DOTA 2: How To Go AFK Without Abandoning

DOTA 2: How To Go AFK Without Abandoning

DOTA 2 has this system where players who go Away From Keyboard (AFK) get logged with an abandon after five minutes. While this is a nice feature to deter people from going for a casual walk outside mid-match, it can be a hassle when you’ve got something urgent to do.

Thankfully, there are ways to cheat this system and not abandon when going AFK in DOTA 2.

The trick to this lies in DOTA 2’s AFK logging system. The game can’t really know if you’re away, so they measure the next best thing: whether your Hero’s getting any exp. Simply put, the game thinks this:

Getting exp = not AFK

Not getting exp = AFK.

With this new knowledge, it’s easy to see how one can cheat the system.

All you have to do is keep getting exp.

Simply stand somewhere in your lane, hidden from enemy sight, where you continue getting exp when enemy creeps die. The radius for creep exp is pretty huge, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find a decent spot.

You can check whether you’re still getting exp by monitoring your exp bar. You’ll find it under your Hero’s portrait as a small circle surrounding your level. Press and hold alt to see your current exp, which can update in real-time as the numbers rise.

If it’s rising, you’ve found a decent spot.

As you keep getting exp, the game won’t start the AFK timer. You’ve bought yourself a bunch of time!

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