DOTA 2: How To Deny Creeps

Dota 2 how to deny creeps

A lot of the early game in DOTA 2 is built upon maximizing your team’s farm and reducing your opponent’s. You hit creeps, and you hit neutral camps, and you hit enemies. An important aspect of the game, however, is hitting your own creeps. Denying.

In DOTA 2, you can only deny units below certain thresholds. Allied creeps can be denied when their HP falls below 50%. Towers can be denied at 10% HP, and Heroes need even more conditions. You can find the full list here.

Once that requirement’s met, you can get to denying units in DOTA 2.

Step 1: Open Settings

Click the top-left Gear icon to open settings. There are a bunch of tabs here, displayed on top of the panel.

We’re interested in two tabs: Hotkeys and Options.

Step 2: Set Force Attack Hotkey

The Hotkeys tab has a Unit Actions heading. You can find an option labeled Attack Move / Force Attack here.

Set that to whatever Hotkey you want.

With just this, you can use the Hotkey to click units, like towers, creeps, or heroes, to deny them in-game.

But there’s a better way.

Step 3: Turn on Right-Click Allies To Deny

Now, go to the Options tab.

In the left column, under Game, you’ll see a setting called Right-Click Allies followed by a small list.

Click To Deny.

With this setting, you don’t need to use the hotkey on friendly units. Simply right-click low-health units and your hero should start killing them mercilessly. It saves both time and effort.

And that’s it. You can jump right in and start denying creeps.

Here’s a video guide that goes in-depth on DOTA 2’s denying mechanics.

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