'Hunt: Showdown - The Penitent' Brings New Content to 'Hunt: Showdown.'

'Hunt: Showdown - The Penitent' Brings New Content to 'Hunt: Showdown.'

'Hunt: Showdown - The Penitent' is a DLC that requires the base game 'Hunt: Showdown.'

Damien, the new Legendary Hunter, standing in a muddy field in the middle of the night. 'Hunt: Showdown - The Penitent.'

The DLC includes 1 legendary Hunter two legendary weapons and one legendary consumable. 

The hunter is known as the penitent. His real name is Damien Yedaiah. Demons from his past haunt Damian's memories. He can still see his wife with her chest cut open, her face shredded, and her hands bound by her own intestines; staring into his eyes as she Lay Dying. 

Behind her was his son and his son’s severed limbs, nailed to a crude wooden cross...

Haunted by guilt, Damian sought salvation and forgiveness in pain. With every lash of his whip every burning cut, he found sweet relief from the overwhelming guilt that plagued his soul. 

As time passed, festering wounds across his body turned into thick layers of scabs and scars, burying his nerves and numbing the pain that brought him sweet relief.

Damien's deadly shotguns. Image by 'Hunt: Showdown - The Penitent.'

One night as Damien's whip ripped the flesh from his body, he felt no pain. In sheer desperation, Damien ripped the skin off his face, covered it in Salt, and wrapped it in cloth. 

He bound the untouched parts of his body with barbed wire. Pain and relief of guilt were fleeting. As his pain subsided the demons from his past came rushing back to him in the shadows...

At this point, Damien turned to the AHA and joined 'The Hunt,' for the peace it promised. Damian is equipped with 'Delirium,' his shotgun, 'The Scourge,' his revolver, and 'False Sacrament,' which is a regeneration shot.

'Hunt: Showdown - The Penitent' is developed by 'Crytek,' and is coming to Steam in September  2022.

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