Dota 2 How To Increase Conduct Summary

How To Increase Conduct Summary

Conduct summary is an indication of a player’s habits and his capabilities. The higher the summary score is the better the player can be, however this is not always the case as there are some of the best players that have a terrible summary score.

When you play a game and do something to help your teammates or win a battle for them, players usually at the end of the game commend each other, these commends will pile up on your conduct summary affecting the score.

In Matchmaking you will be matched with the players that have the same conduct summary as you, since the lower it is the more the toxic community is you better start getting good.

How it Works:

  • Try to help your teammates in game to get commends.
  • Do not abandon any game, or else you will get the penalty.
  • Do not be a toxic person and blame others.

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