[Top 10] Fortnite Best Weapons Used By Pros

Fortnite Best Weapons
On the path to victory.

Have you ever wondered what the best weapon to get the job done was? 


When you’re just starting off in Fortnite it could be tough figuring out what the best weapon for each situation is. Luckily, the pros figure that out the easiest and that’s why they’re the best. This list will show you how the pros always get the job done in the perfect way. Keep in mind that as of writing this article, some of these weapons have been vaulted and are not currently available in-game. 


10. Silenced SMG – Short to medium range 

The silenced SMG absolutely shreds anything standing in its path.Its unmatched accuracy and fire rate is what makes it so popular among pros. 

Why the Silenced SMG is great:

  • Shoots faster than most other weapons
  • Great clip size 
  • Highly accurate 
  • Great damage potential 
  • Equally reliable in short and medium range 

Weapon details: https://fortnite.gamepedia.com/Suppressed_Submachine_Gun 

Watch pro player Tfue dominate at the beginning of this clip: 

Silenced SMG Gameplay

9. Pump Shotgun – Close range 

The raw power and damage of the pump shotgun makes it an easy pick for pros to finish off any opponents in the way of victory. 

Why the pump shotgun is great:

  • Unparalleled close-range damage 
  • Can potentially down a player in a single shot 
  • Solid accuracy 
  • Good ammo count 
  • Satisfying to use 

Weapon’s details: https://fortnite.gamepedia.com/Pump_Shotgun 

Check out Aqua blast players to victory: 

Pump Shotgun gameplay

 8. Hunting Rifle – Medium to long range 

The hunting rifle is in the sweet spot that bridges the gap between the assault rifles and the sniper rifles. This makes it perfect for those awkward ranges that are just a bit too far for an AR but not far enough for the sniper.

Why the hunting rifle is a great weapon: 

  • One headshot will down players 
  • Faster fire rate than snipers 
  • Quick reload speed 
  • Extremely accurate 
  • Great body damage 

Weapon details: https://fortnite.gamepedia.com/Hunting_Rifle_(Battle_Royale) 

Here’s Comikazie popping off for a whole game with the hunting rifle: 

Hunting Rifle gameplay

 7. Rapid-Fire SMG – Very close range 

The fastest firing weapon in Fortnite.Though the clip size is small, if you place your shots well, enemies will be downed in the blink of an eye. 

Why the rapid-fire SMG is a great weapon:

  • Extremely fast fire rate 
  • Accurate 
  • Ends players almost instantly 
  • Very fast reload speed 
  • Decent damage 

Weapon details: https://fortnite.gamepedia.com/Rapid_Fire_SMG 

Here’s a clip of FaZe Replays using only the Rapid Fire SMG to win a game: 

Rapid-Fire SMG Gameplay

6. Heavy Sniper Rifle – Long range 

Unmatched in damage output. There is no weapon more accurate. If you got shot by this weapon, it’s already too late. The Heavy Sniper rifle. 

What makes the heavy sniper weapon great:

  • Pinpoint Accuracy 
  • High damage potential 
  • Can pick off enemies at extreme distances 
  • Outperforms other long-range weapons 
  • Perfect for getting the jump on distant enemies 

Weapon details: https://fortnite.gamepedia.com/Heavy_Sniper_Rifle 

See how this long-range weapon can dominate: 

Heavy Sniper Gameplay

 5. Charge Shotgun – Close range 

Once you hear the hiss of this weapon charging up, you know it’s already too late. 

What makes the charge shotgun weapon great:

  • Once fully charged, can down players in a single shot 
  • Even a grey charge can do consistently high damage 
  • The charging hiss is sure to strike fear into your enemies 
  • Decent reload speed 
  • Good fire rate 

Weapon details: https://fortnite.gamepedia.com/Charge_Shotgun 

As you can see, Bugha prefers the charge over other shotguns: 

Charge Shotgun Gameplay

 4. Tactical Shotgun – Close range 

Fast fire rate and great damage, the tactical shotgun may be the best close-range weapon in Fortnite. 

Why the tactical shotgun is a great weapon:

  • Decent damage 
  • Faster fire rate than the pump 
  • Bigger clip size 
  • No need to aim down sights 
  • Maintains steady accuracy after multiple shots 

Weapon details: https://fortnite.gamepedia.com/Tactical_Shotgun_(Battle_Royale) 

Check this clip out: 

Tactical Shotgun Gameplay

 3. Heavy Assault Rifle – Medium to long-range 

A souped-up version of the normal AR, the Heavy AR trades fire rate for more damage.

Why the Heavy AR is great:

  • High damage 
  • Fast time to kill 
  • Better range than the normal AR 
  • Can down in 3 shots 
  • Good clip size 

Weapon details: https://fortnite.gamepedia.com/Heavy_Assault_Rifle 

Here’s a compilation of pros reacting to the Heavy AR: 

Heavy AR Gameplay

 2. Rocket Launcher 

The rocket launcher is perfect for destroying structures made by those pesky builders. 

Here’s why the Rocket Launcher is great:

  • Very high damage 
  • Can destroy entire buildings, leaving nowhere to hide 
  • Capability to down a whole squad with splash damage 
  • Fast reload 
  • Useful in almost any situation

Weapon details: https://fortnite.gamepedia.com/Rocket_Launcher_(Battle_Royale) 

Here’s a clip of Lachlan with the Rocket Launcher: 

Rocket Launcher Gameplay

1. Assault Rifle

The glorious assault rifle. Perfect for putting down any competition standing against you. 

Here’s why the Assault Rifle is the best weapon:

  • Amazing damage 
  • Excellent accuracy 
  • Perfect clip size to get the job done 
  • Fast fire rate 
  • Very versatile 

Weapon details: https://fortnite.gamepedia.com/Assault_Rifle_(Battle_Royale) 

Here’s Ninja on full beast mode with the AR: 

AR Gameplay

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