'Plane Accident' Plane Crash Investigation Simulator Tests Powers Of Observation and Intuition

'Plane Accident' Plane Crash Investigation Simulator Tests Powers Of Observation and Intuition
One man's tragedy is another man's treasure...

‘Plane Accident’ is a plane crash investigation simulator that will test your skills of observation and investigation.

Securing a crash site. Image by 'Plane Accident.'

In ‘Plane Accident,’ you become an inspector who must examine crash sites and determine the cause behind each plane accident. Investigating a crash and determining its cause is a multi-step process.

First, you will need to travel to the crash site and gather physical evidence from the crash itself. Look for clues such as the black box, weapons, faulty equipment, or anything else that can point you in the direction of the cause of the crash.

You will also need to take photographs of the crash site and document your investigation thoroughly as you go along.

Traveling to a new crash site. Image by 'Plane Accident.'

Once you have collected as much physical and photographic evidence as possible, you need to head back to the hangar where you work. The next step is to inspect all the pieces of evidence you have collected thoroughly. 

You will also need to interview and interrogate witnesses, as well as reconstruct pieces of the wreckage and comb through the technical documentation from the crash. 

Your goal is to figure out the root cause behind the accident. Was there foul play? Was it human error? Or was it simply an unfortunate series of events and coincidences that caused the accident?

‘Plane Accident’ is developed by ‘Duality Games.’ The developers have not yet announced an official release date, nor have they given a potential timeframe during which the game’s release might possibly take place.

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