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Communication is the key to success in Dota 2. You need to communicate effectively with your teammates to prove victorious on the battlefield. 

Not everyone may have a mic or swift typing skills to communicate, or sometimes you may be lost for words! But fret not! Dota 2 has the chat wheel feature which has all the essential phrases you need that can be sent with one single click of the button. Following is the list of Top 3 Best Dota 2 Chat Wheel settings that are guaranteed to enhance your gameplay!


3. Positive Mindset Settings 

Sometimes, there can be too much negativity in the game, but you can change this by having the most positive phrases. We have dubbed this chat wheel setting as the “10,000” conduct score setting, as it only has the most positive and cheering phrases. If you’re a person of a few words, then this chat wheel setting will also suit you the best.

Why should you use this setting?

  • The “Thanks” phrase is essential to show gratitude towards your teammates in instances of them helping you out.
  • Usage of the “Good Luck, Have Fun” phrase will guarantee your teammates 
  • The “Get Back” phrase is also essential if you’re retreating and you want your allies to retreat along with you.
  • If you hate confrontations then the “I Immediately Regret my Decision” phrase will act as an apology in case of any blunder from your side, you could replace this with the Sorry phrase if you do not want it to be formal.
  • The “Careful’ phrase is great if you want to alert your teammates if they’re wandering alone into unchartered territories, such as the enemy jungle!
  • The “Don’t Give Up” phrase will only bring up the team’s morale and increase the determination of your teammates to try and win the game.


2. Support Player Settings 

This chat wheelset is perfect for support players. Since they are considered to be the backbone of a team, the wheel includes all the essential phrases to set up a fight. Including the current time, which can be crucial to time Roshan or a buyback. The other phrases also ensure smooth communication with just one mouse click!

Pros of this Chat Wheel setting

  • Smoke Gank phrase alerts your teammates so you can group up to smoke and fight.
  • Relax you’re doing fine phrase is used to comfort your teammates in high-pressure situations, this brings up the overall morale of the team and you’re guaranteed to get commends post-game!
  • The Stacking and Pulling Neutrals phrases are essential if you’re lane support, this alerts your carry to play safely in your absence. 
  • The On My Way phrase is useful if you are joining a team fight or using the TP scroll to join your teammates. 
  • Building Mekansm is essential on every other support hero, as the item provides immense heal, enough to turn around a team fight!
  • Using the Spells on Cooldown phrase ensures your teammates know that you can not fight well, preventing any further unneeded arguments.


1.  Aggressive Playstyle Settings 

The above chat wheel setting is suitable only for the more aggressive and hardcore type of Dota players. You may have encountered them in your games or maybe you like that aggressive and fast playstyle! These phrases will only make your teammates pick up the pace and follow your lead. 

What’s great about this setting?

  • Aggressive players have to be in charge at times, the Follow me phrase will let your teammates know that you’re leading the fight.
  • The Dive phrase alerts your teammates to dive into the enemy tower to fight or chase the enemy, a great example of aggressive Dota.
  • Group up and Get ready alerts your teammates so they gather around you to potentially smoke and set up a fight.
  • Coming to gank is a great phrase regardless of your role in the game, this makes sure your teammates do not leave the lane and wait for you to gank the enemy.
  • Check runes is an important phrase for a Mid player, this ensures your supports rotate to spot the runes for you.
  • Requesting a gank phrase essentially commands your teammates to rotate towards your lane to gank the enemy players.

This concludes the list of the top 3 Best Dota 2 Chat Wheel Settings. Chat wheels are proven to be more efficient and effective than other modes of communication in-game, increasing your chances of triumph and glory on the battlefield!

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