'Lost 2' Click-And-Decrypt Game Tests Players' Problem-Solving and Resourcefulness

'Lost 2' Click-And-Decrypt Game Tests Players' Problem-Solving and Resourcefulness
Time to put a finger in a fairy nightmare pie!

‘Lost 2’ is a click-and-decrypt game set in a fairytale universe.

In ‘Lost 2,’ the princesses from all the fairytales you were told a kid find themselves in a bit of a pickle. They are trapped in an endless cycle of dreams. They face various challenges and difficulties in each dream.

You need to observe the princesses' dreams and then try to help them solve some of their issues and make the experience easier for them. You can also choose to take advantage of the situation and play pranks on the princesses you are helping to cause some entertaining embarrassment at their expense!

The game includes 27 well-known princesses with 39 different levels for you to try. According to the developers, completing the storybook section of the game will allow you to do whatever you want with the princesses that you have helped! 

Help the princesses from the fairytales figure out how to escape their fairy nightmare. Image by 'Lost 2.'

Additionally, they have stated that it is “very likely that you will have an intimate experience with them,” so if you’re in the mood to misbehave…

The game has been developed to create a “delicate,” and “rich” experience for players, with a clear focus on erotic content. 

The challenges and levels have been based on the fairytales from which the princesses come. However, the game is not a video game recreation of the actual story. Rather, it just uses the fairytales as inspiration.

‘Lost 2,’ is developed by ‘DSGame.’ The game was released on Steam on the 30th of September 2022 and has received very positive reviews on Steam thus far.

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