[Top 15] Dota 2 Best Roamers For Kills

There are multiple roles in Dota, these roles range from support to core while having certain intricacies and nuances like initiators, roamers, healers, etc. All heroes contribute equally to a teamfight. There are certain heroes, that are essentially vagrants! They roam around the map, ganking enemies, pushing towers, and securing objectives for the team. These heroes are generally played in the support role, ensuring that the core’s life is made easy with the early-game rotations and ganks on the enemy hero. 

To help you find the best roaming heroes to enhance your gameplay, we have compiled this list of the best 15 Roamers For Kills. These heroes are very much relevant in the current meta, hence they help you dominate your games.


What are the advantages of roaming?

  • As a roaming hero (mostly played by position 4 heroes), your aim is to help lanes that are falling apart by ganking the enemies or rescuing your enemies if they are being ganked.
  • Ganking enemies as a roamer hero ensures that your team gets gold and kills, providing them an advantage over your enemies, and putting them ahead in the net worth department
  • By leaving your offlaner alone, you provide him with increased XP, which allows him to get his ultimate and potentially join you in ganking lanes.


15. Nature’s Prophet

Furion, the Nature’s Prophet is a hero we rarely get to see in the current patch, but his roaming capabilities are highly powerful in certain matchups. He is one of the few heroes who can be played as both core and support, depending on the heroes you face. As a roamer, Nature’s Prophet is highly valued because of his Teleportation spell which allows him to teleport anywhere on the map, which ensures he can gank any lane at any given time.

NP’s global potential does not end there, he dishes out incredibly high magical damage with the help of his ultimate, which targets heroes visible to him anywhere on the map. In addition to his Teleport, NP can Sprout enemies inside a group of trees, ensuring that his foes have no chance of escaping while his allies follow him up with decent damage. Not only is NP a great roamer, but he is also great for sniping couriers and dewarding due to his impressive toolkit and fight potential. 

What makes Nature’s Prophet a great roamer? 

  • Nature’s Teleportation spell allows him to teleport anywhere on the map, which allows him to gank lanes and participate in a teamfight effortlessly
  • NP also has the Sprout ability which traps enemies inside a tree, which he can use after he rotates to a lane, which buys time for your team to follow up with damage and destroy the foes


14. Phoenix

If you’re lacking an initiator or roamer in your ranked games, Phoenix can fit the bill quite easily. Not only is he known to roam effortlessly around the map, but he can also heal his allies and deal high damage. Phoenix’s most important spell has to be the Fire Spirits, which not only does great damage to the hordes, it slows them and reduces their movement speed. The spirits can be prioritized and maxed first, this can prove to be useful in the late game. You also have decent mobility with Icarus Dive, which allows him to initiate a fight.

In the early game, Phoenix can use his abilities to roam and harass enemies in the lane while also providing sustenance to his allies. Supernova is a game-changer in team fights, forcing enemies to focus their attention on destroying the egg instead of attacking Phoenix's allies. As the game progresses, Phoenix can transition into a powerful team fight presence, providing crucial slows, debuffs, and heals to turn the tide of battles. A skilled Phoenix player can use his abilities to create chaos on the battlefield and disrupt the enemy team's plans.

What makes Phoenix a great roamer?

  • Phoenix's Icarus Dive ability allows him to initiate teamfights while dealing damage and slowing his enemies as his allies follow up with damage.
  • Phoenix has both mobility and damage potential which makes him an efficient roamer right from the early game.


13. Lion

The ferocious Lion is one of those roaming support heroes who fit any matchup, his versatility is highly unparalleled in the current meta. Lion is played by both beginners and professionals, as he works in every single skill bracket. If you play your cards right, you can successfully gank any lane you walk into as a Lion. He has multiple spells which can be used to disable his enemies while allowing him to deal damage to them at the same time. He is highly annoying and strong right from the early game as his lockdown followed by some damage from his team can neutralize enemies.

In 7.33, Lion cripples enemies right from the early game if played as a roamer. He can also drain enemy mana, turn them into powerless frogs, and all in all, make them highly useless. Lion also has very lethal nuke damage with his Finger of Death ultimate, which can further be amplified with the number of kills he gets with it, allowing a possibility of one-shotting his foes in the later stages of the game. Most heroes are essentially melee or ranged creep against Lion if they do not have a good start in the game.

What makes Lion a great roamer? 

  • Lion’s toolkit provides him with multiple powerful disables that cripple enemy gameplay and ensure that he secures any lane that he walks into
  • Lion also has high burst damage with his ultimate which can be used to bring down mighty enemies within no time
  • He is known for his lane dominance and crowd control which allows him to be an efficient roamer with all his spells.



12. Mirana

Princess of the Moon, the pristine Mirana is a highly praised hero of recent times. Her high pick rate at the recent International is evidence of her high capacity to dominate games. Mirana can be a flexible hero, meaning she can be played in multiple different positions depending upon the heroes she is facing, but ideally, she is to be played as roaming support, as it is the role where she shines the most at! In the current patch, Mirana is often played as a position 4 hero, this is due to the buffs to her arrow, making her highly relevant as a ganker.

Mirana is often picked as a support hero in the current meta as her exceptional spells allow her to have an optimum impact in teamfights, supplementing her ally cores. She can save her allies with her ultimate, making all of them invisible regardless of their position on the map. It can also be used offensively to gank unaware enemies, catching them by surprise. Mirana is an excellent position 4 hero, as she can fit into any lineup regardless of the heroes she is facing, making her a great addition to your team if you’re lacking team fight.

Why is Mirana a great roamer? 

  • Sacred Arrow allows Mirana to stun for a significant duration or help allies chain-stun enemies during a gank.
  • While roaming, Mirana can use the invisibility from Moonlight Shadow to start fights undetected.
  • Mirana can also use her Leap charges to initiate a fight and follow it up with her Arrow, or even the other way around, providing her with incredible mobility



11. Io

There are various mysterious entities in Dota but Io takes the cake for being the most mysterious. Is it a bulb, or is it a disco ball? We shall never know. All we know is that this ball of energy is powerful enough to turn the game around if he helps his allies on time! A perfect relocation can quickly turn the game around by saving your teammates or even by rating. Io provides decent sustain right from the laning phase. Throughout the previous few patches, Io used to be a rare sight, but now you can see your pubs flooded with Io due to the buffs to his Tether and Relocate.

Io as a support hero requires a lot of coordination and communication with the team. His abilities are mostly focused on helping and enabling his allies, rather than dealing damage or stunning enemies. If with enough practice, a skilled player can have a seminal impact on the game with the right positioning, saving your allies, or initiating a teamfight well. Playing Io does require a higher understanding of the game and the dynamics of a teamfight, which can only come with enough experience, making it a high-risk, high-reward hero.

Why is Io a great roamer?

  • Io’s global potential ranks him as one of the best roaming supports in competitive Dota, mostly due to the reliability of his ultimate, Relocate, which allows him to teleport himself and the tethered unit anywhere on the map
  • Io provides immense synergy in a teamfight with the help of Tether, which heals allies and keeps them sustained through a fight.


10. Nyx Assassin

The nefarious Nyx Assassin is an extremely annoying hero to play against heroes who have no way of escaping his clutches. Nyx has various ways of disabling his foes with his extensive toolkit. Nyx can stun them, mana burns them, stun them again, and finally hit them down with the impressive damage from his ultimate, Vendetta. He is active right from the laning phase, as he can acquire a few levels and wander off into other lanes to catch unsuspecting enemies. If he gets a follow-up from his team, there is no way his enemies escape alive!

Nyx is often picked instantly against squishy spell-casting heroes. His abilities are just too good to be ignored if you’re looking to expand your hero pool as a position 4 support player. A well-timed use of spells can catch enemies off guard and turn the trajectory of the game in Nyx’s favor. He is highly useful right from the get-go, hence he is ranked so high up on our list. He can be the enemy carry’s worst nightmare if you let him have the chance!

What makes Nyx Assassin a great roamer?

  • He can freely scout around the map with his ultimate, Vendetta, which renders him invisible for a decent duration.
  • Nyx has decent crowd control with Impale and Spiked Carapace, which stuns enemies and deals decent damage to them in a teamfight, making him a formidable roamer
  • Along with having crowd-control spells, Nyx also has incredible damage which makes it easy for him to solo kill squishy enemies in the early game.


9. Dark Willow

This enchanting fairy of the woods is extremely deceitful. She may come across as a vulnerable and weak fairy but she’s a powerful enchanting sorceress. Dark Willow’s spells make her a great roamer hero as she can lock down enemies, deal damage and ensure immense crowd control. She synergizes well with various heroes and does well with a bit of farm as well. A late-game Dark Willow, even as a support is a nightmare to play against. 

Along with being an incredible roamer, Dark Willow is also highly lauded as a formidable lane support. Her lane dominance in the early game is widely unparalleled by any other support hero in the game. But she shines well as a roamer, mostly due to her mobility and crowd control potential. With all the recent buffs received by her in the current meta, she tops the pick rates as a roamer.

Why is Dark Willow a great roamer?

  • Willow’s Bramble Maze can be used to trap multiple enemies inside it, which if combined with Curse Crown, ensures that the enemies are stunned for a significant duration, allowing your allies to follow up with damage, making her an effective roamer hero.
  • Willow can also use Terrorize which fears multiple enemies in an AoE, which makes them uncontrollable, while you and your allies can beat them down with incredible damage.


8. Clockwerk

Clockwerk, the mechanical genius is quite a common sight in the current meta, as he is often seen picked against various enemies as he can easily disrupt enemy onslaught due to his initiating skills. He is played in the offlane or as roaming support, as early rotations can cause great damage to potent and vulnerable heroes. With his ultimate, Hookshot, Clock can easily stun and trap enemies even if they have Black King Bar, he is a thorn in the backside of enemies with the Hookshot into Cogs combo. 

The scout potential with Rocket Flare can help track enemy locations and potentially remove them from teamfights. Most enemies can lane well and deny farm to Clockwerk in the laning phase but Clock as we know relies more on levels as opposed to farm to have an impact in the game. Items just amplify his impact in the late game. Clockwerk is a fun addition to your hero pool as having an initiator on your team is always a great addition.

Why is Clockwerk a great roamer?

  • His ultimate, Hookshot allows Clockwerk to initiate on enemies from a significant distance and stun them for a brief duration.
  • Power Cogs greatly limits enemy positioning, potentially wasting the duration of Black King Bar in a team fight if Clockwerk gets to use Hookshot.
  • Battery Assault makes it hard for enemies to fight Clockwerk inside his Power Cogs.



7. Tiny

The elemental stone giant, Tiny dominates the game as a roamer in this meta. Tiny is quite a     tank from the early game, while his foes are squishy and slow. He can be played in multiple positions, due to the flexibility of his skill set but he does extremely well as a roamer. All Tiny needs are enough levels in his stun and toss in the early game to mow down enemy heroes. As a roamer, Tiny can toss his enemies to his allies who finish the job for him by dealing the damage. The flexibility of this hero is highly commendable.  

A pesky and annoying roaming Tiny can attempt to Toss the enemy mid-laner back into his midlaner or solo kill him in no time with his combo. In the late game, most heroes can’t match the damage or impact of the stone giant as he can move to the physical damage build, staying relevant as ever in the game. Tiny is also highly active in teamfights, this is a luxury that not all roaming heroes can afford.

Why is Tiny a great roamer? 

  • With the help of his Toss ability, Tiny can be a successful roamer as it allows him to Toss enemies back to his allies, which ensures their demise
  • Tiny’s Stun Toss combination allows him to solo kill squishy enemies in the early game, eliminating them from a teamfight
  • Tiny also has decent movement speed in the early game, which provides him with decent mobility and gank potential.


6. Earth Spirit

Kaolin, the Earth Spirit is undoubtedly one of the best roamers in the game. Enemies can fare well in the laning stage against Earth Spirit due to their damage-dealing potential and low armor of Earth Spirit, but all it takes is a few levels for him to find his footing in the game. ES is an exceptional hero for catching slippery heroes, he can also disable them with his Geomagnetic Grip which silences them. This combined with Magnetize, his ultimate, can quickly turn his enemies into rubble with all the magical damage over time. Squishy enemies can’t do much if they are silenced and controlled by this earthly beast.

Just like most heroes on this list, Earth Spirit is played as a position 4 roaming hero, his flexibility ensures he fits in every other matchup and contributes to teamfights by disabling his enemies while dealing some insane damage that can’t be negated easily. Most heroes have ways to negate the silence and damage in the late game, but they can still fall prey to Earth Spirit if they are not cautious enough to use spells preemptively before the start of a team fight. 

Why is Earth Spirit a great roamer?  

  • Earth Spirit’s Rolling Boulder allows him to initiate on enemies from a significant distance.
  • Earth Spirit’s silence helps him disrupt enemy gameplay and remove them from a fight for a significant duration
  • Earth Spirit's toolkit of mobility, crowd control, and damage output spells make him a highly disruptive roaming hero.


5. Earthshaker

The sheer magnitude of Earthshaker causes his enemies to shiver, his spells cause even the mightiest of his foes to eviscerate. Earthshaker makes the life of his enemies a living hell with his devastating damage. He is highly effective in the early game as he can rotate lanes and catch multiple enemies off-guard with his spells. You should surely consider playing Earthshaker if you are a position 4 (roaming hero) player, you will not regret seeing him do copious amounts of damage and have a lasting impact on the game right from the early stages.

The terrifying Earthshaker is the nightmare of all illusion-based heroes. He does not let multiple heroes group around either, his stuns and damage are too lethal for his enemies to take him lightly. And above all, he does not require multiple items to have an impact on the game! All it requires is a Blink Dagger to decimate the entire opponent team within a matter of seconds. Mastering Earthshaker surely requires time, but it is quite worth it as he is highly relevant in the current meta and will help you climb the MMR ladder effortlessly.

What makes Earthshaker a great roamer?

  • Earthshaker has multiple crowd-control spells that help him stun multiple heroes and deal high damage to multiple enemies at once, making him a powerful roamer
  • With his long-range Fissure, Earthshaker can snipe low HP enemies or separate them from their allies in a teamfight while he rotates the lanes
  • Earthshaker is a powerful team fighter right from the early game with his high damage-dealing spells.


4. Bounty Hunter

All the roam mains love Gondar, the Bounty Hunter. He deals decent damage, tracks his enemies’ movements, and escapes effortlessly with his Shadow Walk. Bounty Hunter is known to be an annoying hero right from the laning phase, as not only does he steal your gold, but he also does pure damage with his spells and you never quite know where he is. Along with dealing damage, he can be played in the support position as well, itemizing the support way is also possible for him. In short, he is quite the most flexible of the bunch due to his escaping skills. 

Not only does Bounty possess the unique ability to steal their gold, but his spells also inflict pure damage, leaving enemies guessing about his whereabouts. When played in the roaming support position, Bounty Hunter showcases his flexibility by adapting his itemization to the needs of his team. He can opt for items like Pipe of Insight to provide crucial magical resistance to his allies or choose Solar Crest to enhance their armor and evasion. With his versatile playstyle and disruptive presence, Bounty Hunter remains a constant annoyance to his enemies.

Why is Bounty Hunter a great roamer? 

  • Bounty Hunter excels in roaming due to his high mobility and ability to move around the map without being spotted due to Shadow Walk. 
  • Bounty can also get decent bonus gold with both his Track kills and gold obtained from Jinada, making him a farmed roaming support.
  • His ultimate, Track, provides immense vision of enemy heroes, allowing his team to track their movements and set up ganks while he rotates the lanes. 



3. Tusk

Ymir, the Tusk, is a hardcore brawling hero, he was made to fight and ruffle some feathers! Tusk is an exceptional roaming hero against pretty much any carry hero in the current meta, there are no exceptions to that. Laning is never fun for squishy heroes against the Tusk as the latter can snowball (no pun intended) if he gets a few kills on them. Tusk is highly on demand in the meta as he can obliterate heroes within no time and be the frontliner in teamfights. He can also gank quite early on in the game, making him an impactful roaming hero right from the laning phase.

Tusk is known to be a heavy hitter as soon as he acquires his ultimate, Walrus Punch. His icy and chilling ultimate paralyzes enemies and eliminates all their chances of escape. Tusk can hunt his foes down with his Snowball, which can also be used to save allies by clicking on them, making them get inside the ball! All it takes is one Smoke of Deceit to gank the squishy carry, which can be done quite easily with Snowball and Tag team, essentially ruining their gameplay.

Why is Tusk a great roamer?

  • With the help of Tusk’s Snowball ability, he can charge onto enemy heroes from a distance, while stunning them on impact, making him a formidable roamer to dive towers or gank lanes
  • His other abilities like Tag Team and Ice Shard allow him to deal high damage to enemies while slowing them and trapping them, his toolkit is all you need for a successful gank as a roamer
  • Tusk’s ultimate also allows him to disrupt enemy movements and TPs by stunning them, which ensures that no enemies escape during a gank attempt


2. Pudge

Pudge, the menacing butcher is undoubtedly one of the most picked roaming heroes in the game. His popularity is credited primarily due to his Hook spell, which drags enemies from a significant distance back to the Pudge, for him to mow them down within no time. Most heroes can fare well against Pudge in the laning phase as they can deal immense damage to him or brush off his spells as he does not have any follow-up in the early game. But as we know, most heroes require their ultimate to be strong, and if Pudge is quick enough to acquire his level 6 before his foes, he can go around the map ruining their gameplay and decimating them in no time. 

You don’t have to be the greatest hooker in the game but it does not take a Dendi to hook stationary targets. Pudge can easily save his allies or eat them if they are caught in an unfair teamfight, healing them while they’re inside him. He is also extremely tanky and can be ignored by enemies if he has his Rot spell on. Overall, a good roaming Pudge can do enough damage to make most players abandon the game entirely!

Why is Pudge a great roamer?

  • Pudge is widely acknowledged as a great roamer, thanks to his Meat Hook, which drags the targeted unit to him while dealing immense damage 
  • Pudge also slows enemies with Rot which allows his allies to follow up with damage and neutralize the target.
  • Along with his initiating abilities, Pudge’s tankyness from his Flesh Heap is one of the prime reasons why he is a formidable roamer.


1. Spirit Breaker

Barathurum, the ferocious Spirit Breaker, takes the cake for being a dominant roaming hero in the game. He is one of the few roamer heroes on this list that have the potential to solo-kill heroes and stay relevant deep into the late game. The reason why SB is relevant is due to his Charge ability which allows him to charge at any hero regardless of his location on the map, which makes him a formidable hero right from the early game. This ability combined with his other abilities has instilled fear in squishy core and support heroes.

Unlike other roamers, Spirit Breaker does not require items to be a devastating force, as he relies solely on his spells to be menacing. Although Spirit Breaker may face difficulties in the late game as other heroes catch up in terms of farm, his primary role revolves around ganking high-priority targets or providing vision for allies to initiate ganks. This constant disruption and interference can greatly hinder heroes from playing to their full potential and negatively impact their overall game performance.

Why is Spirit Breaker a great roamer?

  • Charge of Darkness grants Spirit Breaker global potential, allowing him to gank enemy heroes regardless of their location on the map, making him an excellent roamer
  • The combination of Nether Strike and Charge of Darkness can effectively interrupt a hero's attempt to unleash a powerful ultimate.


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