picked offlane heroes, mostly due to his treants, which help push lanes, soak up the damage, and provide extra damage while farming. With high base attack speed, he can prove to be a nuisance in the laning stage, constantly harassing enemies or pushing the tower faster, he can also purchase a Desolator to affect the buildings with his immense damage and armor corruption. A late-game NP is a threat that not all players can contain. 

With the incredibly high magic damage being dished out with the help of his ultimate, Nature’s Prophet devastates his foes from the early game. With Global Teleportation, Nature’s Prophet can farm the enemy side of the map or even rat and push towers when the enemy team is busy fighting, or even enter the Roshpit without alarming his foes. With the help of his treants and damage items, it is nothing but a cakewalk for the mighty Prophet to mow down Roshan. Treants can soak up all the damage and Sprout helps contain the beast while you hit him with Desolator. Although not a conventional Aegis carrier, NP can do wonders if picked under the right scenarios. 

What is needed for Nature’s Prophet to solo Roshan?

  • Damage-dealing items like Monkey King Bar and Desolator for armor corruption ensure Roshan is slain within no time.
  • Nature’s Prophet can also summon Treants which can soak up a great deal of damage.
  • He can also use Sprout to stop Roshan from moving while he freely gets all his attacks on him.


5. Lone Druid

This wise and kind Druid isn’t lonely by any means! His pet bear takes care of any problems that come his way. Lone Druid is played as a carry majority of the time, this is due to the vast potential that the bear has to offer in both teamfights as well as while pushing towers and lanes. Sometimes it may feel like the bear is the primary hero and Lone Druid himself is the pet. The bear can easily trap and shred through enemy armor with damage-dealing items. Decent micro-skills are required to play this beast, which only comes with practice.

Lone Druid is often seen in the current meta because he is a reliable carry who can stand his ground in fights and is highly sustainable right from the laning phase. His spells provide immense synergy, which allows the Bear to safeguard Lone Druid in fights essentially. The selling point of LD is the high damage being dished out by the Bear, which helps him mow down Roshan. The immense lifesteal and attack speed combined with items like Desolator and Skull Basher is highly helpful in slaying the beast, something which Lone Druid does just with the help of his bear!

What is needed for Lone Druid to solo Roshan?

  • Lone Druid’s Bear may require a few damage items and ideally would have to be level 4 to solo Roshan.
  • The Bear has enough HP and lifesteal to withstand the onslaught of Roshan, so master LD players decide to Roshan quite late into the game when they are high level.


4. Templar Assassin

Lanaya, the Templar Assassin, the mysterious guardian of the temple’s secrets is a lethal force to be reckoned with. TA is widely regarded as one of the best mid-heroes, this is due to the damage which she dishes out without losing relevancy. Squishy heroes can’t withstand the onslaught of TA’s physical damage and armor corruption which gets worse in the later stages of the game. Templar’s armor reduction from both her Meld and Desolator is hard for enemy support heroes to deal with, they have no strong way to stop or negate this ungodly onslaught of damage. She can’t be controlled once let loose in the late game.

Templar Assassin deals some heavy damage while taking barely any in return if she has the Refraction shield on, it also proves to be a helpful mechanic against Roshan. Most experienced TA players occasionally disappear into the jungle to farm and as soon as they have the levels and items they sneak into the Roshpit to secure the Aegis. Her Meld deals immense armor corruption which is further worsened by the damage and armor corruption from Desolator. Templar players can also put a trap inside the Roshpit which alerts them about any enemy movement inside or it can also be used to teleport inside if you purchase Aghanim’s Scepter.

What is needed for Templar Assassin to solo Roshan?

  • Physical damage dealing items like Monkey King Bar or Daedalus.
  • Increased armor corruption with Desolator, which is, without doubt, an essential on her.
  • A few points in all her three non-ultimate skills as it is generally unfavorable to Roshan in the early game as a squishy TA.


3. Huskar

The ferocious hunter Huskar leaves no stone unturned. His crazy damage potential is unmatched by low HP and squishy enemy heroes. He makes the latter weaker with his fire. Huskar is a very aggressive hero, which fares well against pretty much all heroes as they stand no chance even in a 1v5 matchup if the former has the right set of items. Most heroes can’t simply deal with the overwhelming amount of damage being dished out by the harrowing Huskar.

Huskar is known to initiate a teamfight, hence he builds items that allow him to start and sustain team fights. Killing Roshan and procuring the Aegis is the right step before engaging in a teamfight if you’re playing Huskar! Huskar can quickly mow down Roshan with his Burning Spears ability that does great damage over time, this combined with his immense attack speed with his passive makes it easy for him to bring the mighty beast down. Huskar can also use lifesteal items to sustain himself in the Roshpit.

What is needed for Huskar to solo Roshan?

  • Ideally, Huskar may require a few items before he can go solo Rosh, with e can opt for a lifesteal item and a damage-dealing item, which combined can help him decimate the winged beast in no time.
  • Huskar also needs decent levels in Berserker’s Blood, which amplifies his attack speed if he drops in the HP department, making Roshan take more damage from Burning Spears


2. Troll Warlord

For the longest time, Troll Warlord has been dominating the game. The tenacious Troll is known to fare well right from the laning stage due to his abilities which help him secure creeps and ward off enemy laners. Most laning counterparts are known to have a bad time against Troll in the laning phase, this is attributed to his range advantage. Troll can withstand ungodly amounts of damage being dished out by most physical and magical type heroes, thanks to his ultimate which allows him to lifesteal while making him unkillable.

It does not take much time for Troll to be able to quickly melt Roshan in the late game. Troll has both the attack speed as well as the damage, which rips Roshan into shreds. Battle Trance can essentially make Troll go from 0 to 100 real quick, ensuring he heals up and stands his ground while fighting the mighty beast. Troll can solo Roshan, unlike most other carry heroes who need the help of their teammates!

What is needed for Troll Warlord to solo Roshan?

  • High levels in his passive ability Fervor, allow him to attack fast and quickly deal high damage to Roshan.
  • His ultimate Battle Rage, can help him quickly lifesteal and survive against Roshan if he ever gets low on HP.


1. Ursa

We are sure that Ursa is the reason why we see Roshan move his pit around every few years! Jokes aside, Ursa is one of the most played carry heroes in the game, known for his ability to jungle smoothly and slay Roshan alone. He can also rip through squishy heroes within no time! His Fury Swipes stack up quickly, combined with his second spell, Overpower, make him deal high amounts of physical damage right from the early game. Ursa’s ultimate, Enrage, makes him take less damage from enemy damage, making him invulnerable in teamfights.

Ursa is known for buying a Morbid mask and sneaking into the Roshpit as soon as he can with just a few levels on his Fury Swipes and Enrage. Apart from Roshan, this added lifesteal allows him to sustain in lane and turn around a fight swiftly coupled with his ultimate. Ursa almost always rushes into the Roshpit in the early game. 9 out of 10 times its solo! Ursa is the undefeated champion when it comes to slaying the mighty Roshan alone, his toolkit was built for this.

What is needed for Ursa to solo Roshan?

  • A few levels in his Enrage and Fury Swipes, which essentially increase his attack speed and also stacks the damage that he deals to Roshan, mowing him down quickly.
  • Having a source of lifesteal always helps as it can aid in healing up the vicious bear from the lethal attacks of Roshan.
  • His ultimate, Enrage is highly effective while battling Roshan, as it reduces the damage he takes while also providing him with status resistance.

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