'Beacon Pines' Adventure Turns Cute Into Creepy That Curdles the Stomach

'Beacon Pines' Adventure Turns Cute Into Creepy That Curdles the Stomach
Venturing into the dark, creepy woods is the best idea you could possibly have...

‘Beacon Pines’ is described as “A touching, inventive and beautiful adventure with a whole lot of heart. Highly recommended,” by ‘Alpha Beta Gamer.’

Discussing the situation in front of a dark and creepy-looking forest. Image by 'Beacon Pines.'

In ‘Beacon Pines,’ you play as the reader of a mysterious book, but you ALSO play as the main character in the book who is called ‘Luka.’ There are strange things happening at the old warehouse in the book, and you, as ‘Luka,’ need to investigate it with your friends.!

You and your friends need to sneak out of the house after dark to go and poke around the old warehouse to discover its mysteries! You will make new friends, discover secrets, and collect special words that will change the course of your story!

As you explore Beacon Pines and investigate the strange happenings around you, you need to collect gold charms that have special words carved onto them. At specific turning points in the story, you can use these charms to fill in blank words in the book and completely alter the course of the story you are living!

A lonely little house in the middle of the woods. Image by 'Beacon Pines.'

While playing as the reader, you will navigate the story using “The Chronicle,” which is an interactive story tree with many different branches that help determine how the story goes based on each choice that you make.

It is important to think carefully about everything you do if you want to make sure that your story has a happy ending…

‘Beacon Pines,’ is developed by ‘Hiding Spot,’ and is coming to Steam in September 2022.

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