[Top 15] Dota 2 Best Mid Lane Players In The World Right Now

The Mid lane is a crucial lane in the game of Dota 2. You need to have a solid player in the mid-lane who does not crumble under pressure and recovers if he faces setbacks in the early game. The mid-laner has to be a dominating force who dictates the tempo of the game and ensures to create space for his team when needed. There are millions of mid-players in the world but not all of them are ungodly in the mid-lane.

We bring you the Best 15 Mid Lane Players from all around the world. The expertise of these players is commendable, their playstyles are unmatchable and they make the game for the enemy unplayable!

15. Nine

Being a staple name in the European Dota scene is quite a difficult feat. It is extremely hard to stay relevant as a mid-player in the high MMR brackets. Leon “Nine” Kirilin has managed to stay consistent and make a place for himself as one of the top mid-players in the world. Nine was earlier considered to be a player with huge potential, and after a few roster changes, and stints with some of the best players in the world, he found his new home in team Tundra.

Tundra’s immense success has been thanks to the deadly performance of Nine and co. His playstyle is extremely calculated and calm, he strikes only when there is a need to and is rarely ever cocky! He is quite the opposite of every other player mentioned ahead in this list. Tundra’s meteoric rise will be challenged thoroughly during the upcoming International. We hope Nine and co. put up a tough fight.

Recent Tournament Achievement - 7-8th Place - Riyadh Masters - $150,000

Nine Twitter

14. Quinn

Known for both high-caliber gameplay and rare insults in pubs, Quinn has quickly become one of NA’s favorites. Starting as a casual pub player, he made his way through the ranks to establish himself as a high-ranked and capable player. His streams are often filled with incredible and high skilled gameplay, with a hint of salt and sarcasm.

Having a wide hero pool allows Quinn to have a variety of options to choose from, depending on enemy picks. Quinn is exceptional on various crowd-controlling heroes, he is also known to be an aggressive laner, often diving towers and ordering his team to assist him in the gank. He snowballs after a good laning phase, and even if things go south, he is known to farm intensively until he is strong enough to fight.

Recent Tournament Achievement - 2nd Place - ESL Stockholm 2022 - $100,000

Quinn Twitter  

13. Sumail

None shall replace the almighty king! SumaiL is a huge threat as an enemy mid-laner. His impressive game knowledge has won him thousands of games. He is one of the few Ti winners on this list and he is hungry to repeat his victory!

Sumail is widely regarded as the King of the mid-lane. This is due to his hyper-aggressive playstyle and immense mechanical skill. He has been known to win his lane most of the time and dominate the enemy laner, he does this exceptionally with his primary hero pool, which consists of a diverse range of heroes. Right from his splash on the competitive scene, he has been a dominant player, and we wish him and Team Nigma the best on their road to the International this year!

Recent Tournament Achievements - 5-6th Riyadh Masters - $200,000

Sumail Twitter 


12. Yopaj

The SEA region has given birth to countless talented young bloods, one of them being none other than the flashy Yopaj. This prodigy is now rubbing shoulders with some of the seasoned veterans of the game. His flashy yet calm and collected playstyle has gathered attention from players all over the world.

Initially being scouted by team Prime, Yopaj moved past to team Neon, with his fellow countrymen. His flashy plays and rampages were the subject of YouTube videos, countless Reddit threads were made about this one seemingly talented kid. Yopaj further achieved major recognition and success in team Boom where he still currently plays. Winning Gamer’s Galaxy cup and placing higher in various international tournaments is a massive confidence booster, and it is only preparing Yopaj and the boys for the legendary International!

Recent Tournament Achievements - 7-8th Riyadh Masters - $12,500

Yopaj Twitter


11. Nisha

Nisha is one of those players whom you can never go wrong with. No matter the patch, no matter how bad the game is going for him, he still manages to rise up against all odds and put up a decent fight. He is extremely consistent and a major reason behind the success of Team Spirit. 

Michal “Nisha” Jankowski, a young prodigy, who was part of some decent Polish teams with glimpses of potential. But it wasn’t until Team Secret that he got his big break. His true potential was unleashed and he quickly rose through the ranks as one of the best mid-players in the world. His playstyle is extremely lethal, and unpredictable and often leaves the viewer baffled and in awe of what they just witnessed. The recent rocky performance of Secret is quite concerning but Nisha proves to be the consistent glue that keeps the team together. The road to the International is going to be difficult for Nisha and the team but if anyone then it is Secret who can shock us with their cinderella run.

Recent Tournament Achievements - 3-4th Riyadh Masters - $425,000

Nisha Twitter


10. Gpk

The CIS region has been the homeland of both controversies and talented young mid-players who all unusually seem to have at least three heroes in the master tier. Silly jokes aside, Gpk is one of the most skilled and feared opponents in the CIS and EU region. His mid-gameplay is something you won’t see in your average high-ranked pub games, he makes his impact heard and punishes enemies whenever he can with his wide array of heroes.

Not all players can achieve the feat of playing at such a high skill level at a young age. Gpk despite all his criticism and controversies has managed to be abnormally consistent in the mid-lane. His deadly laning skills are unparalleled, his style is unmatchable. Gpk is one of the most promising players to emerge from the CIS region, we may even see him lifting some major trophies in the coming year and there are chances he will be ranked much higher on the next version of this list!

Recent Tournament Achievements - 7-8th PGL Arlington - $12,5000


9. Armel

Considered to be a prodigy, Armel made his splash into the pro dota scene quite early in his life. Having played various LAN tournaments all across the world and placed quite high in the MMR leaderboards, it’s safe to assume that this boy has the potential! 

Hailing from the SEA region, Armel made his debut with team TnC of the Philippines. He has showcased his strengths and worked a ton on his weaknesses. Apart from being an absolute force in the mid-lane, he is also versatile and is known to play many roles. Crowd control heroes are the absolute favorite of Armel, these heroes with high-value ultimates are seen to be picked by him only to end up on YouTube a few hours later as a rampage montage. Fnatic may be having some issues in recent times, but Armel and co. will surely persevere their way to the International.

Recent Tournament Achievements - 3rd Place - DPC SEA - $27,000

Armel Twitter 


8. Chris Luck

Chris Luck is known for his jaw-dropping gameplay on various heroes. His quick rise to success in the South American scene is unparalleled. Most of his plays may look cocky but they’re quite calculated. He excels at heroes that suit his ultra-aggressive playstyle.

Chris Luck or C-Smile as he is called now is known to be one of the best players to emerge from the South American region. The recent performance of Beastcoast is evident of the rise of Chris Luck as a mega threat in the Dota scene. His high octane and often jaw-dropping gameplay is unparalleled, we may often see some fails here and there but he puts up a show and bounces back stronger whenever he can, he has the true never say die attitude,

Recent Tournament Achievement - 5th Place PGL Arlington - $20,000 

Chris Luck Twitter

7. Bryle

Bryle, the prodigy of the NA dota scene, the savior of the region, and perhaps the only good player left on that server! Bryle is one of those rare players who is able to keep their calm after losing their lane, as he is only thinking about ways to improve his gameplay and get better at it instead of fuming over his teammates like his counterparts. Bryle has been extremely consistent over the past few years, falling under the radar of various big teams.

Being good at the game is one thing but being excellent like Bryle is something that can’t be learned, he is a natural-born killer. Prior to TSM, Bryle had stints on some of the biggest North American teams, playing with the best players and competing in the largest events. TSM proved to be a turning point in Bryle’s career as he got to grow exponentially as a player, his raw gameplay has now been shaped and chained into something more efficient. Bryle will further rub shoulders against the best teams in the world at the coming International and we can’t wait to see what this young man and his team have in store for us!

Bryle Twitter

Recent Tournament Achievement - 5th Place PGL Arlington - $20,000


6. Ori

Zeng Jiaoyang or Ori as he is more commonly known is a legend in the Chinese pro scene. There are millions of fans that look up to him and hope he gets to lift the Aegis soon. There aren’t many players in the pro scene who are as mechanically skilled as he is. Ori is truly in a league of his own, a league far beyond anyone’s reach. Ori’s gameplay is lauded by fans and peers all around the world.

After being on the legendary Vici Gaming for five years, Ori made the shift to Aster where he has reinvented himself as a much more aggressive and dominant laner. His fast-paced, aggressive, and flashy playstyle is often emulated by a variety of players, but he can’t be duplicated! Ori’s versatility says a lot about his gameplay, he manages to keep his nerve and strike only when the iron is hot, never being hasty. This mix of the disciplined yet aggressive playstyle is hard to master and is even harder to play against as most enemies are left baffled. Aster managed to qualify for the International, it will be a rocky road for them but it is always a treat witnessing Ori in his prime.

Recent Tournament Achievement - 3rd Place PGL Arlington - $75,000

5. Bzm

We won’t be surprised if you hadn’t heard of Bzm before he joined OG. He is new to the pro scene, at only 17 years of age, he is in the top 10 European leaderboards. Bzm is known to be a menace to various mid-heroes. His dedication and vigor have made him a top mid-player, and who knows by the time we make another best mid-laner list, he could be on the first spot!

Not much is known about Bzm except the fact that he is an impressive mid-laner. He is known for his versatile hero pool and exceptional plays. His crafty and innovative playstyle is quite unparalleled in the current times. He is very hyper-aggressive yet disciplined at the same time. His insane reactions made him fall under the radar for OG

Recent Tournament Achievements - 4th place PGL Arlington - $50,000

Bzm Twitter

4. Abed

This prodigy is known to be a brilliant mastermind in the game. Abed has been playing Dota since he was 8 years old! He has risen through the ranks to establish himself as one of the best mid-laners in the game. He is the main pillar behind EG’s success.

While having a dominant playstyle, Abed is also a great mid-laner. His spell casting is unparalleled. Abed is known to be quite aggressive in the lane, he is quite bloodthirsty, always in the mood for kills and ganks! His excellent item timing combined with his mechanical skills makes him a versatile player, who adapts to all changes and has no problem catching up if he ever falls behind.

Abed Twitter

Recent Tournament Achievement  - 1st Place DPC NA Upper Division - $30,000

3. Somnus

This unstoppable beast from the east is feared worldwide! Somnus is known to be one of the best mid-laners in China. His mechanical skill and prowess are unmatched. Somnus is a respected and well-known figure in the Chinese professional scene, his 2nd place at the Ti8 garnered him well-deserved praise and support. His great playstyle is unparalleled, and often can be seen in youtube highlights. 

Somnus has been a prominent entity in the Chinese Pro scene for over a decade, his high-skill gameplay was noticed by giants like LGD, CDEC, and Vici Gaming. He quickly rose through the ranks as an exceptional and talented player, filled with potential to lift the Aegis, which he was very close to a few years back. Somnus is one of the few players who genuinely deserve to lift the Aegis, and with how unpredictable Dota is, you never know if the dream may actually manifest into reality!

Recent Tournament Achievement - 1st Place China D2PL - $116,000


Torontotokyo and the entirety of Team Spirit shocked millions of fans all across the world by doing the unimaginable. They won the 10th International, and they made it look easy! Torontotokyo is one of the best mid-laners in the current professional scene, this is due to his immense understanding of the game and impressive map awareness. His playstyle is considered to be one of the best due to his excellent spell casting and item builds.

However cocky his playstyle may be, we all know that it is hard to stop him in the late game as he slowly gets all the items that he needs in order to succeed at the game. His aggressive demeanor puts him at an advantage in the early stages of the game, his fierce and sharp moves are lethal and his talent is unsurpassable.

Recent Tournament Achievement - 1st Place  Arlngton Major - $200,000

1. NothingToSay

Undoubtedly the most loved mid-player in the world. We have nothing foul to say about this young superstar! Hailing from Malaysia, NothingToSay has quickly gained notoriety as the best mid-laner in both the SEA and China regions. His raw and energetic gameplay combined with his quick thinking is quite rare and flawless in the pro scene.

NothingToSay has quickly established himself as one of the most hopeful players to win the international. His extremely articulate and critical thought process is not a common sight in the pro scene, he is as thoughtful as a chess Grandmaster! He is extremely versatile, slick, and efficient in all the heroes he plays, he even performs exceptionally well with his least played heroes. NothingToSay has mastered the art of mid-lane and is praised worldwide in such a short span of his career.

Recent Tournament Achievement - 5-6th Place Riyadh Masters - $200,000 

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