[Top 15] Dota 2 Best Heroes For Climbing MMR

Do you ever feel stuck in your MMR bracket? As if you’ve plateaued and there is no way around it? Worry not, a lot of players feel this way as they’re on their MMR journey. You may be ganking, and using the right builds yet something may not be right. It all boils down to the hero preference, as the meta heroes are guaranteed to boost your MMR if you master them. With the right hero and the right set of items, you can bulldoze through your enemies regardless of the position you play. 

We bring you the best 15 Heroes to climb MMR within the current patch. This list contains only the most relevant heroes who are capable of dealing immense damage and assisting you in climbing up your rigorous MMR bracket. 

15. Skywrath Mage

Skywrath Mage, the magnificent, has various ways of countering squishy spell-casting heroes. Right from the laning phase, the enemies are subjected to ungodly magic damage which they find hard to negate for a very long time, plus all of his spells have low cooldowns, making them spammable right from the get-go. Sky’s silence is also a key factor in making sure that enemies do not get their spells off in teamfights. They hence get crippled in teamfights, as they can’t make a dent in Sky’s game if they get stopped right in their tracks by him. You can even burst down and solo-kill certain squishy heroes with the right items!

The best part about Skywrath is that he is a highly flexible hero, and can be played in multiple lanes, making it easy for beginners to get a gist of his gameplay. Heroes averse to magic damage due to their poor magic resistance are affected more by Skywrath’s spells. He takes advantage of this weakness to ensure the enemy does not have any impact on the game. A wise Skywrath player will often try to lane against the squishy heroes, to shove them off the lane or make them waste gold by calling for regen or making them take the walk of shame back to base. If you’re new and lacking a support hero in your arsenal, then Skywrath is a great way to fill that void.

 Why is Skywrath Mage great for climbing MMR?

  • Skywrath’s spells deal a significant amount of magical burst damage right from the get-go, his abilities can melt squishy heroes within no time.
  • Skywrath’s lane dominance is formidable right from the early levels, making him an easy support to climb through the ranks with.
  • Skywrath Mage is also a strong laning phase support, he can harass enemies and ward them off the lane effortlessly.
  • Skywrath can control the teamfight with the help of his disabled, Ancient Seal and Mystic Flare which is a potent crowd-control spell.


14. Io

There are various mysterious entities in Dota but Io takes the cake for being the most mysterious. Is it a bulb, or is it a disco ball? We shall never know. All we know is that this ball of energy is powerful enough to turn the game around if he helps his allies on time! A perfect relocation can quickly turn the game around by saving your teammates or even by rating. Io provides decent sustain right from the laning phase. Throughout the previous few patches, Io used to be a rare sight, but now you can see your pubs flooded with Io due to the buffs to his Tether and Relocate.

Io as a support hero requires a lot of coordination and communication with the team. His abilities are mostly focused on helping and enabling his allies, rather than dealing damage or stunning enemies. If with enough practice, a skilled player can have a seminal impact on the game with the right positioning, saving your allies, or initiating a teamfight well. Playing Io does require a higher understanding of the game and the dynamics of a teamfight, which can only come with enough experience, making it a high-risk, high-reward hero.

Why is Io great for climbing MMR?

  • Io provides immense synergy in a teamfight with the help of Tether, which heals allies and keeps them sustained through a fight.
  • Along with that, Io is also a versatile support, as he can excel both as roaming and as lane support, depending upon the heroes he is facing.
  • Io’s global potential ranks him as one of the best supports in competitive Dota, mostly due to the reliability of his spells


13. Storm Spirit 

This charming and electrifying hero is a top pick in this meta. This is due to his highly active play style and fast farming speed against the likes of Ember Spirit and Queen of Pain, from who he can easily escape. Widely regarded as a potent mid-laner and an escaping hero, Storm is mainly played as a fast-tempo hero, because he can gank other lanes and swiftly retreat to his lane to farm. His ultimate enables him to jump onto enemies and catch them off-guard. Late-game Storm is a disaster for the enemy team.

Storm Spirit fares well due to his ability to escape enemies and or initiate on them. His mobility is the key factor behind his getting picked. Storm also has various ways of disabling enemies, either with his Electric Vortex or with the items he builds. Most heroes find it hard to withstand the immense magical damage of Storm in the early game, though he can be countered when they get magic immunity and are disabled. But by the time they acquire these items, Storm already is six-slotted and ready to wreak electrifying havoc.

Why is Storm Spirit great for climbing MMR? 

  • Storm is known for his early-game dominance and excellent lane presence, which is credited to his high mana gain and magical damage spells
  • Storm is also a great team fighter, as with the right items, he can quickly end the game in sub-30 minutes.
  • He is also a great crowd-control hero, a feat which he achieves with Electric Vortex, allowing him to be feared in the late-game
  • Along with having great early-game potential, Storm can also prove to be deadly in the late-game with the help of the right items.


12. Beastmaster

The feral Beastmaster is back in the meta! His ferocious abilities and vigor have made him into a primal killing machine! Beastmaster is a deadly offlane hero, who is relevant in the current meta due to his Wild Boar and Wild Axes. His attack speed is also amplified by his abilities, allowing both him and his allies to hit faster. Beastmaster snowballs right after a few kills, his ganking potential is insane after a few essential item purchases.

Beastmaster also does not fall off in the game's late stages due to his relevant spells. Primal Roar pierce spell immunity, meaning it can be used without worrying even if the enemy has a Black King Bar on. This allows the mighty Beastmaster to separate certain heroes from the teamfight even in the later stages of the game. There are various reasons why Beastmaster is top 10 on this list, you can find some compelling reasons below!

What makes Beastmaster great for climbing MMR? 

  • Beastmaster is an excellent hero for climbing MMR, due to his immaculate pushing potential, which he achieves with Wild Axes and Wild Boar.
  • Along with being a great pusher, Beast also provides significant vision to his team with his Hawk, allowing you and your teammates to constantly monitor enemy moves.
  • Beastmaster is also a terrific initiator, as all he needs is a Blink Dagger to start the fight up and follow it with Primal Roar.
  • His laning stage is also excellent due to the stats he has, such as high armor, high HP regeneration, and decent strength gain in the early game. 



11. Dark Seer

Ish’Kafel, the Dark Seer does not need any weapon to decimate his enemies. His wrists are enough to make his enemies rage quit. Dark Seer is one of those classic offlane heroes, as he is picked through multiple different tournaments for over a decade at this point. You always see him popping here and there due to his world-famous Vaccum and Wall combo, which sucks the enemies together and makes a replica of them which deals damage to them. In 7.33, Dark Seer emerged as an efficient farmer, meaning he can farm quickly and wreak havoc in teamfights with his newly acquired items.

Right from the initial levels, Dark Seer is a thorn in the side of low magic-resistant carry heroes, plus points if they are melee! In the early game due to little to no magic immunity, Dark Seer can obliterate his foes with the backup of his teammates. His magic damage from the Shell combined with the lightning-fast Surge movement speed ensures that none of his foes escape the battlefield alive. Dark Seer can fill the void of an excellent offlaner and crowd controller if you lack one on your team.

Why is Dark Seer great for climbing MMR?

  • Dark Seer’s meteoric win rate in the current meta is credited to his impeccable teamfight presence, the Vaccum into the Wall combo quickly wipes out multiple enemies at once.
  • Dark Seer also controls the laning stage with his Ion Shell and decent stats, which make him survive through the lane and also come out with a decent level of farm.
  • Dark Seer can eviscerate the enemy team if he gets his Vaccum into Wall combination done right


10. Queen of Pain

The seductive Queen of Pain knows how to hunt and haunt her prey. It is obvious that she is quite well-versed when it comes to handling damage, and for sure knows how to deal twice back to the caster. Queen of Pain is quite dominant against most mid-heroes, putting them at the bottom of the barrel when it comes to net worth. Her naturally high magic damage is quite hard for low magic-resistant heroes to tolerate. It also takes them ages to farm magic resistance to negate any sort of damage dished out by the mighty Queen. 

You’re at the wrong end of the leash if you face off against the Queen of Pain. There is constant spam and harassment, which is irritating to lane against as if it is overlooked then it can result in your death. She has the perfect skill set to both harass and kill the enemies, her mobility makes her even harder to catch as she can just Blink away if enemies try to initiate on her. Unlike most mid-lane heroes, the Queen of Pain is active as soon as she gets her level 6, allowing her to gank other lanes. 

Why is QoP great for climbing MMR?

  • Queen of Pain is seen dominating every game due to her bust damage magic spells that quickly eviscerate the enemy team
  • Queen of Pain also has a decent amount of mobility, with her Blink spell, which makes it easy for her to escape a bad fight or initiate a good teamfight 
  • She can also quickly farm and push out the lanes, thanks to her AoE spells, allowing her to have an edge over the enemy midlaner within no time



9. Spirit Breaker

Ferocious and roaming heroes, like Spirit Breaker, pose a significant threat to squishy counterparts due to their lack of armor and HP. Surviving the relentless assault of Spirit Breaker can be extremely challenging, as the impact feels akin to being struck by a powerful force. Beyond the raw damage output, Spirit Breaker's global presence with abilities like Charge of Darkness forces heroes to remain cautious, limiting their farming locations to secure areas on the map. Spirit Breaker is highly elusive due to Charge of Darkness, which aids him in escaping or starting a fight. In the current MMR, the S

While some heroes may opt to purchase Black King Bar for spell immunity, it proves ineffective against Spirit Breaker's bashes and Nether Strike, which can bypass such defenses. Although Spirit Breaker may face difficulties in the late game as other heroes catch up in terms of the farm, his primary role revolves around ganking high-priority targets or providing vision for allies to initiate ganks. This constant disruption and interference can greatly hinder heroes from playing to their full potential and negatively impact their overall game performance.

Why is Spirit Breaker great for climbing MMR?

  • Spirit Breaker has decent global potential with his Charge, that is the reason why he is picked as roaming support in pro games.
  • He is also a tanky hero, thanks to his immense strength gain, armor, and HP regeneration that keeps him alive through tough teamfights
  • Spirit Breaker is also an immensely versatile hero, he can be played in both core and support roles. 



8. Keeper of the Light

You shall not pass, says the illuminating Keeper as he holds his ground against his menacing foes. Keeper of the Light is back in the meta due to the recent buffs to his abilities, allowing him to deal more damage and sustain in the lane. His spells allow him to be played both as a core and as a support, allowing flexibility in his item, as well as skill, builds. If you manage to master this wise Keeper, you shall be allowed to pass into higher MMR ladders. KOTL has insane heals which can further save him or his allies during teamfights.

The Keeper can be played both aggressively and defensively. He provides excellent lane control with his illuminating abilities that can clear waves of creeps and harass the enemy heroes. KOTL's ability to recall allies can quickly turn the tides of a battle, making him an excellent choice for saving allies or reinforcing an attack. Keeper’s ultimate provides a massive amount of burst damage in teamfights, making him a valuable addition to any lineup.

Why is Keeper of the Light great for climbing MMR?

  • Keeper of the Light is dominant lane support, his immense magical damage and displacement make him a menace to lane against.
  • Another mechanism that Keeper of the Light is known for, is his ability to grant himself or his allies mana, while also reducing their existing cooldowns by a brief duration, making him a great addition to the team if you have spellcasting heroes.



7. Underord

Underlord is notorious for being a menacing and resilient hero against most squishy heroes. Squishy and melee carry heroes simply hate laning against Underlord as the latter has high physical damage which is hard to negate in the early game, along with high HP and armor which they find hard to penetrate. The late game is a completely different playing field for Underlord as he can use Fiend’s Gate to transport himself and his allies into a fight or help them escape from a fight. This relentless global potential is unmatched by most relevant heroes in the current meta. 

Underlord can easily outpace and outfarm the enemy carry throughout the game if he is in the driver’s seat. His impressive skill set is just the cherry on top, allowing his allies to escape and trapping his foes in the Pit of Malice. It’s quite a treat to see a farmed and fat Underlord take no damage from the equally farmed counterpart. This causes the latter to ignore him in teamfights, which eventually ends up costing him his life. Underlord is an essential counterpick if you are looking for an Offlaner that can decimate the enemy carry right from minute 0.

Why is Underlord such a great hero for climbing MMR?

  • Due to his high armor, HP, and regeneration in the early levels, Underlord is a powerful laning hero, he is known for dishing out damage and shoving enemies out of the lane.
  • Underlord is one of the few offlane heroes to have great global potential, allowing him and his allies to secure objectives and have favorable fights all across the map with Fiend’s Gate.



6. Ursa

Ursa is one of the most played carry heroes in the current meta, the ferocious bear is known for his ability to jungle smoothly and slays Roshan alone. He can also rip through squishy heroes and supports within no time! His Fury Swipes stack up quickly, combined with his second spell, Overpower, make him deal high amounts of physical damage right from the early game. Ursa’s ultimate, Enrage, makes him take less damage from magic spells, making him slightly invulnerable in teamfights along with granting him immense status reduction.

Ursa does not rely much on items, as his spells deal enough damage to rip his foes apart. But buying an early Morbid mask allows him to sustain in lane and turn around a fight swiftly coupled with his ultimate. Ursa almost always purchases a Black King Bar due to his poor natural magic resistance, and doing so against spell-casting heroes is a no-brainer. Most carry heroes stand no chance if Ursa has a smooth early game

What makes Ursa great for climbing MMR? 

  • Ursa is a quick Roshan fighter, it is a big perk that other heroes lack.
  • With just a few kills, Ursa can snowball and be a formidable hero, as he is more level dependent as opposed to items in the early game. 
  • Ursa is also one of the very few heroes who can stand his ground versus multiple enemies, his durability is a selling point in the current meta where other carry heroes crumble like a cookie


5. Ember Spirit

The humble Ember Spirit is widely regarded as one of the best mid-heroes in the game. He is known to build into many different routes, making him a flexible pick against pretty much all the heroes. He is also known to farm comparatively faster due to his wide range of AoE abilities, which combined with his ultimate ensures his menacing global presence, scaring his allies off and making them vulnerable. The wise Xin has various tools in his toolkit that allow him to deal immense damage, soak up damage, and lock enemies down, making him an essential hero in the teamfight. He is an exceptional solo queue hero due to the recent buffs to his spells and armor.

Ember’s flexibility allows him to obliterate even the creme de la creme of mid-heroes quite effortlessly. Ember is an obvious counter to most enemies, not only due to his immense physical damage but also because of his mobility which allows him to chase and further lock the enemy down. Being in a pure 1v1 matchup, especially against ranged heroes can be a hard task for Ember, especially in the late stages of the game, but he defies all odds and is considered to be a great counter to enemies simply due to his AoE damage output along with the ability to soak up some serious damage.

Why is Ember Spirit great for climbing MMR? 

  • Ember Spirit has various versatile skill builds, meaning he can be played with the physical, magical, or hybrid build, depending upon the heroes that he faces.
  • Ember also has a great deal of mobility from his Fire Remnant ultimate, which allows him to initiate or escape, while also allowing him to deal damage upon usage.
  • Especially with the physical damage build, Ember can succeed in the late game by dealing copious amounts of damage and by also being excellent at crowd control


4. Slark

Slark, the slippery and vicious fish, is one the most picked carry heroes in the current meta. He is relevant due to his increased movement speed and health regeneration in Shadow Dance, which helps him escape slippery situations or turn around a fight within no time. Slark is highly elusive to catch due to his high movement speed, along with Pounce and Shadow Dance. He can further purchase Shadow Blade to ensure that his enemies have no chance when it comes to reeling him in. Slark isn’t a quick farmer but his durability is the key factor behind his soaring pick rate.

In 7.33 Slark is even tougher to catch, thanks to his choice of items and a generous buff to his Pounce and ultimate, Shadow Dance. His build includes a Diffusal Blade, which greatly boosts his power by draining enemy mana, slowing their movements, and dealing heavy damage when paired with Sange and Yasha. Furthermore, he can purify himself of numerous debuffs, giving him the ability to swing a team fight to his advantage. With his six-item inventory, Slark unleashes chaos upon his foes without hesitation.

Why is Slark great for climbing MMR? 

  • Slark is a formidable hero in the mid-game, due to his terrific attack damage and survivability which allows him to solo kill squishy enemies easily
  • Contrary to other carry heroes, Slark is highly mobile and can escape sticky situations with his ultimate, turning him invisible and giving him immense HP regeneration and true sight
  • Shadow Pact makes Slark a durable hero due to his ability to purge any negative debuffs, making him stand his ground in a teamfight



3. Lion

Lion is one of those support heroes who fit any matchup, his versatility is highly unparalleled in the current meta. Lion is played by both beginners and professionals, as he works in every single skill bracket. He has multiple spells which can be used to disable his enemies while allowing him to deal damage to them at the same time. He is strong right from the early game as his lockdown followed by some damage from his team can neutralize enemies

Lion cripples enemies right from the laning phase. He can also drain their mana, turn them into powerless frogs, and make them highly useless. Lion also has very lethal nuke damage with his Finger of Death ultimate, which can further be amplified with the number of kills he gets with it, allowing a possibility of one-shotting his foes in the later stages of the game. Most heroes are essentially melee or ranged creep against Lion if they do not have a good start in the game.

What makes Lion a great hero for climbing MMR? 

  • Lion has multiple disables, which can be used to chain stun and kill his enemies right from the early game.
  • Lion also has incredible burst damage potential with his ultimate, something which is rarely seen in support heroes.
  • Lion is an excellent lane support, his spells allow him to annoy and potentially kill enemy heroes, making him a hot pick in the meta.


2. Naga Siren

Not even the water gods can handle the havoc of this breathtaking siren. Naga emerges from the deep seas as a beautiful yet threatening entity whose voice can cure the worst diseases! She deals some heavy physical damage right off the get-go, her looks can deceive you! Along with her damage, she can also lock enemies down with her net or the ultimate. You may pierce the ultimate with BKB, but with her Aghanim’s Scepter, you can’t pierce the net. She can pin you down and rip you into pieces with the assistance of her mirror illusions.

The devastating force of Naga Siren is felt from the mid-game as she acquires certain items which help her farm quickly as well as stand her ground, making her tanky. Naga indeed requires more of her items to have an impact, but when she does acquire those items, there is no way you can put an end to her destruction. She cuts deep and drowns her enemies with her Rip Tide. 

What makes Naga Siren a great hero for climbing MMR? 

  • Naga Siren has impressive team fight control with the help of her ultimate, making it easy for her to set up the fight while her allies follow up with damage
  • Naga is also an excellent split-pusher with the help of Mirror Illusions and Rip Tide abilities 
  • Naga Siren scales well into the later stages of the game, as all her split pushing and crowd control prowess can net her incredible farm and damage required to stand her ground in a teamfight



1. Morphling

In the recent meta, Morphling has proved to be quite a lethal hero, which most people find hard to counter. As boring or complex as Morph may appear, he is quite an impressive hero right from the laning phase and stays relevant throughout the late game. Most people shy away from Morphling due to the complex nature of his abilities, but if you can master him, there is no way your enemies can have an upper hand! Morphling is a nuisance to enemy supports due to the infamous “shotgun” combo. Mastering Morphling requires quick decision-making skills, which only come with time and experience. 

Morphling can be an excellent addition to the team if you want a carry that can fight from the get-go and is tanky. His physical damage ensures he can mow down enemies while also staying tanky enough with Attribute Shift. Everyone knows about the infamous Shotgun combo, which takes just two clicks to bring down the venomous beast. In the late game, enemies struggle hard to match Morphling’s pace as their damage simply isn’t enough to cause a dent in Morphling’s health pool (courtesy of Attribute Shift) Morph (the ultimate) can be used to give enemies a taste of their own medicine and have them taken out from teamfights.

What makes Morphling great for climbing MMR? 

  • Morphling is versatile when it comes to skill builds, which he can customize depending on the heroes that he is facing
  • Morphling is an exceptionally durable hero with the help of Attribute Shift, which increases his strength gain and makes him a tanky fighter
  • Just like Naga, Morphling can also be a powerful late-game hero, as he is also highly durable and mobile like the former.
  • Morphling can be a devastating hero if he Morphs into his enemies and uses their spells against them, potentially making him a reliable team fighter


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