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Apex Legends Storm Point Gameplay Trailer is Here!
The Apex Legends Escape gameplay trailer premiered at 5:00 PM EST and... read more
Bloodhunt Halloween Event is Haunted By Disconnection Bugs…
Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodhunt started its Halloween event on 22... read more
If the Flies in Dayz’s Halloween Mode Are Pissing You Off This Will Make You Very Happy!
DayZ has announced a solution for players to get a little respite from... read more
Win a Free Xbox X Series with Guardians of the Galaxy!
Xbox is hosting a giveaway for an Xbox Series X, with an Xbox wireless... read more
Age of Empires IV Will Be Playable on Older and Low Spec PC's!
Age of Empires has revealed that it has a ‘Min Spec’ mode for the new... read more
Apex Legends Has Teased the Season 11 Map With Some Bone-Chilling Footage…
Apex Legends has released 2 clips taken on the Season 11 Map. It would... read more
Among Us is Coming To Console and Xbox Game Pass!
Among Us has just announced that Among Us is finally coming to console... read more
Trials Freelance Comes to Destiny 2, Time for Solo Players to Rule!
With the Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost running at full steam, Destiny... read more
GTA Online: The Slashers Event Is Back!
On 21 October 2021, Rockstar Games announced that The Slashers event i... read more
Will Valheim Make the Cut for the Golden Joysticks Award?
Valheim has been nominated for the Golden Joysticks 2021 as Best Multi... read more
Final 5 Battlefield 2042 Specialists Are Out! - Will They Make an Effective Team?
In the wake of the Battlefield 2042 open beta, Battlefield has reveale... read more
Overwatch Artists Reveal Their Halloween Skin Secrets
With the release of the Overwatch Halloween Terror event came sev... read more
Rocket League Announces Halloween Costume Contest
Rocket League has announced a Halloween costume contest, where contest... read more
Ubisoft Connect Celebrates 1st Anniversary and Adds a Load of New Features
Ubisoft Connect is celebrating its 1st anniversary with the announceme... read more
Treyarch Announces the Celebration of Its 25 Birthday
Treyarch game studios, the makers of the iconic Call of Duty Black Ops... read more
New World Character Server Transfer Update Is Here!
New World has released its latest update, with the main feature of the... read more
War Thunder Introduces Israel As a Playable Nation
War Thunder has announced that they are adding Israel to the game as a... read more
League of Legends Releases Patch Notes for Latest Update
League of Legends released the patch notes for Patch 11.2 yesterday, d... read more
Warframe Raises Over $75k In Its Quest to Conquer Cancer
Starting 1 October 2021, Warframe partnered with the Princess Margaret... read more
Age of Darkness: Final Stand Release v0.1.2 Hotfix Patch Notes
With Age of Darkness: Final Stand early access mode being out for over... read more
Apex Legends Reveals the Face Behind Ash's Voice
With the recent release of the ‘Ashes to Ash’ Story from the Outlands... read more
Halo Infinite Announces Ranked and Competitive Details - Key Takeaways
Halo Infinite has recently announced the new settings and features for... read more
Valorant Says They're Winning the Fight Against Cheaters and Hackers. But Are They?
Valorant is suggesting that they’re winning against the cheaters. The... read more
Call of Duty ‘The Haunting’ Halloween Event Drops Tomorrow With Loads of New Content
With Hallowmass and the freaky festivities of Halloween looming ever d... read more
Path of Exile Reveals New Features and Official Start Date for Path of Exile: Scourge
Path of Exile has announced the official start date for the latest add... read more
Apex Legends Releases Latest Story from the Outlands: 'Ashes to Ash'
Apex Legends has released the latest segment of the ‘Stories from the... read more
What If Minecraft Decided Not to Add Both the Java and Bedrock Editions to Xbox Game Pass?
Minecraft has revealed on their official Twitter feed that both the Be... read more
Sea of Thieves Raises Over $20k for 'No Kid Hungry' with Pineapple Plunder Charity Stream
Sea of Thieves has decided to add a generous twist to piracy by hostin... read more
Far Cry 6 has announced an official resource collection Gameplan that... read more
Splitgate Pro Series
Splitgate has announced a Splitgate Pro Series with a total prize pool... read more
Battlefield 2042 Hazard Zone
With the release of Battlefield 2042 rapidly approaching, Battlefield... read more
Bloodhunt Knotfest
Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodhunt is giving away 70 tickets to any o... read more
Escape from Tarkov Twitch Rivals
Battlestate Games, the developer of the multiplayer first-person shoot... read more
Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War teaser hits too close to home
"Know your history or be doomed to repeat it." After months of radi... read more
Halo Infinite development marred by plague and outsourcing
Global pandemic and lack of communication to blame for delay Accord... read more
Squad finally makes base defense fun
Offworld Industries introduces new FOB and Rally systems to promote te... read more
Apex Legends “Boosted” adds weapon, armor crafting in-game
Apex Legends overhauls crafting, allows players to craft weapons and a... read more
New Halo Infinite live-stream imminent
343 Industries partners with Elgato to get "ready for battle" A new... read more
Fall Guys dominates Steam in under two weeks
Newest battle royale ditches guns and soldiers for costumed jelly bean... read more