[Top 10] Dota 2 Best Monkey King Players In The World Right Now (2022)

The only one!
The mischevious king!

The fierce King sets his eyes on his enemies and does not stop without obliterating them from the battlefield! Monkey King is relatively one of the newest additions to the carry pool yet he manages to put up a show with his deadly and mischievous abilities. Not all know the true potential of this beast! 

We have compiled a list of the Best 10 Monkey King players in the world. These players need no introduction as they are renowned worldwide for their extremely high-skilled gameplay and game knowledge. 


10. Raven

This beast from the east knows no bounds! Raven has been playing professional Dota for over a decade now, he has lots of tricks up his sleeve! His impeccable performance shook the world during the International 6 group stage!

Raven is a versatile carry player, he has quite every other hero in the Gold or Platinum tier, including Monkey King! He is lauded for his highly aggressive performance on this hero, he has won multiple pro games quite literally obliterating his enemies. This is the reason why MK is often banned against Raven!

As a carry player, Raven ensures to hit the proper timings and fight with his team whenever possible. He opts for the fighting build which offers a great deal of damage and farming potential as well. Standard items include Echo Sabre, Daedalus, Eye of Skadi, Black King Bar, Abyssal Blade. These items ensure there is no way his enemies leave the fight alive! 

Raven Twitter

Recent Tournament Achievement 9-12th Place The International 10 - $800,400


9. Chris Luck

Chris Luck is known for his jaw-dropping gameplay on various heroes. His quick rise to success in the South American scene is unparalleled. Most of his plays may look cocky but they’re quite calculated. Monkey King remains one of his favorites since it suits his ultra-aggressive playstyle.

Chris Luck is known to be one of the best players to emerge from the South American region. Monkey King ranks as one of his most played heroes. This is due to the insane mobility and escapes that this hero is known to provide, combined with the damage that it deals only with a few items! 

Primarily playing MK in the mid-lane, Chris Luck loves to ensure his enemies do not have an easy lane. He loves building traditional meta items like Diffusal Blade, Echo Sabre, SIlver Edge, Eye of Skadi. These tried and tested items work against pretty much every hero! His immense farming speed makes playing MK look like a cakewalk!

Impressive Monkey King plays by Chris Luck!

Chris Luck Twitter

Recent Tournament Achievement 13-16th The International 10 - $600,300


8. Qojva

There are lots of players who know how to play Monkey King, but not all can be great at it. Qojva is great at Monkey King due to his excellent knowledge of the hero and experience from hundreds of games on MK. 

Qojva is a very versatile player, he is often seen playing all kinds of heroes and roles in his pub games. Monkey King remains one of his favorites due to the mobility that he provides, this not only makes him a great chaser but also allows him to farm faster due to the extra mobility. 

Qojva loves building damage items along with items that provide him with sustain, such as Desolator, Assault Cuirass, Black King Bar, Daedalus, Abyssal Blade, and even Aghanim’s Scepter. If let loose, Qojva can single-handedly destroy the enemy team with his insanely high damage and quick reflexes.

Impressive Monkey King plays by Qojva!

Qojva Twitter


7. 23Savage

23Savage can play a variety of heroes, but MK remains his favorite! This rising superstar from the east is known for his insane gameplay, he can win with pretty much any hero he plays!

23Savage gained notoriety for being a consistently high-ranked pub star. He is known to be quite the aggressive laner, often picking Monkey King, to synergize with other heroes on his team. He is said to be extremely lethal on this hero. 

Echo Sabre into Silver Edge build is preferred by 23Savage. This build provides great sustain and stats, it also guarantees immense damage in team fights, most of which can’t be negated. 23Savage alters his build according to the heroes he is facing, which is an impressive skill to learn! 

Impressive Monkey King plays by 23Savage!

23Savage Twitter

Recent Tournament Achievement 7-8th place The International 10 - $1,000,500



6. Miracle

Miracle was the only professional player spamming Monkey King mid even when it was nerfed! He is an absolute master when it comes to successfully predicting enemy movements. Along with all of this, he is also a Ti winner! 

Hailing from Jordan, Miracle was a well-known pub star, with no intentions of playing professionally until he joined OG. Miracle always had a knack for playing MK, he is known to be menacing if let loose on this ferocious beast! He gained notoriety for his flashy playstyle and versatile hero pool. His highly impressive plays and strategies made him a superstar.

Miracle is highly mobile on this hero, he is known to  Standard items built by Miracle include Silver Edge, Black King Bar, Eye of Skadi, Abyssal Blade, and Aghanim’s Scepter. The mentioned items assist him in dealing a great deal of damage and crippling his enemies in team fights. 

Impressive Monkey King plays by Miracle!

Miracle Twitter

Recent Tournament Achievement 1st place 2018 China Dota Supermajor - $555,000


5. Gabbi

Gabbi’s impressive plays gained the acclaim of both the fans and other players all around the world. His consistent performance on Slark earns him a spot on this list! Gabbi made his splash in the competitive scene with TnC and quickly gained notoriety as one of the best mid laners from the SEA region. 

Gabbi is a very versatile player, he loves to play all varieties of heroes in all lanes, but none is as threatening as his Monkey King! His immense kill potential on this hero makes him a beast! Gabbi is an extremely aggressive laner, often diving towers to get kills, which he can do quite easily with MK!

It is impossible to contain this beast if let loose! Gabbi can easily 1v5 and dominate various matchups with his feared MK! Gabbi loves the conventional build of Silver Edge and Diffusal Blade, often throwing in sustain items like Abyssal Blade and Swift Blink.

Impressive Monkey King plays by Gabbi!

Gabbi Twitter

Recent Tournament Achievement 1st Place APAC League - $50,000



4. Ame

China has produced various superstars over the ages this also includes Ame. He is one of the youngest players to emerge successfully from this region. His carry playstyle is praised all over the world, particularly on fast-paced aggressive heroes.

Ame is undoubtedly the best carry player in the current meta, this is due to his high mechanical skills and impressive understanding of the game. He is known to be versatile, but MK remains his specialty. High tempo and fast pace is the name of the game for our superstar. He remains one of the fan favorites to win the International!

Ame loves building items that provide him insane farming potentials, such as the Battlefury or even a Maelstorm! He then follows it up by insane stat items like Echo Sabre, combining it with Battlefuty, Satanic, Eye of Skadi, and even a Refresher’s Orb! These items elevate his gameplay and ensure his enemies do not return alive! 

Impressive Monkey King plays by Ame !

Recent Tournament Achievement 2nd Place The International 10- $5,402,200



3. Yatoro

Yatoro is the second youngest Ti winner. He has also set the record for the most rampages at the Ti mainstage. Known for his versatile hero pool and immense map awareness, Yatoro has quickly become one of the most respected and feared players in the scene!

Monkey King was a specialty of Yatoro’s when he was climbing up the MMR ladder. Team Spirit and Yatoro made history and shocked millions of spectators around the world with their Ti win earlier this year. He is known to be an aggressive laner, often opting to chase and ward off enemies from the lane.

Yatoro loves the  Echo Sabre into Shadow Blade build, primarily due to its elusive nature. He loves to jump on support heroes and exterminate them first! Yatoro prefers fast-paced games and is seen ending pub games in just under 30 mins! Yatoro also loves building damage and sustaining items like the Eye of Skadi, Black King Bar, Nullifier, and even the Refresher’s Orb. 

Impressive Monkey King plays by Yatoro!

Recent Tournament Achievement 1st Place The International 10- $18,208,300


2. Ana

Ana’s pro career is a story to be remembered, as it has seen multiple highs and lows. From his early days in iG to joining OG and winning multiple majors and Tis, Ana has achieved every feat this game has to offer. Ana is one of the two-time Ti champions on this list! 

Ana’s Monkey King is quite different from everyone else’s on this list, this is because it’s one of his most played heroes. He quite well knows everything the hero can do, this helps him induce fear in the mind of his enemies. The aggressive playstyle of Ana assists him in deceiving and outplaying his enemies. 

Ana has been praised widely for his intense and nail-biting performance on this hero. Everything from jumping on enemies and following it up with his ultimate, he knows it all! Ana loves Aghanim’s Scepter combined with the Eye of Skadi on this hero, this essentially makes him a tanky initiator!

Impressive Monkey King plays by Ana!

Ana Twitter

Recent Tournament Achievement 1st Place The International 9 - $15,620,181


1. Topson

The only 2 time Ti winner on the list! Topson is not only known to be a great Invoker player but also a great and feared mid laner! This legend needs no introduction! Topson is widely regarded as the best mid laner in the game! 

Topson was relatively unknown before joining OG. His career trajectory changed after a few good performances leading to Ti 8. OG shocked the world by winning the Ti, with the MVP being Topson. MK is a specialty of Topson, he is one of the few pro players to reach the prestigious Grandmaster tier on this hero! He is also known to be a world-renowned MK player. 

Topson is known to have an aggressive playstyle on MK, he is often known to build unconventional items that are extremely situational but win him the games! Topson loves buying items that provide him immense damage and resistance, such as Daedalus, Black King Bar, Aghanim’s Scepter, Butterfly, Echo Sabre, and much more!

Impressive Monkey King plays by Topson!

Topson Twitter

Recent Tournament Achievement 1st Place The 9th International - $15,620,181


This concludes our list of the best Monkey King players in the game! We hope you learn from these legends, as they have a lot to teach! Their excellent performances are praised worldwide! You may end up climbing MMR if you follow their steps! GLHF! 

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