Race and Raise Hamsters In 'Hamster Playground' Hamster Simulator

Race and Raise Hamsters In 'Hamster Playground' Hamster Simulator
Those cuddly balls of fur can bite!

‘Hamster Playground’ features a combination of hamster-raising simulation and racing.

In ‘Hamster Playground,’ you start out with several hamsters and basic accommodations for them. You need to grow your team of hamsters, build up their home, and race in high-stakes hamster races!

The game features simple mechanics that reportedly need only one button. However, it has been created to be challenging despite its simplicity, so don’t rest on your laurels!

‘Hamster Playground,’ features races against AI hamsters through “mazes and on drag strips.” According to the developers, there are new modes in the development pipeline! The game also features a multiplayer mode, allowing you to compete against players from far and wide in epic hamster races.

A chubby gray hamster taking the lead as it races toward the finish line. Image by 'Hamster Playground.'

As you grow your team of hamsters, you can also improve and develop their unique skills and abilities to allow you to beat higher-level opponents. 

Ensure that you take good care of your hamsters, keeping them happy and healthy. You can expand their home and turn it into a luxury hamster mansion as you win more and more races!

The game also allows you to name your hamsters and dress them up for each occasion, with over 100 different cosmetic items. According to the developers, the graphics are detailed and the game features “cute animations” to keep you entertained.

‘Hamster Playground,’ is developed by ‘We Dig Games.’ The game was released on Steam in August 2022.


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