[Top 15] Dota 2 Best Bottom Lane Duos That Are Powerful

There is no doubt that the Bottom Lane in Dota is quite a chaotic and intense lane, similar to the top lane, but there are certain heroes who work exceptionally well in the Radiant Safelane and the Dire Hardlane. These heroes range from carry to even support and offlane heroes. The strengths of these heroes are unmatched by any other in the current meta. These heroes are often known for their aggressive gameplay and ruthless spells, one bad move and these heroes will be quick to rip you into shreds! Such heroes often do better with a lane partner who can complement their gameplay.

To help you pick the right set of heroes for your ranked adventures, we bring you the Best 15 Bottom Lane Duos. These heroes are very relevant in the current meta, making sure you end up winning the matchup against your weak foes.

15. Witch Doctor and Juggernaut

Look at it go! We are talking about the enemy MMR after they play against this combo. Jokes aside, Witch Doctor and Juggernaut are a deadly duo as they both can dish out decent damage and fare well in the laning phase. If Witch Doctor’s stun manages to latch on two enemy heroes, Juggernaut can have a ball spinning on top of them, shoving them out or securing kills. Both of these titans have an extremely high amount of heal which makes them sustain well against heavy damage.ithout getting overshadowed by Juggernaut. Witch Doctor is one of the few support heroes that can lane well and have an efficient impact in the late game w

Juggernaut in the late-game becomes a menace due to his sustainability, and so does Witch Doctor as they can build a plethora of offensive and defensive items, surviving through the toughest of situations. Witch Doctor provides the lockdown which assists Juggernaut in netting kills which accelerates their farm further in the late game, and they surely do not fall off in the later stages as is evident from their win rate!

Why is this duo great?

  • Witch Doctor provides Juggernaut with insane lockdown and gank potential
  • Both heroes have immense healing potential with their spells, allowing themselves to be sustainable throughout the fight!
  • These heroes excel in the late game as they acquire more items and levels
  • These heroes also have high physical damage which can’t be negated easily in the early game!

14. Jakiro and Faceless Void

An incredible Faceless Void knows it's a good idea to use Chronosphere on a single target if it's worth a lot, and a great Jakiro can smell a kill coming his way and simply steal Void’s kill with his immense magical damage. Jokes apart, Jakrio is known to dish out high magical damage right off the bat which can be helpful to synergize with the Void’s big ultimate. This combination will surely net you a few kills in the early game. Faceless Void may lack the lockdowns and damage in the early game, but Jakiro provides him with just that to neutralize their foes.

Various heroes synergize immensely well with Jakiro but none better than Faceless Void. Void can easily control crowds and deal physical damage while Jakiro can supplement him with spells such as Ice Path, and Macropyre to name a few! If these two are farmed in the late game, there is no way you escape if they catch onto you. Jakiro can also act as the fourth core in the late game when he manages to acquire his key items, pushing the game further in his team’s favor.

Why is this duo great?

  • Jakiro has immensely high magic damage which can be lethal if combined with Faceless Void’s physical damage.
  • Both heroes are known to have great crowd-control spells in the form of Chronosphere, Ice Path, and Macropyre.
  • There is high synergy with Void’s Cronosphere and all of Jakiro’s spells
  • Jakiro can also push buildings and lanes with Liquid Fire, providing that extra bit of tower damage that his team may lack in the early game.

13. Enchantress and Ursa

The ferocious bear Ursa is a strong laner, his Fury Swipe damage is quite lethal and does not go unnoticed. Enchantress compliments him by slowing down the foes and assisting Ursa in killing them in no time. The bear may lack any sort of lockdown or disable but the Enchantress has him covered with Enchant. Both Enchantress and Ursa are highly tanky, thanks to their spells, making them more than willing to join teamfights.

Ursa can also sneak into Roshan with Enchantress as she has the heals with Nature’s Attendants, while she can also tank the Rosh as her ultimate makes her hard to hit easily. This duo is highly picked in the meta to counter squishy and especially melee heroes. One wrong move against these ferocious heroes and you’re already dead!

Why is this duo great?

  • Both heroes are excellent at shoving enemy laners out of the lane quite effortlessly
  • They both have extremely high survivability and tank potential with their spells
  • They have quite low cool-downs on their spells, making their downtime essentially zero
  • Both heroes can sustain themselves not only in the early game but also in the late game

12. Dazzle and Huskar

This dynamic duo has been feared a lot in both pub and pro games. Dazzle offers immense slow and DoT with armor reduction and heals while Huskar is the more offensive partner with immense physical damage. Both can initiate well and are very powerful in the laning phase. If you are a melee hero, facing the likes of these titans then the laning phase is pretty much over for you. These bloodthirsty heroes acquire farm fast due to their ability to kill effortlessly.

Dazzle is also the perfect laning partner for Huskar because of his Shallow Grave which saves the latter in teamfights, providing him a safety net while he dishes out damage to his foes like a turret! Dazzle also saves him with his heal and lowers enemy armor, making it easy for the spear-clad hunter to demolish his puny foes within no time. The sheer impact these two heroes can have in the early game is quite commendable!

Why is this duo great? 

  • Dazzle’s Poison Touch is menacing if combined with the Burning Spears of Huskar, leaving enemies with no way of escaping alive!
  • Both heroes are ranged and deal high Damage over Time, leaving furious melee enemies with no choice but to jungle.
  • High damage output right from the laning phase, only to get OP in the late game as they acquire levels and items. 

11. Pudge and Techies

We know what you’re thinking, Techies….and Pudge. Really?! We can already hear you sighing at this duo. Pudge and Techies sound like a bad duo on paper, but not everyone knows that the legendary Chinese team Wings Gaming had picked this exact troll combo in the Ti6 Finals, yes you read it right…in the finals with millions of dollars at stake. But in reality, these heroes synergize well with their control and disable potential. In the early game, if you manage to hook the enemy carry into a mine then it is pretty much game over for them, plus you may also be able to make your foes rage with these two most hated heroes in the game.

Techies are highly active through the early game, and so is Pudge with his Hook and Rot. The combo is extremely chaotic in the early game as you can just plant a mine and have the Pudge stand on top of it to hook an enemy, dealing an immense amount of damage, if Techies can follow up with Blast Off then there is no way that the enemy escapes alive. At that point, the enemy just wants to escape such a terrible and unfavorable matchup!

Why is this duo great? 

  • Immense magic damage potential right off the bat with Rot and Blast Off.
  • Great for some psychological warfare against your foes!
  • The duo can also farm quickly as they have an array of AoE spells with low cooldowns.
  • Can still be relevant in the late game as Pudge can become a meat shield and Techies can just AFK plant mines in the base all the time, providing insane defense potential to his team.

10. Primal Beast and Hoodwink

This duo is the latest addition to the game. No one can deny the lethal and breathtaking damage of the Primal Beast, it's simply too hard to negate! Hoodwink at the same time, has high lockdown potential which helps her lock multiple enemies at once for the ferocious and devastating dino to beat down within no time. Primal Beast can be an effective offlaner if he has reliable support like Hoodwink to assist him in the lane. The enemy simply stands no chance if Primal gets out of hand! 

Primal Beast and Hoodwink both do not fall off in the late game. Primal Beast is one of those rare heroes who do rely more on levels as opposed to farm to get things done. Primal Beast can use his ultimate Pulverize which synergizes well with Hoodwink’s ultimate, Sharpshooter. This aforementioned combo can rip enemy heroes apart in the early game. These two mischievous heroes can snowball and wreak havoc if not contained in the early game.

Why is this duo great?

  • Both heroes deal immense magical damage right from the laning phase
  • Both heroes can sustain themselves through the early game
  • Immense initiation potential with Onslaught and Bushwack
  • The duo is highly relevant through the late game as their damage is only amplified in the late game.

9. Bane and Mirana

Bane and Mirana are often seen together in pro games, especially in the Chinese and European regions. There is a lot in common between Bane and Mirana but these two heroes are highly dynamic and have different things to offer in the game. Mirana is known to be a great early-game hero, which combined with Bane’s spells can lead to disaster for the enemy team. 

Nightmare followed by Arrow is quite the combo that has enemies locked for close to 10 seconds! Both heroes are highly versatile due to their damage potential and hence can be laned in various different lanes but work extremely well if laned with each other. Their potential gets unleashed with the help of new items and mechanics which make them a menace to play against. 

Why is this duo great?

  • Bane and Mirana have exceptional stun lock potential which ensures that with enough follow-up, they can decimate the targeted hero
  • They both are highly versatile as they can be played in both support or core roles, pairing them in the same lane is highly useful as they can just wreck the offlane
  • Both of these heroes also have ungodly damage output, Bane has pure damage while Mirana solely has magic damage

8. Mars and Dark Willow

This is the second time Mars is being featured on this list, which shows how good of a hero he is! Dark Willow may be just debuting on the list, but she is the key reason why Mars excels in the game. Sure, Mars is a team-fighting hero, he excels well at dealing immense damage and locking down multiple enemies in his Arena, but Dark Willow unleashes his true potential with her Terrorize, forcing enemies to exit the Arena, which only does decent damage to them. The lockdown potential of these two heroes is unmatched.

Mars is an excellent offlaner who can sustain himself and stay resilient in the top lane while also dealing decent damage to his foes. With the assistance of Dark Willow, he can potentially kill his foes or make them go back to base to regenerate their health. Mars relies on his ultimate to fight, meaning regardless of the build, he can just rotate to other lanes and fight as soon as he gets his ultimate, the same can be said about Dark Willow who can lockdown multiple heroes at once with her devastating toolkit.

Why is this duo great?

  • Dark Willow and Mars ultimate combo is highly regarded as one of the best combos in the game as it locks multiple enemies down at once and deals high magical damage to them.
  • Mars can sustain himself in the laning phase and deal decent damage to his enemies.
  • The duo can teamfight as early as level 6, making them rotate toward other lanes and catch enemy heroes by surprise.

7. Warlock and Gyrocopter

Gyrocopter is by far the least picked carry hero of the current meta, but he comes alive only when he is picked with the right set of heroes who can assist his gameplay. Warlock is by far one of the few suitable laning partners who can unleash Gyrocopter’s true potential. He keeps the latter healthy in both the laning stage and the teamfights, making him highly sustainable and useful. Both heroes have massive physical and magical damage and crowd control spells which ensure they can dominate the game if they have a good start.

If Warlock manages to get his Fatal Bonds off in time as Gyrocopter is about to use his ultimate, then it may work wonders for the team, it can be quickly followed by Chaotic Offering which can even lead to instant nuke and net multiple kills in the name of Warlock. This combo can work right through the first few levels of the game as both of these heroes are effective right off the bat. Only if these two heroes had slight tweaks in their abilities, they’d be ranked higher!

Why is this duo great?

  • Immense DPS with Warlock’s spells, which can be used right before Magnus’ Reverse Polarity to deal more damage to enemies.
  • Both heroes have immense crowd control ultimate abilities, which co-incidentally pierce magic immunity, hence making them strong and relevant through the late game.
  • High damage dished out by these heroes, both physical (Gyrocopter), and Magical (Warlock)

6. Wraith King and Crystal Maiden

The one true king, the Wraith King is one big dominant force in the game. His lifesteal, crits, and overall durability with his ultimate make it extremely hard for his foes to stand a chance against him in the late game. To complement this lethal king, he has the frost queen by his side, none other than Crystal Maiden. She is a reliable support who has decent magical burst damage, lockdown, and essentially infinite mana supply which can be useful for Wraith King since he has ghastly low mana regen.

Wraith King is an excellent carry hero who can stand his ground against multiple enemies courtesy of his lifesteal as well as his ultimate which allows him to resurrect after he dies. Crystal Maiden can assist him with her low cooldown magic burst spells which slow enemies and lock them down. Both heroes get nothing but tanky in the late game where their dominance only seems to rise! Most carry heroes can’t match up to the level of Wraith King in terms of raw physical damage.

Why is this duo great?

  • Wraith King is highly reliable right from the early game, as he can push and clear waves quickly, Crystal Maiden can do that too with her high AoE damage.
  • Wraith King and Crystal Maiden have immense survivability right from the laning stage with the lifesteal and mana supply from CM’s passive.
  • Both heroes have excellent lockdown spells which can be used while your allies follow up with more damage.
  • There is a balance of physical and magical damage with this duo.

5. Chaos Knight and Vengeful Spirit 

The reign of Chaos continues when Chaos Knight steps into the battlefield. He is known for dealing lethal physical damage. Vengeful Spirit may not be relevant in the current meta, but she compliments Chaos Knight’s abilities by granting him more damage thanks to Vengeance Aura. Venge can just swap him out of trouble and sacrifice herself or swap an enemy into her spot, allowing CK to neutralize them with his ungodly damage. 

Venge and Chaos Knight both have an insane amount of disables, with all their stuns and damage. The laning phase is impossible to play for the enemy if they are melee. Chaos Knight’s immense physical damage combined with Venge’s lockdown ensures that their foes have no way of escaping the fight alive! These two heroes are rarely picked together, but we hope the old meta returns and we get to witness the glory of these wonderful gladiators.

Why is this duo great?

  • High save and initiation potential with Nether Swap, allows Venge to swap out Chaos Knight and save his life if used defensively, or it can be used to swap an enemy in front of Chaos Knight to initiate a fight.
  • Immense stun lock potential and armor reduction with their spells, allowing the duo to mercilessly beat down their foes with all the negative buffs.
  • High physical damage with Vengeance Aura and Chaos Strike passive abilities ensures that Chaos Knight can deal high damage through the early game without worrying about his item timings.

4. Bloodseeker and Ogre Magi

Bloodseeker is essentially the king of the current patch, his carry potential is not matchable by any other hero in the game. The buff to his Bloodrage, as well as Blood Rite, has made him an unstoppable force, hence it explains his huge pick rate in the pub games. Ogre Magi has a great toolkit that is useful to smite down enemies with his magical damage. Combining the forces of these two heroes results in nothing but bad times for the enemy team! Both heroes essentially complete each other, and their playstyles are also similar.

Ogre Magi is a tanky support hero, a quality that is rarely seen in support heroes, Bloodseeker is also fairly tanky, making them both unkillable in the laning phase. Ogre Magi can also disrupt ruptured enemy heroes from teleporting away with his stun, while also slowing them and providing a chance to chain-stun them with his ultimate. Bloodseeker is already known to be extremely fast, but his movement speed is amplified further by Ogre’s Bloodlust, enhancing the former’s potential tenfold!

Why is this duo great?

  • Both heroes are highly tanky and can stand their ground in teamfights without falling off so quickly.
  • Ogre Magi’s spells amplify Bloodseeker’s fight potential, making him a threatening hero right from the early game.
  • Both heroes have high teamfight and nuke potential right from the get-go, making it easy for them to rotate toward other lanes and get things done there.
  • Ogre can provide Bloodseeker with buffs that can accelerate his farm while crippling down enemies at the same time. 

3. Tiny and Io

Not every Duo list in Dota is complete without the mention of Tiny and Io. One is a glorified disco ball and the other is a mammoth of a rock, but they both complete each other! Tiny can be considered to be weak as a core hero in the laning phase, but Io sustains him by providing him with heals and attack speed which he desperately lacks. Along with initiating with Relocate, Io can also help him escape and heal him in team fights. Tiny’s devastating spell combo is one of the main reasons why he is picked, his early-game kill threat is unmatchable.

Tiny does extremely well with Io, as he can easily secure farm and stay healthy through a ruthless teamfight. Io also can be protected if he stays tethered to Tiny, providing him an extra barrier of safety to cast his spells and use his items to the maximum potential. Tiny is highly devastating in the late game if he acquires all his physical damage-dealing items as he simply becomes a turret with the help of Io!

Why is this duo great?

  • Immense sustainability with the constant heals coming out from Io
  • Io can safely escort Tiny out of fights or initiate with him anywhere on the map with the help of Relocate, providing immense global team fighting potential.
  • Immense burst potential right from the early game, allowing Tiny to solo kill enemies with just his Stun and Toss combo.
  • Both heroes rely more on levels as opposed to farm to get stuff done across the map.


2. Crystal Maiden and Juggernaut

Synonymous to Io and Tiny, every duo list is incomplete without Juggernaut and Crystal Maiden. These heroes complement each other with their immaculate abilities which work in synergy and ensure maximum damage done to their foes. Along with synergizing well in the laning phase, they also work exceptionally well in the late game, one can save the other with spells or items or they may also act offensively. The immense sustainability and early game dominance potential is the primary reason behind these heroes getting picked together.

Juggernaut is one of the most reliable carry heroes in the game, and similarly, Crystal Maiden stands first in the list of the most reliable support heroes. These two heroes essentially were made for each other as their synergy potential is quite unmatched by any other hero duo in the game. Crystal Maiden’s lockdown and Juggernaut’s damage can turn the tides around for the worse for the enemy team!

Why is this duo great?

  • Juggernaut can spin while CM uses Frostbite and ultimate on enemy heroes, ensuring they have no way of escaping the teamfight alive.
  • High mana regen with Aura and HP region with healing ward provide immense sustainability in the teamfights.
  • Both scale exceptionally well in the late game as their damage and sustain potential only get better as the clock ticks late.

1. Ancient Apparition and Faceless Void

The frosty and chilling Ancient Apparition has been a staple support hero in the recent few patches and should be in your hero rotation if you are a support player. Another selling point for AA is his Ice Blast ultimate which deals AoE magic damage and stops enemies from healing and life-stealing and deals immense damage to them. Picking Faceless Void alongside AA means you are guaranteed to hit your Ice Blast inside the Chronosphere, this synergy allows Faceless Void to finish the job with his hard-hitting physical damage. This combo is always lethal in the later stages of the game.

Ancient Apparition is highly regarded as the best laning partner of Faceless Void he can ward off the enemy laners while the carry farms peacefully. The two have the perfect combination of magical and physical damage which translates well into the late game. The lockdown and health reduction simply become too much for their foes to handle. A late-game Faceless Void is not a hero to mess with as he can beat you down within a few clicks!

Why is this duo great?

  • High-value ultimates are very much relevant in the late game to catch enemies off-guard and deal immense damage to them.
  • Decent early game and laning synergy with the help of Ancient Apparition’s spells and Void’s damage
  • High AoE crowd control from the early game ensures that these two can teamfight as soon as they can get their hands on their ultimates.


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