[Top 25] Dota 2 Best Skins That Look Freakin' Awesome

Top 25 Best Dota 2 Skins
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At the start of Dota 2 back in 2013, there weren’t many skins available for our heroes. But as time passed and the game developed, skins, as a matter of fact, became one of the key elements in the game.

Each year we get new immortals and arcana, with custom effects and sounds for spells, ambient effects, and whatnot. We can say that these are exciting times for skin lovers...If you're one of them, keep reading because we've compiled a list of the top 25 skins that look freakin' awesome!


25. Lord of the Scouring Dunes

Ingame loadout view of the skin

See Lord of the Scouring Dunes in action:

Crixalis, meaning "soul of the sand,"  also known as Sand King, is one of the most played classic heroes, dating from Dota 1 days. This skin, with glowy ambient effects on his massive tail and the neon green spots on his body, makes him look so scary and badass at the same time! This is one of the most played skins in the game for the hero since it was first released in 2014, and we’ve definitely seen a fair share of it in pro games and tournaments. It still retains a solid price even though it’s fairly outdated, and you can find Lord of the Scouring Dunes on the Steam Market for USD $1.77.


24. Opus Of The Vizier Exile

Ingame loadout view of the skin

See Opus of the Vizier Exile in action:

The great military strategist with a pointy head and one of the strongest heroes in the game is Dark Seer. The best part about this skin is that he carries a huge tome on his back that has a creepy eye on its cover that frantically moves left and right. It gets even better! This skin is infusable with the Treasure Upgrade Infuser—Fall 2016. When you infuse it, it begins to glow and pages appear when you move faster than 350, and the faster Dark Seer moves, the more glyphs and pages appear in his trail.You can get this set on the Steam Market for USD $1.40.


23. Hidden Vector

Ingame loadout view of the skin

See Hidden Vector in action:

"Mr. Know-it-All," also known as Inai the Void Spirit, has one of the rare fully immortal sets. Wearing something that looks like ancient samurai equipment, he represents himself in the most suitable way possible: as a skilled and wise warrior, much like a samurai! This skin is so great because it gives him a nice dark red color with ambient effects all around. But what really stands out for this skin is the weapon, which also has custom effects in-game when Void Spirit uses his ulti. This is a fairly pricy skin set, but it’s worth every penny, and it’s available on the Steam Market for USD $24.97!


22. Confidant Of The Saccharine Saboteur

Ingame loadout view of the skin

See Confidant of the Saccharine Saboteur in action:

Dark Willow or Mireska Sunbreeze—the fairy that would probably steal money from you instead of giving it to you for your fallen teeth. Maybe this is the reason she hasn’t been quite the favorite hero for skin makers in the Dota 2 community. However, this set in particular is one of the finer mythical sets made for a hero. The Halloween theme and level of detail put into each piece of her clothing are mesmerizing! A cool feature for this set is that the black kitty with the cute yellow eyes and the hat doesn’t go into the shadow realm when she casts her second spell. It’s available in the Steam Market for USD $16.36.


21. Murder Of Crows

Ingame loadout view of the skin

See Murder of Crows in action:

Pudge the butcher—the fat one,as they call him, everyone is terrified of and one of the most iconic heroes of the game— This is the set made for the legendary player Danil "Dendi" Ishutin that we all know and love for his Pudge skills! It’s one of the first skins that has its own custom animations for spawning, teleporting, victory, and most importantly, the hook animation. Another really cool feature is that the crow sitting on his right shoulder randomly flies on and off during the game. It sells for USD $8.19 on the Steam Market.


20. Arms Of Desolation

Ingame loadout view of the skin

See Arms of Desolation in action:

Shadow Fiend is another iconic hero in the game, and enhanced with this arm skin, he can make anyone take a quick trip to the bathroom to change their underwear! The arms of desolation have distinct glowy ambient effects that cause each of his fingers to resemble scythes.This skin includes two custom animations in which SF plunges his scythe-like fingers into the ground while running and hasting.Also, he has a custom default attack effect and when he has the item Desolator equipped. This very rare (legacy) item is an absolute must-have for SF players, and you can buy it on the Steam Market for a fair price of USD $6.34.


19. Golden Bahser Blades

Ingame loadout view of the skin

Check out the Golden Bahser Blades in action here:

Anti-Mage is the most hated hero for support players and the most loved one for carry players. This late-game specialist has probably one of the best-looking weapons in the game! They shimmer with golden-violet lightning and are basically Basher hammers with extended, classic Anti-Mage blades. This skin comes with custom animations for attack, mana break, mana void, bash, loadout, and death. You guessed it... With so many features, this extremely rare (legacy) item costs quite some money. Grab onto your chair so you don’t fall off, because this skin costs a shocking USD $1574.26!


18. Soul Shredder

Ingame loadout view of the skin

See Soul Shredder in action:

Who would’ve thought Doom was the bass guitar player in the Dota 2 hero rock band? This is one of the most inventive skin Valve’s ever devised...making his weapon look like a bass guitar with his face engraved on the body of the guitar. The best part is that he's jamming it in-game!It’s part of the custom taunt animation that goes along in the bundle with this immortal weapon. It has amazing ambient effects with fire sputtering out of the guitar and custom effects and icons for the Infernal Blade spell. You can have your rock-star Doom set for USD $21.13 on the Steam Market.


17. Fiery Soul Of The Slayer

Ingame loadout view of the skin

See Fiery Soul Of The Slayer in action:

"Is it me, or is it getting hot in here?" – No, Lina, your head is on fire... The very first arcana of the game was released a few months before Dota 2 was officially released on Steam in July 2013. Jokes aside, the burning head of Lina is making her look like a super-saiyan badass, hardcore woman! Some people will say it’s lame because she is bald, but if you look closely, she’s actually not. The first ever arcana comes with custom spell icons and sounds, as well as the first ever custom minimap hero icon. You can get this for USD $35.49 on the Steam Market.


16. Stormcharge Dragoon

Ingame loadout view of the skin

See Stormcharger Dragoon in action:

This disruptor set is one of the author’s personal favorites. The hero’s got some really sick sets, but this one gives you the most authentic feel for the Disruptor’s nature. This set is brimming with lightning all over! His mount’s eyes are glowing and have this very cool look of a mechanic bird powered by the disruptor’s electric coils. This extremely rare (legacy) set can be found in Tales of Vesperia II's winter 2017-2018 season or purchased on the Steam Market for USD $35.17.


15. Outland Ravager

Ingame loadout view of the skin

See Outland Ravager in action:

The Dragon Knight model is probably very easy to create skins for because he is one of the heroes with the most sets in the game. This one stands out a lot since it completely differs from the original look of Dragon Knight. It gives us Skyrim vibes and has immense details on each piece! This set comes with very cool ambient effects of fiery arrows on his shield and a red glow on his sword from slaying all those dragons. On top of that, it has a custom Dragon Form model. All of this and the possibility to combine it with other sets make this set uniquely awesome, and it can be yours for USD 33.88 on the Steam Market.


14. Great Sage’s Reckoning

The Loading Screnn that comes along with the arcana skin

See the Great Sage’s Reckoning in action:

The king of mischief and monkey business, also known as Wukong the Monkey King, has a very unique arcana. Each time he levels up his ultimate, his colors change, thus proving his mischievous characteristics! Also, this arcana comes with a custom sound, ambient, portrait, icon, and spell animations. It’s one of the most played arcanas, and you can get it for USD $35.49 on the Steam Market.


13.World Chasm Artifact

Ingame loadout view of the skin

See the World Chasm  Artifact in action:

Enigma is the single most exciting hero in all of the game due to his ultimate—the black hole! Making sets for this one, on the other hand, is difficult.Its model and overall mysterious appearance help that cause. However, this immortal skin suits him perfectly on the wrists and adds a little bit more to Its character. The custom effect it has on the ultimate ability is what changes everything! Valve paid so much attention to the black hole, adding galaxies and meteorites that orbit the black hole, which differs from the original spell by being much more realistic both in colors and shape. The screen shake adds to the realism and excitement!This one can be yours for USD $6.17 on the market.


12. Flockheart’s Gamble

Ingame loadout view of the skin

See Flockheart’s Gamble in action:

A classic hero since the Dota days and the "smartest" hero of them all—is Ogre Magi. It's only fair that he gets an arcana as well.This skin really gives credit to the ogre’s abilities to destroy enemies. His two heads look so menacing and scary, but they kept his dumb, silly character with the chicken mount and tons of new voice lines they added. The new animations, custom spell effects, and a whole new palette of spell icons make this skin a must-have for Ogre players! It is available for USD $35.49 on the market.


11. The One True King

The Loading Screnn that comes along with the arcana skin

See the One True King in action:

As a true king, he demands to have an arcana in the game! In this arcana, the Wraith King finally gets his bony ass to sit on his own throne. The style of his clothes and sword look very similar to the default ones, but the red cape and shiney red sword give him that improved royal look! Not to mention the cool riff that plays after he delivers a fatal crit to an enemy hero or when he reincarnates. Along with the custom animations and the second unlockable style after you’ve slain 100 unique heroes, this one is very fun to obtain! Unfortunately, you can’t get this arcana on the market.


10. Compass of the Rising Gale

The Loading Screnn that comes along with the arcana skin

See Compass of the Rising Gale in action:

Windranger has tons of dope-looking sets, but of course, none of them can top off her arcana! Her legs are literally made of wind, and there are gusts around her as she moves, giving us the real Windranger vibe. What stands out is the pile of arrows on an enemy hero’s body when she uses her ultimate, as well as the custom Force staff and Eul’s Scepter effects. All of this makes this arcana one of the best in the game. Unfortunately, this set is only available to players who have leveled up The International 10 Battle Pass to 575, and it is not for sale.


9. Blades of Voth Domosh

Ingame loadout view of the skin

See Blades of Voth Domosh in action:

The second arcana made in the game was made for Legion Commander, and it is absolutely badass! She goes from a two-handed weapon to a dual-wield swordmaster with a menacing battle stance to top it off. Along with the new demonic voice she has and custom effects for the set, it’s what puts this arcana in our top-nine position. The skin is available on the Steam Market for USD $35.49.


8. Demon Eater

Ingame loadout view of the skin

See Demon Eater in action:

Nevermore appears for the second time on this list, but this time we show you the arcana made for him. This set gives him a fiery theme, which matches the scorching pits of hell from which he comes!With a nod to the old Dota 1 model and all-new sounds and spell casting animations, this set is a blast to play!Another unique feature of this skin is the terrain-based animations, which begin steaming when he is in the river.You can purchase it on the Steam Market for USD $35.49.


7. Planetfall

The Loading Screnn that comes along with the arcana skin

See Planetfall in action:

Earthshaker is one of the most exciting heroes in the game since he can turn the game around single-handedly with a few good ultimates. Valve focuses on emphasizing that fact with this Planetfall arcana. This skin comes with a custom Blink Dagger effect and a combo counter for when he slams multiple heroes with his spells. Last but not least, the coolest feature is his Aghanim’s scepter upgrade animation on his Enchant Totem spell, where he jumps in the air and slams his totem on the ground just like Michael Jordan slammed the ball from the free-throw line! Unfortunately, this is a prestige item and is not available on the Steam Market.


6. The Magus Cypher

Ingame loadout view of the skin

See The Magus Cypher in action:

Rubick the Grand Magus—the hero that draws out the most creativity in players. This hero craved an arcana for a long time, and in 2019, he got an absolute beast of an arcana! This set makes the hero float around instead of walking, and he shoots tiny cubes from time to time. It all adds to his cube-themed arcana, but the best part is that he has custom-made colors and effects (cube-shaped) for all of the spells he can steal in the game! Skin can be purchased for USD $35.49 on the Steam Market.


5. Secrets Of The Merqueen

Ingame loadout view of the skin

See Secrets of the Merqueen in action:

The French lady banshee is quite a strong hero every time we have a push-strat meta in the game. This skin makes her look so terrifying with the creepy tenticles she has for legs... I mean, a banshee is scary all by herself, but an octopus-banshee?! Yikes! The coolest part about this skin is its all-around, neon-green glow, which no other hero in the game has. Unfortunatley, you can’t get it on the Steam Market, but you can buy a bunch of Winter 2016 Treasure III and hope you're lucky enough to get the Ultra Rare (Legacy) set.


4. Claszian Apostasy

Ingame loadout view of the skin

See Claszian apostasy in action:

One of the best old-school carries since the Dota 1 days is Faceless Void. The second-newest arcana released by Valve looks fabulous on this hero. The tentacles on his back and face make you feel like you’re facing a time-freezing Kraken! Skins comes with all new spell icons, voice lines, and kill effects. The tentacle-themed Chronosphere model and bash animation make all the magic happen in this set. It’s still obtainable if you level up this year’s battle pass to 495.


3. The Eminence of Ristul Bundle

Ingame loadout view of the skin

See the eminence of Ristul Bundle in action:

The Queen of Pain is well-known among players as a dominant midlaner.With a large horned crown and a sexy whip, this arcana gives her everything she needs to become the one true pain inflictor queen!This skin has all new custom attack animations for close and distant range, along with a satisfying, whip-induced scream sound for her ultimate ability. She takes the top three positions in this article. Unfortunately, this item was only available to owners of the lvl 445 The International 10 battlepass.


2. Acolyte of the Lost Arts

Ingame loadout view of the skin

See Acolyte of the Lost Arts in action:

The first persona ever made for a hero was Invoker. We got a tiny version of the cockiest hero in the game, and I bet a lot of people imagined giving him a good slap when they first saw this skin. This persona really gives us a small model, and it’s an awesome rework of Invoker’s original clothes. The best part about it, though, is the all-new kid voice he has when saying his lines and the all-new animations for casting his spells, along with the baby-forged spirits. Unfortunately, this skin is not available on the Steam Market.


1. Voidstorm Asylum

Ingame loadout view of the skin

See Voidstorm Asylum in action:

Finally, we have a finalist for this article!Valve's newest and most recently released arcana for Razor.The cyclone instead of legs and the sword that extends like a whip make this skin look so awesome and different from the default skin. This arcana has it all! The empowered kills counter, the close and distant range attack animations, the custom spell effects and icons, the two different styles... I mean, what more can we say about this arcana other than that it rightfully deserves to be at the top of this list? Hurry up and level this year’s battle pass to level 383 to get it while you still can!


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