Top 3 Best Fortnite Shotguns That Are Overpowered

Best Fortnite Shotguns
What shotguns will get you your next Victory Royale?

What Are The Best Fortnite Shotguns?

Fortnite Battle Royale has become an aggressive, up-close experience. A lot of fights are beginning to be determined by short-range encounters, settled by all-out shotgun or SMG warfare.

When you’re in a lobby of 100 players, it’s pretty hard to avoid the aggressive ones. Eventually, you WILL run into an action-fueled streamer/player that will push you back and be in your face shooting shotgun shell after shotgun shell.

It’s impossible to avoid every skilled Fortnite player, but that’s what makes the game so enticing. What truly balances this gameplay is the ability to use particular weapons, specifically shotguns, to your advantage.

So, when the next enemy intrudes in your one-by-one, you’ll be prepared to  eliminate them!

3. Tactical Shotgun

The Tactical Shotgun is an overlooked, yet destructive weapon. If your type of playstyle is quick, then you will love this gun. The Tactical Shotgun has a faster fire rate than any other shotgun currently in Fortnite.

This weapon is destructive, purely because of its fast fire rate. You have the ability to hit your enemy with multiple rounds, which provides great pressure onto your opponent, usually leads to them panicking and making mistakes. The Tactical Shotgun is used mainly to stay on top of your enemy with quick-firing shots, and holds more shells in the clip than any other shotgun.

(Rare) Tactical Shotgun

  • -Damage: 70
  • -Fire rate: 1.5
  • -Magazine Size: 8
  • -Reload time: 6 seconds

In this video, SypherPK DESTROYS opponents with the blue Tactical Shotgun.

2. Double-Barreled Shotgun

-The Double-Barreled Shotgun is a very powerful and LOUD shotgun. Although it’s not in Fortnite Battle Royale regular game modes anymore, it did just make a comeback in Fortnite’s LTM Close Encounters. The Double-Barreled Shotgun holds two shells in its clip, but can be very deadly at close range. This shotgun has the fastest fire rate, but because of it being vaulted, the Tactical Shotgun still holds that throne.

-The Double-Barrel is overpowered due to the near-instant fire rate, leading to a quick 1-2 bang-bang! In close range combat, this shotgun was best. You could fire two quick shots that often dealt great damage, but only if you were extremely close to the enemy.

(Legendary) Double-Barreled Shotgun

  • -Damage: 120
  • -Fire Rate: 1.9
  • -Magazine Size: 2
  • -Reload time: 2.7 seconds

In this video, watch King Richard abuse the powers of the Double Barrel!

1. Gold Pump Shotgun

-The Gold Pump Shotgun is by far the best shotgun in Fortnite right now. Its power is unmatched, and the chance of one-pumping your enemy is on your side! Let’s face it; if you can hit a headshot on your opponent with this gun, they are more than likely headed back to the lobby. Although you have to be pretty close to them, the range is still not nearly as close as you had to be with the Double-Barrel.

-This shotgun’s power is unmatched due to its overall damage and decent clip size. Not as many shells in its clip as the Tactical, but not nearly as few as the Double-Barrel. The Gold Pump will annihilate opponents with its loud shot that echoes for others to hear. You know the distinct sound of a Gold Pump when it’s shot, and if it’s not yours, I’d RUN!

Gold Pump Shotgun

  • -Damage: 116
  • -Fire rate: 0.7
  • -Magazine size: 5
  • -Reload time: 4 seconds

Nick Eh 30 puts the Legendary/Gold Pump Shotgun to use when it originally comes out in Fortnite!

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