Jump Into a Long And Bloody War In 'The Last Oricru' Action RPG

Jump Into a Long And Bloody War In 'The Last Oricru' Action RPG
Jumping into someone else's war makes total sense, right?

‘The Last Oricru’ is an action RPG that is set in a sci-fi medieval world on the brink of a long and bloody war.

Preparing to take on a horde of enemies in a dark cave. Image by 'The Last Oricru.'

In ‘The Last Oricru,’ you jump into the middle of a war between two races that are living on a planet that has been partly terraformed. The planet is “isolated from outer space” by a unique “protective barrier,” according to the developers.

As you progress through the game, every decision that you make will have a critical impact on the outcome of the game. Every decision branches into numerous others that will all lead you on a unique adventure with its own outcome.

As you journey through the world, you will experience hundreds of fights. You can level up your character and take on bosses that are scattered throughout the world. On your adventure, you will have the chance to explore the world’s forgotten past and discover the “conspiracy” behind the events that you are experiencing.

Taking on an enemy in a one-on-one. Image by 'The Last Oricru.'

According to the developers, the game’s combat system is “easy to learn but hard to master.” There are different ranged and melee weapons for you to use, as well as special abilities, shields, and “techno-magical items.”

The game features a single-player mode, as well as a co-op mode. In co-op, you can invite your friends to play with you and help you on your journey. ‘The Last Oricru,’ features a “Classic RPG character stat system,” allowing you to customize your character, loadout, and playstyle exactly as you want it.

‘The Last Oricru,’ is developed by ‘GoldKnights,’ and is coming to Steam in October 2022.

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