Run and Gun In 'Marauders' Tactical Sci-Fi First Person Shooter

Run and Gun In 'Marauders' Tactical Sci-Fi First Person Shooter
Risking it for a biscuit is a practice as old as time itself...

‘Marauders’ is a tactical first-person looting shooting game in a sci-fi universe.

Clearing out an underground bunker. Image by 'Marauders.'

In ‘Marauders,’ you are thrown into a science fictional world that takes place during the 1990s in a universe where the ‘Great War’ didn’t end. Ever. The constant war and industrialization of the Earth have forced millions to flee into space.

You play as a space mercenary, also known as a “Marauder.” You and your fellow Marauders must travel through space and salvage all the materials and resources that you can find. Of course, you won’t go unchallenged and you will need to battle enemies at every turn if you wish to make it home alive and with all your loot.

During every match, you can upgrade your gear and character as you go along. You can use the loot and resources collected during each raid for upgrades and character improvement. Of course, you will need to watch your step as others are also out hunting for loot, and if you’re carrying lots of it you’ll make a juicy target…

Advancing through the bunker over the bodies of dead enemy soldiers. Image by 'Marauders.' 

Every raid in the diesel-punk world has the potential to bring you great profit, but even if you successfully gather loads of high-tier loot it will all be for naught if you fail to escape with your life!

The game allows you to play alone, or with up to 3 other players. This means that you can put together a squad with your friends, making the game all the more entertaining and enjoyable, assuming your friends are worth their salt!

‘Marauders,’ is developed by ‘Team 17,’ and is coming to Steam in 2022.

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