'Cultic' First Person Shooter Is An Adventure That Starts Beyond the Grave

'Cultic' First Person Shooter Is An Adventure That Starts Beyond the Grave
An oldie but still a goodie.

‘Cultic’ is a first-person shooter that is inspired by vintage FPS games, but that has been developed with the benefits of modern game engines, physics, and performance.

Attacking enemies with deadly bundles of dynamite. Image by 'Cultic.'

In ‘Cultic,’ your journey starts on the far side of the grave. You crawl out of the ground and find yourself in the middle of a “mysterious and twisted cult.” You are equipped with a range of mid-century weapons and explosives that will serve you well as you fight your way through the ranks of the cult.

‘Cultic’ allows you to play the game your way. If you’re the run-and-gun type, you can run in guns blazing, cutting down your enemies and “weaving between them” so that they catch each other in the crossfire as they try to gun you down!

Alternatively, if you prefer a slow, methodical approach, you can lay traps for your enemies or you can ambush them as they walk past you. You can gun them down from the safety of cover, picking them off one by one until they’re all dead.

Preparing to blast enemies to hell with a shotgun. Image by 'Cultic.'

According to the game’s developers, combat is “fast and deadly.” Precise shots can take enemies down very quickly. They can also take you down quickly, so good movement and use of cover are essential.

The developers have also stated that the game was built to “feel like a throwback to the shooters of yore,” while still having the benefits of modern game technology for good game performance.

‘Cultic’ is developed by ‘Jasozz Games,’ and is coming to Steam in October 2022.

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