Dota 2 How To Improve Behavior Score

How To Improve Behavior Score

Behavior score is connected to your conduct summary, it is a part of it and has an effect on your overall score. It dictates what type of person you are in games whether you are a toxic person or a calm and collected type.

The lower your behavior score gets the more time it will take to find your match and when you get in the game all other players will also have the same behavior score, abusing and blaming each other, throwing the game over little things ,breaking their items and such.

These types of players will get instantly reported in higher behavior score match making. Try to be positive and be kind in the game. Your score will eventually increase.

How it works:

  • Try to have a Positive Mental Attitude in the game.
  • Help each other and be kind.
  • Do not blame others if you start to lose.

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