'Lego Bricktales' Puzzle Adventure Is a Charming Story For All Ages to Enjoy

'Lego Bricktales' Puzzle Adventure Is a Charming Story For All Ages to Enjoy
Build your ideal universe one block at a time!

‘Lego Bricktales’ is a puzzle adventure game with a “charming” story to play through.

In ‘Lego Bricktales,’ you embark on an adventure with the goal in mind to help your grandpa bring his amusement park back to life in an epic fashion! During your adventure, you will visit and explore a host of amazing Lego diorama blocks, ranging from jungles to deserts, and bustling cities.

These worlds are filled with Minifigures that need help solving puzzles and developing their skills to unlock more and more of the worlds that you are exploring. As you explore, you will uncover secrets and solve mysteries that will help you to restore your grandfather’s slipping amusement park.

An ancient jungle Lego diorama. Image by 'Lego Bricktales.'

Each diorama features a host of different things for you to build. Some items may be simple and purely for “aesthetic” purposes. Others may be “functional physics-based puzzles.” These include things such as vehicles and machinery.

You will not be alone on your adventure. You have a robot buddy who will guide you along and help you to complete your task. Part of the restoration process requires a specific alien device that is powered by happiness crystals. The only way to get these is to make people happy and help them solve their problems.

The game features intense puzzles that will test your skills, as well as relaxed building puzzles that will help you to develop and improve your abilities. You are also able to create a personalized Minifigure using an incredible collection of different parts and wardrobe items.

‘Lego Bricktales,’ is developed by ‘Clockstone,’ and is coming to Steam in October 2022.

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