[Top 10] Dota 2 Best Movement Speed Heroes (Ranked)

In a typical game of Dota, you either hunt or get hunted. It can mean the difference between life and death, and sometimes it all depends upon your movement speed. Low-movement speed heroes often get obliterated by heroes with high mobility. There are heroes in Dota who can dominate the battlefield while being swift and agile at the same time. Hence, it is essential to have a few heroes on your team who can ideally save themselves by being swift or destroy enemies by outpacing them. 

In this article, we bring you the Best 10 Movement Speed Heroes which are extremely relevant in the current patch. These heroes have more than just the movement speed in this patch which makes them so ideal. 

10. Enchantress

This bubbly and friendly creature is a devastating force if bothered! Enchantress has the mystical force of nature beside her, guarding and coaching her through the deep forests. She is often overlooked due to her low base attack damage but that should not make you ignore her mid and late-game potential. She can work smoothly as a roaming and laning support, even playing in the offlane if needed. In 7.33, her abilities allow her to gank and deal some serious damage to her foes. Enchantress is in high demand due to her domination with her impressive buffed toolkit in the current meta.

Enchantress can be a great addition if your team lacks a support hero. Her versatility allows her to fit into various roles, which makes her quite flexible in the drafting stage. During the laning stage, she is known to harass enemies with her slow and Impetus damage, warding off enemy lakers out of the lane. She can also transition into a semi-carry in the late game, due to the massive damage dished out from the Impetus. With the right positioning and timing, Enchantress can turn team fights in her team's favor with her abilities.

What makes Enchantress a great movement-speed hero? 

  • Enchantress naturally has high movement speed which helps her get through the map hassle-free.
  • Enchantress also is known to build movement speed items like Boots of Bearing or Drum of Endurance which amplify her already significant movement speed.
  • With Nature's Attendants, Enchantress can heal herself and her allies in a team fight, giving her team an edge in long teamfights. 
  • With her ability to control neutral creeps, Enchantress can use them to push lanes and take down towers quickly.

Top 5 Best End-Game Items for Enchantress

  • Holy Locket - Can be used to heal allies or herself on usage, based on the charges which are granted based on enemy hero casting spells, basically a glorified Magic Stick. This provides the tiny bit of sustain and healing required to withstand enemy damage.
  • Glimmer Cape - If enemies initiate you or your allies without any disabling items then you can quickly get away with using Glimmer, it is an essential item on support Enchantress.
  • Dragon Lance - Provides increased stats and regen along with increased attack range. Enchantress isn’t a tanky hero, but an early-game Dragon Lance assures she does not get prioritized by enemies in fights. It can further be upgraded into a Hurricane Pike.
  • Heaven’s Halberd - It is used to disarm enemies, making them unable to make physical attacks while Ench and others can freely attack him.
  • Solar Crest - Solar Crest grants armor, attack speed, and movement speed to the targetted ally while reducing the same stats if used upon enemies. This makes them unable to stand firm in teamfights.

Enchantress is strong against 

  • Lycan - Lycan relies heavily on right clicks making Untouchable very effective against him.
  • Ember Spirit - Impetus will deal huge amounts of damage when he uses a Fire Remnant to escape.
  • Ursa - Enchant can dispel Overpower, and Enchant's slow can help kite Ursa in fights and also in the lane.

Enchantress is weak against 

  • Broodmother - Enchantress can be easily overwhelmed with Broodmother's spiderlings from Spawn Spiderlings and Enchantress can only control one of them with Enchant and she has no good wave clear (Spawn Spiderlings can also kill creeps controlled with Enchant).
  • Juggernaut - Blade Fury dispels the slow from Enchant and can burst Enchantress down during the laning stage.
  • Nyx Assassin - Vendetta breaks Untouchable and deals great damage against her.


9. Alchemist

Alchemy and greed go hand in hand for our fellow Alchemist. He controls the game with his powerful Orc who guides him around the battlefield. With his Greevil’s Greed talent, it’s expected that he has at least 2 items before the 20-minute mark in-game. With armor reduction from Acid Spray and Unstable Concoction, he can lock enemies down and give them a run for their money with his ultimate. His enemies find it quite impossible to out farm him, his pace is quite unparalleled if he is having a good time. With Greevil’s Greed now being an innate ability, Alchemist enjoys the surge of gold right from level 1.

Alchemist's potential is not only limited to his abilities but his items as well. With the help of Manta Style, he can dispel any debuffs or silence and create illusions to further confuse his enemies, Shiva's Guard gives him a powerful AoE slow armor, making it difficult for enemies to approach him. Alchemist needs mobility in a teamfight, which is fulfilled by Overwhelming Blink which satisfies his mobility needs while also granting him with immense damage and strength to withstand a long skirmish. The mentioned items help Alchemist wreak havoc if acquired early on in the game.

Why is Alchemist a great movement-speed hero? 

  • Alchemist’s ultimate, Chemical Rage, allows him to be highly efficient and dominant in a teamfight thanks to his increased movement speed.
  • Alchemist farms quickly due to innate ability, Greevil's Greed, which provides him with extra gold for every last hit. 
  • Alchemist's Acid Spray is a powerful AoE ability that reduces enemy armor and allows him to take down towers and objectives quickly if combined with Assault Cuirass or Shiva’s Guard. 
  • He can provide utility to his team with powerful items such as Aghanim's Scepter, and Moon Shard.

Items to Buy on Alchemist 

  • Radiance - Deals 60 damage per second in an AoE, while also causing them to miss 15% of their attacks. It also makes enemies miss 15% of their attacks. Radiance is an exceptional item on Alchemist as it allows him to deal high damage in fights and also farms fast with the help of his items.
  • Assault Cuirass - Assault Cuirass grants increased armor and attack speed which makes Alchemist extremely tanky. It also reduces enemy armor in an AoE, increasing its threat potential.
  • Shiva’s Guard - Upon usage, it emits a freezing wave that deals 200 damage and slows the enemy for 40% of their movement speed. This slow is impressive and lasts for 4 seconds. The increased armor and survivability ensure Alchemist stays durable in fights while reducing enemy healing in an AoE.
  • Manta Style -  Creates two illusions of Alchemist on usage, also allowing him to dispel certain spells or dodge if he times it right. It can also be used to split push lanes and farm efficiently. It also provides him with increased stats, agility, and attack damage.
  • Black King Bar - Provides magic immunity upon usage, making Alchemist invulnerable during team fights. It is essential in most matchups as he has low magical resistance. It also applies a basic dispel upon usage.

Alchemist is strong against:

  • Doom - The health regeneration and bonus movespeed from Chemical Rage allow Alchemist to survive through Doom very easily.
  • Broodmother - Alchemist's Chemical Rage nullifies Broodmother's, Insatiable Hunger.
  • Nature’s Prophet - Acid Spray and Greevil's Greed will quickly destroy pushes with treants.

Alchemist is weak against:

  • Axe - Axe can force Alchemist to attack him with Berserker's Call. High attack speed from Chemical Rage will cause Counter Helix to proc multiple times.
  • Ancient Apparition - Ice Blast cancels out Chemical Rage's rapid health regeneration.  
  • Necrophps - Ghost Shroud can prevent Alchemist from attacking Necrophos, as well as make him immune to Acid Spray and Unstable Concoction damage.


8. Slark

Slark, the slippery and vicious fish, is one the most picked carry heroes in the current meta. He is relevant due to his increased movement speed and health regeneration in Shadow Dance, which helps him escape slippery situations or turn around a fight within no time. Slark is highly elusive to catch due to his high movement speed, along with Pounce and Shadow Dance. He can further purchase Shadow Blade to ensure that his enemies have no chance when it comes to reeling him in. Slark isn’t a quick farmer but his durability is the key factor behind his soaring pick rate.

In 7.33 Slark is even tougher to catch, thanks to his choice of items and a generous buff to his Pounce and ultimate, Shadow Dance. His build includes a Diffusal Blade, which greatly boosts his power by draining enemy mana, slowing their movements, and dealing heavy damage when paired with Sange and Yasha. Furthermore, he can purify himself of numerous debuffs, giving him the ability to swing a team fight to his advantage. With his six-item inventory, Slark unleashes chaos upon his foes without hesitation.

Why is Slark a great movement speed hero? 

  • Slark is incredibly fast due to his increased movement speed thanks to his ultimate Shadow Dance. 
  • Slark’s Pounce also provides him with immense mobility, allowing him to escape a messy fight or also initate a favorable teamfight. 
  • With the help of his passive, Slark can steal enemy agility, thus gaining more damage, making him stronger right from the get-go
  • Immense movement speed and mobility with Pounce
  • Shadow Dance grants immense survivability as well as HP regen, allowing Slark to teamfight easily.
  • Aghanim’s Scepter and Shard grant him increased survivability as well as harass potential

Top 5 Best Endgame Items for Slark

  • Silver Edge -  Upon usage, it turns Slark invisible while increasing his movement speed. Attacking enemies will end the invisibility and will deal bonus physical damage while also disabling their passive spells. This item is good against heroes with OP passives like Bristleback, or Phantom Assassin.
  • Aghanim’s Scepter - Increases Pounce distance by a huge margin, also providing him two charges of the same, allowing him to initiate or escape a bad fight. 
  • Eye of Skadi - Causes Slark’s attacks to lower enemy attack and movement speed while reducing their health regeneration and lifesteal by 40%. It is exceptional if you are facing tanky heroes that regen or lifesteal fast. It also provides huge bonuses such as increased stats, HP, and Mana.
  • Butterfly - Provides Slark with 35% evasion and increased agility and attack speed. The evasion is highly useful in the later stages of the game to stand your ground. It is an essential item if Slark is facing multiple heroes with high attack damage.
  • Black King Bar - Provides magic immunity upon usage, making Slark invulnerable during team fights. It is essential in most matchups as he has low magical resistance. It also applies a basic dispel upon usage. 

Slark is strong against

  • Arc Warden - Flux is dispelled by Dark Pact, which allows him to escape a sticky setup by Arc Warden.
  • Luna - Luna's lack of mobility and escape abilities makes her easy to gank for Slark.
  • Sniper - Sniper hugely lacks mobility and escape abilities so he is an easy target for ganks from Slark.

Slark is weak against:

  • Ancient Apparition - Ice Blast stops Shadow Dance's passive health regeneration, even when Slark is not in vision.
  • Meepo - Earthbind and Poof will still hit Slark in Shadow Dance.
  • Axe - Berserker's Call forces Slark to attack him, even during Shadow Dance.


7. Legion Commander

Legion Commander leaves no stone unturned when it comes to the battlefield. Tresdin, the Legion Commander has slain more foes on the battlefield than anyone else on this list. Her grit and vigor have resulted in abilities that make her invincible. She is known to lock enemies down and deal some serious damage to them with the help of her Duel. She is a nuisance right from the first initial levels, AoE damage and lifesteal allow her to sustain and deal damage in the lane as well as in the jungle. If you get enough Dual damage, you just might one-shot the enemy support! Legion Commander is one of those rare heroes who can be relevant and tanky right from the early game.

Primarily played in the offlane, Legion rarely faces a tough laning phase due to her toolkit which helps her survive. Her Movement of Courage and Press The Attack offers her enough sustain to stand her ground in the teamfights. She is highly picked in pubs when a team is lacking a damage dealer and crowd control component. Legion Commander only gets stronger as the game progresses, there is no way you can stop her wrath if she accumulates enough damage as she is capable of simply shotting low HP heroes in the late game.

What Makes Legion Commander a great movement speed hero?

  • Overwhelming Odds is a great AoE ability that provides movement speed while dealing damage to enemies.
  • Moment of Courage passive provides up to 85% lifesteal with a 25% chance.
  • Press the Attack provides a dispel along with 60 HP/s regen which is enough to turn a fight around.
  • Becomes an active hero with the purchase of Blink Dagger or Shadow Blade.

Top 5 Best End-Game Items for Legion Commander

  • Blink Dagger - On cast, Blink transports Legion Commander 1200 units in the distance she is facing, it can’t be used for 3 seconds if she takes any form of damage. Blink is used to close the gap and to get on top of enemies to use Duel, or it can also be used to escape away from them.
  • Blademail - Reflects enemy damage to them upon activation. It is useful in the Duel as it forces the enemy carry to hit you while doing double the damage back to them.
  • Black King Bar - It provides Legion with spell immunity from all of the enemy's magic damage spells, making her invulnerable in the fight.
  • Heaven’s Halberd - Upon cast, it disarms the targetted hero, making them unable to attack while Legion can freely attack them. Halberd can be used before using Duel to ensure Legion does not end up taking a ton of damage or save her allies from enemy onslaught.
  • Assault Cuirass - Increases armor and attack speed for Legion Commander while reducing the same for enemies in an AoE.

Legion Commander is strong against

  • Chen - Overwhelming Odds and Moment of Courage can take advantage of converted creeps' numbers.
  • Sniper - Sniper's low mobility and lack of defensive abilities make him an easy gank target for the entire game, especially if Blink Dagger is picked up.
  • Viper - Viper's frailty and low mobility make him an enticing Duel target and Corrosive Skin doesn't protect him against Legion Commander's physical attacks.

Legion Commander is weak against

  • Abbadon - Borrowed Time makes Abaddon nearly impossible to kill in Duels, and often replenishes much of his health because Legion Commander cannot manually stop attacking during Duels.
  • Luna - A well-timed Eclipse before a Duel usually prevents Legion Commander from winning Duels, if Luna is the target.
  • Mars - Because Duel requires both combatants to face each other, Bulwark's effectiveness will be increased by a huge margin, which makes it much more difficult for Legion Commander to win any duels against him.


6. Slardar

Slardar is a menace when he is paired against squishy and low-armor melee heroes if he is in the offlane. Most heroes in the early game have poor armor which can decimate them in the teamfights against Slardar as he thrives against squishy heroes. The main reason why Slardar is picked is because of his ultimate Corrosive Haze. The ultimate also provides true sight and reduces enemy armor causing Slardar’s bashes to hit pretty hard, stopping enemies right in their tracks. He is an exceptional pick as a strong, space-making offlaner.

Slardar can effortlessly carry the game if he manages to drown enemies by pressuring them in the laning phase with his phenomenal abilities and items. Slardar rarely loses in the laning stage as he is highly tanky, and has ways to escape enemy ganks. He may not be the best at farming efficiently due to his low AoE capabilities. But, as we know, Slardar is more level-reliant and does not need multiple items to have any impact, unlike certain carry heroes who can’t fight without a few items. 

What makes Slardar a great movement-speed hero? 

  • High movement thanks to Guardian Sprint ability.
  • Bash of the Deep will deal lots of damage during the laning phase.
  • His ultimate will essentially decimate low-armor heroes.
  • Slithreen Crush allows Slardar to be an effective crowd-control hero.

Items to buy on Slardar

  • Blink Dagger - On cast, Blink transports Slardar 1200 units in the distance he is facing, it can’t be used for 3 seconds if he takes any form of damage. Blink is used to close the gap and get on top of Alchemist.
  • Shadow Blade - Provides invisibility to Slardar which can be used to escape or set up a gank on Alchemist.
  • Aghanim’s Shard - Silthreen Crush applies Corrosive Haze on usage, it can be used to get on top of Alchemist with Blink and quickly smash him down with follow-up from your team.
  • Black King Bar - Provides spell immunity, making you invulnerable in the fight against Alchemist.
  • Lotus Orb - Reflects targetted spells and hence can also be used to prevent Alch from using Unstable Concoctions.
  • Assault Cuirass - Immense armor gain to both Slardar and his allies, also reduces Alchemist’s armor at the same time in an AoE.

Slardar is strong against

  • Anti-Mage - Slithereen Crush and Bash of the Deep deal physical damage, bypassing the magic resistance bonus from Counterspell.
  • Bounty Hunter - Bounty Hunter's Shadow Walk is rendered useless with Corrosive Haze and makes Bounty Hunter an easy target for Slardar and his team.
  • Ursa - Slardar is one of the few melee heroes who can lane against Ursa in the early game, out harassing him with Bash of the Deep, and running away from a bad engagement with Guardian Sprint.

Slardar is weak against 

  • Abbadon - Abaddon can cast Aphotic Shield on any of his allies to immediately dispel Corrosive Haze and/or the stun and the slow components of Slithereen Crush.
  • Meepo - Slardar does not do well against multiple targets, as his only way to damage multiple targets is Slithereen Crush.
  • Oracle - Fortune's End applies a basic dispel which can be used to dispel Corrosive Haze or even Slardar's own Guardian Sprint.



5. Sven

Sven, the rogue knight, is a deadly carry hero who deals ungodly physical damage. His toolkit allows him to lock down enemies or charge at them with increased movement speed, making it impossible for them to escape his wrath. Sven's abilities are enough to dominate the battlefield, with items only complementing his strength in team fights. Sven’s pub appearances were low before this patch, but with the buffs to his cleave and ultimate, he has quickly risen through the ranks as one of the most-played carry heroes in this meta.

There are several reasons why Sven is considered a powerful carry hero. His kit allows him to dominate and lock down even the toughest enemies, while his farming ability and item progression enable him to gain a significant advantage as the game progresses. Sven is capable of taking on entire teams by himself, especially in the late game, making him a nightmare for weaker opponents. His strength lies in his ability to face multiple heroes at once without crumbling, thanks to items like Satanic, Daedalus, and his massive physical damage.

What makes Sven a great movement speed hero? 

  • Warcry provides Sven and his nearby allies with increased movement speed as well as armor which help them sustain a teamfight.
  • His cleave is great with God’s Strength which can mow down heroes easily.
  • Sven can also lock enemy’s down with his Storm Hammer which stuns multiple units in an AoE, allowing him to mow down his enemies while they’re stunned.
  • Sven has the toolkit to dominate the battlefield and fight multiple heroes at once.

Top 5 Best Endgame Items for Sven

  • Overwhelming Blink - Increases Sven’s strength and deals damage in an AoE that deals attack and movement speed slow to enemies, while also making them take 150% of his strength as damage. 
  • Assault Cuirass - Immense armor gain also reduces enemy armor at the same time 
  • Daedalus -  Daedalus allows Sven to deal critical damage. This high damage will enable him to be a devastating hard hitter, as he can also solo kill and does not always need follow-up from his team due to the items he has built earlier.
  • Black King Bar - Provides magic immunity upon usage, making Sven invulnerable during team fights. It is essential in most matchups as he has low magical resistance.
  • Bloodthorn - It silences the targeted enemy for 5 seconds, making them take 30% of the total damage dealt during the silence. The attacks will also have True Sight, and deal critical damage under its duration. Sven prefers this item as it provides him with much-needed disables in the early game

Sven is strong against

  • Broodother - Great Cleave clears Spiderlings quickly to increase gold income.
  • Meepo - Cleave will demolish Meepo's clones. Against a closely packed group, Sven does not even need to target the clone with the lowest health.
  • Phantom Lancer - Storm Hammer's AoE stun will hit Phantom Lancer and his illusions.

Sven is weak against

  • Axe - Berserker's Call prevents Sven from bursting his targets before Axe can interfere. The worst kind of opponent for Sven is one who can stop him from attacking who he wants to, which is exactly what Axe does.
  • Medusa - Mana Shield makes it very hard for Sven to burst her within Storm Hammer's stun duration.
  • Templar Assassin - Sven has no easy way to burn Refraction charges and needs help from teammates to kill TA successfully.



4. Centaur Warruner

The war chieftain, Centaur Warrunner, has seen many strong enemies in his war adventures, his forces have destroyed empires and defeated great warriors. Centaur is naturally a great counter to melee carries due to his ability to gap close with both his ultimate and the Blink Dagger. He can return some serious damage to him and it is further amplified with the Blade Mail. Even a highly farmed carry hero can not fight alone or target a farmed and fat Centaur. Alongside, Centaur can use ultimate to run away from a teamfight or initiate it, essentially disengaging and saving his allies as well as himself in teamfights.

Most heroes surely deal significant damage in the late game, but they merely poke the mighty and tanky Centaur, making him retaliate with higher damage back at them. Centaur is an effective offlane hero, as he remains powerful throughout the game. His power spikes allow him to both initiate the gank and survive through it with the help of his items. A late-game Centaur can easily catch low-mobility heroes off guard.

What makes Centaur a great movement speed hero?

  • Naturally has high armor and HP, making him tanky right from the initial levels.
  • He also builds items that amplify his tanky nature, making it easy for him to stand his ground in teamfights.
  • Centaur can provide immense mobility, allowing him and their allies to engage or disengage from a fight.
  • Centaur also has Return, the ability that discourages his foes from hitting him, as it returns a percentage of the damage they deal to him.

Top 5 End Game items on Centaur Warrunner

  • Blink Dagger - Blink transports Centaur 1200 units in the distance he is facing, it can’t be used for 3 seconds if he takes any form of damage. Blink is used to close the gap and get on top of enemies and follow it up with Stomp.
  • Blade Mail - Can reflect enemy damage and prevent them from using spells, making Centaur invulnerable in team fights.
  • Force Staff - Allows Centaur to force himself or the targetted unit 600 units ahead in the direction they are facing. It is quite essential in catching or escaping from enemies as it does not get disabled on physical attacks like the Blink Dagger.
  • Aghanim’s Scepter and Shard - Can be used to initiate or save allies from ganks across the map as it makes Stampede Global.
  • Pipe of Insight - Provides immense magic damage block on activation, and affects the whole team.

Centaur is strong against

  • Pangolier - Pangolier will proc Retaliate several times if he attempts to use Swashbuckle on Centaur Warrunner.
  • Arc Warden - Arc Warden cannot take Centaur Warrunner very easily, and his nukes are not strong enough to deal with Centaur Warrunner.
  • Doom - Whenever Doom casts his ultimate, Centaur Warrunner can cast Stampede and allow the Doomed hero to run away, wasting Doom's ultimate.

Centaur is weak against

  • Clockwerk - Battery Assault easily interrupts Centaur Warrunner due to his poor cast animation.
  • Lifestealer - Feast is an effective tool against Centaur Warrunner, who generally has high health and low armor, and compensates the reflected damage of Retaliate.
  • Templar Assassin - Centaur has nothing to deal with Refraction that will negate all of his burst damage.



3. Hoodwink

Not all support heroes manage to stay so relevant regardless of the meta. Hoodwink is an exception, as she shook the player base with her exceptional toolkit. Being one of the latest additions to the game, Hoodwink’s potential to decimate the enemy team with her spells is highly lauded. The elusive squirrel is an effective support hero as her spells can lock enemies down and deal immense damage with the help of her ultimate. She is also highly flexible as she can be played both roaming support or lane support depending upon the matchup. Hoodwink also is very mobile, making it difficult for her foes to catch her easily.

Along with being an effective team fighter, Hoodwink is also known to easily shove enemies out of the lane with her annoying damage. She can also translate well into the late game if she has a decent farm. She is one of the few support heroes who can stand her ground in the late game. Her ultimate, Sharpshooter, is highly lethal as it causes her enemies to decimate within no time. If you’re new to the game and want to play support, Hoodwink is, without a doubt, the best option you have! This hero is highly fun to play and is a devastating support right from level 1.

What makes Hoodwink a great movement speed hero?

  • Sharpshooter ability deals massive damage to heroes, and if combined with Ethereal Blade, it can instantly neutralize a hero with low magic resistance.
  • Bushwhack and Scurry can be used to easily kite enemy heroes.
  • High movement speed right from the early game.
  • Hoodwink has decent damage from the early game, allowing her to poke and shove enemies out of the lane.

Top 5 Best Endgame Items for Hoodwink

  • Glepnir - Upon cast, Glepnir roots enemies in an AoE and deals damage to them over time. It is an exceptional item on Hoodwink as it can be used in tandem with her spells, allowing her to catch multiple enemies off-guard.
  • Aether Lens - Provides Hoodwink with increased cast range on both spells and items and decent stats and mana. It can further be upgraded into Octraine Core which reduces spell and item cooldowns by 25%.
  • Aghanim’s Scepter - Turns Hoodwink invisible, increasing her movement speed, and creates a decoy illusion that starts aiming a decreased damage Sharpshooter at the nearest enemy hero.
  • Spirit Vessel - Deals significant damage per second and reduces heals and lifesteal when used on enemies. Works exceptionally well with Hoodwink’s spells, decimating heroes within no time.
  • Ethereal Blade - Upon cast, it releases a projectile that disarms the targetted unit, making them take extra magical damage. It can instantly kill a hero if combined with Hoodwink’s Sharpshooter.

Hoodwink is strong against:

  • Monkey King - Hoodwink can easily catch Monkey King with Bushwack while he is hiding in the trees while providing flying vision with her ultimate, Sharpshooter.
  • Phantom Lancer - Bushwack and AoE damage from all of Hoodwink’s spells and items ensure Phantom Lancer’s illusions get decimated quickly.
  • Morphling - It is quite easy for the Hoodwink to burst down Morhpling with her spell combination if she catches the latter using Agi Shift.

Hoodwink is weak against:

  • Storm Spirit - He can catch the pesky squirrel down with his ultimate, Ball Lighting.
  • Zeus - He can burst down Hoodwink with his high magical damage, while also revealing her whereabouts with his ultimate and Aghanim’s Upgrade, Nimbus.
  • Nyx Assassin - His stuns disable Hoodwink while also disturbing her with his Manaburn. Spiked Carapace ensures Nyx doesn’t burst down by Hoodwink’s lethal combination of spells.



2. Windranger

Behold the ranger of the gusts and the wild winds! Windranger is one of the few heroes who can be a tough counter to squishy low armored enemies. No matter the position, she is known to deal some heavy damage or assist her allies in doing so. To utilize her to her full potential, she is picked in the middle lane, where she can thrive in most matchups against most mid-heroes due to the insane damage that she is known to dish out. Along with winning the lane, she can also dominate the middle and late game if she hits the right item timings, hence her pick rate skyrockets.

Windranger’s exceptional movement speed allows her to effortlessly get through the chaos, making her a formidable counter to fragile, low-armored foes. Whether played as a core or a support, Windranger's key point is her ability to deliver deal damage, or aid her allies. When in the mid-lane, she excels against a wide range of mid-heroes, utilizing her arsenal of skills to unleash unparalleled firepower. Her pick rate skyrockets as she secures her dominance in the laning phase, but it is in the mid to late game, with the right item timings, that she truly shines.

Why is Windranger a great movement-speed hero? 

  • Windranger's Windrun increases her movement speed by 60% which helps her escape sticky situations, it also gives her increased evasion and slows down heroes who are in a close vicinity of her. 
  • Windranger naturally has high movement speed, which can further be amplified by items like Wind Waker, Boots of Travel, etc. 
  • Windranger also builds mobility items like Blink Dagger or Force Staff which increase her mobility and initiation potential. 
  • Her Powershot and Shackleshot can allow her to lock down multiple enemies at once and deal high burst damage to them within no time.

Items to Buy on Windranger

  • Monkey King Bar - Provides a chance to truly strike upon physical attacks while also providing increased damage to WIndranger.
  • Mjolnir - Provides a chance to do lightning AoE damage to enemies that attack Windranger, while also dealing damage when she is attacking others.
  • Black King Bar - Provides spell immunity from all enemy magic damage spells, making Windranger invulnerable in the fight. 
  • Daedalus - Daedalus allows Windranger to deal critical damage. This high damage will enable her to be a devastating hard hitter, as she can also solo kill and does not always need follow-up from her team due to the items she has built earlier.
  • Bloodthorn - It silences the targeted enemy for 5 seconds, making them take 30% of the total damage dealt during the silence. The attacks will also have True Sight, and deal critical damage under its duration. Windranger prefers this item as it provides her with much-needed disables in the early game

Windranger is strong against

  • Earthshaker - Windrun can be used to dodge Earthshaker's abilities if Windranger has a quick reaction time.
  • Huskar - Windranger prevents Huskar from landing  Burning Spears by using Windrun.
  • Ursa - Focus Fire and Windrun can be used to kite Ursa.

Windranger is weak against

  • Bloodseeker - Rupture turns Windranger's mobility against her.
  • Centaur Warruner - Stampede can help his teammates escape from Windrun and Focus Fire.
  • Razor - Eye of the Storm strikes cannot miss, even if Windrun is active.



1. Bloodseeker

With the recent changes to his movement speed and attack damage, the breathtaking Bloodseeker is officially back in the meta. He is one of those carry heroes who are known to deal copious amounts of damage right from the laning stage if they have formidable lane support. Bloodseeker is the fastest hero in the game due to his Thirst ability as it provides him with increased movement speed if enemy heroes are running low on HP. Along with that, Thirst can reveal enemy heroes on low health, granting him increased movement and attack speed. Bloodseeker is one of those carry heroes who are powerful right from the early game and do not require multiple items to cause chaos in the game. 

The cold-blooded hunter Bloodseeker is known for his mania and vigor. His blades cut deep into his foes, he leaves them bleeding and heavily wounded. He is a lethal force that can never go unnoticed. Bloodseeker can effortlessly jungle or lane, as he is blessed with high base armor as well as high attack speed. His passive sustain him in the lane, allowing him to play aggressively. He can gank other lanes with the availability of his ultimate, often removing heroes from a team fight. 

What Makes Bloodseeker a great movement speed hero?

  • Thirst provides increased movement speed and vision to hunt and kill low HP enemies.
  • Gains a maximum of 25% of unit health as heal after killing them, which makes him sustainable as a carry.
  • Massive AoE with Blood Rite, if used efficiently, can lead to both enemy and neutral kills. 
  • High base attack speed is amplified by Bloodrage.
  • Rupture can immobilize enemies in the early game, leading to their deaths within no time with ample follow-up from Bloodseeker’s allies

Top 5 Best End-Game items for Bloodseeker 

  • Mjolnir - Provides a chance to do lightning AoE damage to enemies that attack Bloodseeker, while also dealing damage when he is attacking others.
  • Black King Bar - Provides spell immunity from all enemy magic damage spells, making Bloodseeker invulnerable in the fight. 
  • Sange and Yasha - Provide decent stats, agility, strength, and physical damage. SnY also provides status resistance and increased movement speed, making Bloodseeker fast and stronger against his foes.
  • Abyssal Blade - Upon cast, it stuns the targetted hero for 2 seconds. Can be used to quickly lock down enemies, allowing Bloodseeker to beat them down with the physical damage
  • Monkey King Bar - Provides a chance to truly strike upon physical attacks while also providing increased damage to Bloodseeker.

Bloodseeker is strong against

  • Clinkz - Skeleton Walk is not enough to outrun Bloodseeker, and is detected by Thirst.
  • Meepo - Bloodseeker can chase down retreating clones when Meepo tries to cycle weaker clones away from combat.
  • Slark -Bloodseeker is one of the hardest counters to Slark. Thirst prevents Slark from healing in the lane with Shadow Dance and may set him up for a kill while in the jungle, or retreating.

Bloodseeker is weak against

  • Tinker - Laser blinds Bloodseeker, preventing him from getting last hits and denies during the laning stage and preventing him from finishing off enemies.
  • Faceless Void - Chronosphere prevents Bloodseeker from running down and picking off weak enemies during teamfights.
  • Omniknight - Guardian Angel's near invulnerability denies Bloodseeker the bonuses from Thirst, preventing him from gaining the upper hand in teamfights.


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