[Top 5] Dota 2 Best HUD Skins That Look Awesome

Sick HUDs!

HUDs are an underrated part of Dota skins. They are present in every game, where they modify the appearance of the heads-up displays. Just like the announcer packs, HUDs can be shared with teammates. They may not be that popular amongst most players, but we are here to appreciate the best HUDs and help you purchase the best ones.

We have compiled this list of the best 5 HUD skins That Look Awesome so you can receive compliments from your allies and friends the next time you team up!

5. Sands of Luxor

Sands of Luxor is not quite famous amongst players as it is one of the older HUD skins, but this skin still feels very relevant as if it was made recently. The elegant and majestic color schemes mixed with the subtle details, such as the wings near the shop button or the design on the hero portrait make it worthy to be on this list. It’s quite the underrated HUD.


4. Portal

Valve has always loved linking their other games with Dota. This includes the legendary Portal game which has an impressive bundle in the game. The HUD is an homage to the game, with various different subtle details like a portal design in the hero portrait area. This has been a crowd favorite HUD ever since its release. 


3. Mana Pool

If you’re into grim and dark HUDs then Mana Pool is the right one for you. You get all your money’s worth with the impressive dark blue and black undertones. It’s quite a simple HUD, which is a breath of fresh air from the over-the-top and loud HUDs which have a ton of detailing and colors in them.


2. Alliance HUD

Not many teams get to represent their brand in-game. Team Alliance has undoubtedly one of the best legacies in the entirety of esports. Their HUD is immensely popular amongst die-hard fans. The subtle and grim color scheme of the HUD makes it very appealing and aesthetic. There are also two styles to the HUD, which was quite a new thing during its release back in 2014. There was the normal style and Rainy style, both of which are self-sufficient. 


1. Valor

Valor is one of the first HUD skins to be included in the game. It was released as part of the International 3 Compendium. The HUD is quite simple yet elegant at the same time, it doesn’t have the variety of colors that the newer HUDs do. Similar to the other HUDs, this HUD has different appearances depending on your monitor’s aspect ratio. You may not be into classic HUDs but this is the one that started it all!


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