Explore An Exotic Alien Universe In 'The Eternal Cylinder' Fantasy Survival RPG

Explore An Exotic Alien Universe In 'The Eternal Cylinder' Fantasy Survival RPG
Go to space they said... See the universe they said...

‘The Eternal Cylinder’ is a fantasy survival RPG game set in an exotic alien universe!

The surface of a strange planet. Image by 'The Eternal Cylinder.'

In ‘The Eternal Cylinder,’ you play an exotic alien creature known as a ‘Trebhum.’ You and your fellow creatures live in a beautiful world that features four different biomes full of spectacularly unique flora and fauna.

Unfortunately, your amazing world is not devoid of danger, the greatest threat of all being “The Eternal Cylinder.” This is a giant cylinder that rolls around your world for all time, destroying anyone and anything in its path! Your goal is to figure out how to stop or destroy the cylinder and save your people.

As a Trebhum, you are a small creature that isn’t particularly strong. However, your greatest power is the ability to adapt to your circumstances. There are over 50 different mutations that you can use to upgrade and improve yourself and the Trebhums around you so that you can complete the mission and stop the cylinder.

Alien creatures living in their natural habitat. Image by 'The Eternal Cylinder.'

Mutations include the ability to create tornadoes, shoot out deadly spikes, fly, and a host of other unique abilities. The cylinder spawns creatures known as “Servants,” that infest and destroy everything in their path.

There are hidden sanctuaries in the world. You can find them and access them by completing complex puzzles. These sanctuaries will help you to save your people as the Cylinder rolls over your world.

‘The Eternal Cylinder,’ is developed by ‘ACE Team,’ and is coming to Steam in October 2022.

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