[Top 15] Dota 2 Best Aghanim Upgrades That Are OP

The Aghanim’s Upgrade makes every hero equally menacing if they are able to get their hands on it. These upgrades may grant them a new ability or make their abilities even better than before with numerous buffs. Aghanims Scepter has always been an essential tool to get an edge on your enemies and outpace them with your enhanced toolkit.

With all the heroes in the game now having an Aghanim’s upgrade, the game is steering towards a completely different direction. We bring you the Best 15 Aghanim’s Scepter Upgrades that make the hero extremely relevant and ensure they dominate in their games.

15. Ground Targetted Eclipse

Luna, the Moon rider, is quite a flexible carry hero in the bunch. She can be played both with the physical as well as the magical damage build, the latter is a rare sight but it’s a feast to the eyes whenever it's played out. Luna’s magical build is only possible due to the Aghanim’s Scepter upgrade which allows Luna to cast Eclipse on an allied unit or herself and have its effects follow them, or cast it on an area.

It also increases total beams and duration, removes the limit on beams per unit, and makes the beams appear twice as fast. There are some rare games where you get to see the Scepter in a physical damage build, but even that is exceptional if used well.

Why is Luna’s Aghanim upgrade strong?

  • Immense magical damage dished out with fast beams
  • Can be used on allies who can blink in and use their spells 
  • Low cooldown with the help of the talent tree


14. Tree Volley

Tiny, coming in! Tiny, the Stone Giant, finds his footing back into the current meta and there are various reasons for his resurrection. The most important one is the buff to his Tree Volley Aghanim’s Upgrade. It grants Tiny the ability to channel and throw random trees within range toward the targeted area.

It deals Tiny's attack damage to enemies in that area with each tree thrown, making it extremely useful on carry or mid Tiny which generally buy the hard-hitting items such as Echo Sabre, Daedalus, and Assault Cuirass.

Why is Tiny’s Aghanim upgrade strong?

  • Low cooldown and decent mana cost
  • High damage dealt to enemy heroes in an AoE
  • Even cheap stat and damage items can help amplify the damage further 


13. Ground Targetted Enchant Totem

We all know this famous Aghanim’s Upgrade, we have either watched it during the iconic Ti8 Finals or we have tried to emulate it long after the finals, whatever the answer is, this Aghs Upgrade is iconic! It makes Enchant Totem a ground targetted ability causing Earthshaker to jump in the air and land at the target spot, casting Enchant Totem there.

This can be a great alternative to Blink Dagger if you have multiple enemy heroes capable of canceling it before you can use it to either escape or land Echo Slam. It can also be used to hunt enemies, as well as to chain stun them.

Why is Earthshaker’s Aghanim’s upgrade strong?

  • Extremely low cooldown right off the bat 
  • Can be used as a replacement for Blink Dagger in certain scenarios
  • Extremely usefully to deal extreme damage and chain stun foes in teamfights 


12. Double Chakram

The King of deforestation, Timbersaw is undoubtedly a fun hero to play. There is barely a moment in the game where you feel like you are completing a chore, this hero can never be boring! Aghanim’s upgrade is partially the reason why this hero is fun to play, as if one Chakram wasn’t enough, you are granted another one with the Scepter.

The damage from both Chakrams stack and can be used independently. The magic damage is instantly amplified with the purchase of the item, you can essentially solo kill a squishy and unaware support hero in no time.

Why is Timbersaw’s Aghanim upgrade strong?

  • Grants a second Chakram which deals the same damage as the original one
  • Both of them can be used independently in teamfights
  • Increases killing potential by a huge margin


11. Illusion Swap

Back with vengeance comes the one and only Vengeful Spirit! The Aghanim’s Scepter upgrade turns her into a neverending nightmare. Upon death, it creates a strong illusion of Vengeful Spirit that deals and takes full damage and can cast all of her spells.

Illusion has a 12% movement speed bonus. If the illusion is alive when Vengeful Spirit respawns, she will take its place. XP earned by her illusion is given to her. As an offlane Venge, this can turn the tides in any team fight as you may be dead but are you really dead? You can just bounce back and use your abilities whenever you feel like it. 

Why is Vengeful Spirit’s Aghanim upgrade strong?

  • You can respawn on the illusion and also take it anywhere on the map before respawning
  • You can also use spells and items when dead, making your impact stay the same regardless if you’re dead or alive
  • Immense stats with the Aghanim bonus


10. Global Teleportation Traps

The secret is out! Or was it ever really a secret that Templar’s Aghanim upgrade was overpowered? The upgrade grants Templar Psionic Projection ability which allows her to teleport to any Psionic Trap after channeling for a short duration, detonating it upon arrival.

Channeling Psionic Projection does not break Meld. This can be useful in the later stages of the game in order to split push or assassinate heroes and return back to the base in no time. The exploded trap can also silence if you have the shard, making the shard and scepter combo extremely useful.

Why is Templar Assassin’s Aghanim upgrade strong?

  • Low cooldown
  • Global potential can be anywhere on the map once the Trap is set in advance 
  • Extremely powerful in the later stages of the game to secure Roshan or to split push


9. Wolf Bite

Lycan is a ferocious creature of the forest, his fighting prowess is only amplified with the help of Aganim’s Scepter upgrade which makes his allies ferocious and primal like him. The Aghanim’s Upgrade grants Wolf Bite ability which provides all the properties of Shapeshift to the targetted ally.

This turns the ally into a cute yet dangerous wolf, granting both them and Lycan 30% lifesteal in the 1300 Radius. If you don’t think this is strong, then we recommend you watch the iconic PSG.LGD games during Ti10, where they popularised the Tiny and Lycan Wolf Bite meta.

Why is Lycan’s Aghanim’s upgrade strong?

  • Grants immense damage and movespeed to the Wolfbitten target
  • High movement speed under its duration
  • Can be used in tandem with other heroes that deal an immense amount of damage, like Tiny, Lifestealer, Juggernaut, etc.


8. Black Dragon 

Davion, the Dragon Knight, the ever-relevant mid-laner, and now an anime star! Jokes aside, Dragon Knight is highly relevant regardless of the meta, as he majorly relies on his ultimate to get stuff done around the map. His ultimate is further amplified by Aghanim’s Scepter which grants him Black Dragon form. The Black Dragon form has bonus Corrosive Damage, Splash Damage and Slow amount, 25% increased Magic Resistance, and free pathing.

All these bonuses outweigh the only downside which is you can’t rush Aghanim’s to get this upgrade as it is only possible to use the Black Dragon form after you have three levels in your ultimate or else it would be too op to mow down enemy heroes with a strong Black Dragon 15 minutes into the game.

Why is Dragon Knight’s Aghanim upgrade strong?

  • Immense damage and free pathing
  • High magic resistance and low cooldown
  • High tanky armor makes him durable in teamfights in the late stages of the game


7. Reincarnation Death Delay

Death is indeed afraid of the Wraith King, his powers are unmatched and his damage is unbearable. Aghanim’s upgrade on Wraith King makes him or his nearby slain ally transform into a wraith and have their death delayed and gain bonus attack and movement speed.

This may sound underwhelming but those extra 7 durations of death delay can prove to be extremely devastating to the enemies as you may be able to bring them down with you while they can’t attack you.

Why is Wraith King’s Aghanim upgrade strong?

  • Grants 7 seconds of invulnerability after his death or the death of allies close to him
  • The delay time can be used to neutralize enemies or to take objectives
  • The Wraith form is invulnerable, meaning enemies can’t attack you


6. Time Lapse on Allies

Threading through the needle of time, comes Weaver! His devastating abilities make him an exceptional carry, but his breathtaking Aghanim’s Upgrade makes him even better of support. The high-value Scepter upgrade turns Time Lapse into an ability that can also be cast on allies, sending them 5 seconds back in time to the HP and Mana pool they had back then, essentially saving them in teamfights.

This item is quickly purchased by all Weaver mains who have the primary focus of saving their team from the enemy outbursts. 

Why is this upgrade strong?

  • Saves allies from getting quickly burst in teamfights
  • Can also be used to get allies away from cliff spots or choke points
  • Extremely useful on Position 4 Weaver


5. AoE Finger of Death

Lion’s abilities are truly designed by Satan and we firmly believe it! His abilities cause chaos and destruction, there is no way his foes escape alive. Lion’s Aghanim’s upgrade makes matters even worse by making his Finger of Death ultimate AoE, he deals a ton of damage to all the foes in a close radius.

This is worsened further due to the stacks which he has accumulated, meaning he can essentially one-shot the entire enemy team in the late game if things ever get that serious. The cooldown on the nuke is also reduced by a margin, making it only 20 seconds on level 3!

Why is Lion’s Aghanim upgrade strong?

  • High AoE nuke damage with Finger of Death
  • Extremely low Cooldown
  • Can be used to clear waves or nuke enemies in team fight
  • 1v5 nuke potential in the late game


4. Primal Spirit Charges

Brewmaster is an essential hero in the current patch and this is entirely due to how strong he is with his ultimate. His early game can be shaky but as soon as he uses Primal Split, there is no way you can stop this drunken panda! The ultimate is further amplified with the help of Aghanim’s Scepter which grants two charges to Primal Split which can be canceled at any time on the desired Brewling rather than the default earth Brewling.

This upgrade is always useful regardless of the matchups you are facing. Brew is always strong with his ultimate and it's even better when you have two of them instead of just one!

Why is Brew’s Aghanim upgrade strong?

  • Grants two charges to Primal Split ultimate
  • The ultimate can be canceled any time on the desired Brewling
  • Extremely useful in the late game where there are long teamfights
  • Can be used to aggressively fight or escape with the help of Brewlings


3. Nimbus

Zeus the almighty Thundergod is a strong mid-laner, and also an exceptional ganker. Aghanim’s Upgrade is ungodly on Zeus as it amplifies his powers by a huge margin. The upgrade, Nimbus, creates a storm cloud that automatically casts the Lighting Bolt spell on enemies under its radius. This can be devastating to his foes as they can melt under the Nimbus and Thundergod’s Wrath combo.

With the addition of Refresher’s Orb to this equation, your chances of survival are extremely slim. All this magic damage is extremely hard to avoid unless you have both magic immunity and magic resistance. Nimbus takes around 4 hits to destroy if hit by a melee hero or 8 if it's a ranged hero.

Why is Zeus’ Aghs upgrade strong?

  • Extreme magical damage output with Nimbus
  • Takes multiple hits to destroy, which is hard to do if you are the only hero underneath it
  • Nimbus works wonders with Zeus’ ultimate and Refresher Orb and can delete any hero off the map


2. Good Juju

Dazzle is known to be a game-saving hero, often buying items to save his allies or protect them with his healing ability. The Aghanim’s Upgrade essentially turns the tides around in the favor of Dazzle’s team as it grants Good Juju, which reduces all item cooldowns by 50% But that’s not it! Good Juju is also an active ability that can be cast on allied units to refresh their item cooldowns instantly.

This is essential in a game where the heroes rely heavily on items such as Scythe of Vyse, Bloodstone, Black King Bar, and much more. You can easily turn the game around if you manage to get off Good Juju on an ally with a powerful item.

Why is this Dazzle’s Aghs upgrade strong?

  • Refreshes all item cooldowns for allies 
  • Reduces all item cooldowns on Dazzle by 50%
  • Extremely useful in long teamfights, or to neutralize a powerful target


1. Grant Aghanim’s Scepter to Allies

Alchemy and greed go hand in hand for our fellow Alchemist. He controls the game with his powerful Orc who guides him around the battlefield. The Aghanim’s Upgrade for Alchemist essentially allows Alchemist to grant Aghanim’s to allies. For each gifted Aghanim, Alch gains bonus spell amplification as well as bonus physical damage.

The gifted Aghanim is very essential in certain scenarios where Alch’s teammates may need it earlier than usual to counter an enemy's ability. A position 4 Alchemist is known to rush the Scepter when needed, proving to be useful in teamfights.

Why is Alchemist’s Aghs upgrade strong?

  • Allows Alchemist to grant Aghanim’s to allies, which otherwise they would have to purchase for 4200 gold.
  • Alchemist gets bonus damage and spells amplification for each gifted Aghanim
  • This is useful in various fight matchups where Alchemist’s allies may need Aghanim’s to counter enemy spells
  • Increases efficiency for allies and makes them focus on other items


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