'X-Plane 12' Flight Simulator Brings Real-World Experience To A Video Game

'X-Plane 12' Flight Simulator Brings Real-World Experience To A Video Game
Time to get those wings!

‘X-Plane 12’ is a realistic flight simulator that is built by “pilots and engineers” for everybody and anybody that has an interest in planes and flight simulators.

In ‘X-Plane 12,’ you get to fly a host of different real-world aircraft in different scenarios and under unique circumstances. 

The game features real-world physics with “accurate aircraft systems,” according to the developers. It is designed to be highly immersive and replicate real-world flying as closely as possible in a video game.

There are numerous other features included in the game. These include volumetric 3D clouds, a “physics-based photometric lighting model,” 3D water, and 3D forests. There are unique weather cycles and seasonal textures in the game based on their real-life counterparts, using real weather data.

Lufthansa plane taking off. Image by 'X-Plane 12.'

Some of the planes that you get to fly include the ‘Airbus A330,’ which can seat 293 passengers and is used primarily for long-distance passenger transit. There is also the ‘Cirrus SR22,’ which is a small single-prop plane designed to hold only 4 or 5 passengers. 

For a change of scenery, the ‘F-14 Tomcat,’ is also at your disposal. These are only 3 of the game’s many planes, but they accurately represent the variety and diversity that the game offers and presents in a realistic manner.

If planes are what make you tick, ‘X-Plane 12,’ is sure to have something that will pique your interest and satisfy your aviation desires.

‘X-Plane 12,’ is developed by ‘Laminar Research,’ and was released on Steam in September 2022.

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