'Moonscars' 2D Action Adventure Is A Journey of Discovery

'Moonscars' 2D Action Adventure Is A Journey of Discovery
Alone and in the dark is not a place you want to find yourself!

Moonscars is a nonlinear 2D action-adventure game. 

In Moonscars you play as a Clayborne warrior called Grey Irma. Your existence is plagued by a nagging question. Ever since your creation, you have tried to discover the identity of your Sculptor, but so far you have been unsuccessful. 

Grey Irma inspects the ground for clues. Image by 'Moonscars.'

Your adventure begins in a dark fantasy world as you embark on an expedition to discover how you came to be.

Wherever your journey leads you relentless darkness will seek to destroy you. As you fight and die you will learn how best to overcome the darkness and mold yourself into a master warrior. Explore the moonlight Shadows to discover the secrets they hold. With every victory new truths reveal themselves and you will get closer and closer to finding the identity of your maker.

The game features intense fast-paced combat with numerous different combat moves and techniques for you to use. There are also various weapons and abilities for you to use. These include a deadly sword, special weapons, and potent witchery. You can fight using deadly weapons and power combinations to obliterate your enemies.

Battling evil gargoyles sitting on pillars. Image by 'Moonscars.'

Your existence is a dark fantasy tale filled with twists and "intricate world-building." Seeking to discover the identity of your sculptor will be a rich and rewarding experience. You and your companions will witness betrayal, suffering, and revenge on your journey to truth and purpose.

Moonscars is developed by 'Black Mermaid.' The game is coming to Steam in September  2022.


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