Warner Bros. partners with Epic Games to release Fortnite: The Last Laugh Bundle

Warner Bros. partners with Epic Games to release Fortnite: The Last Laugh Bundle
Should Epic's lawsuits fail... I doubt they'll be laughing about much anymore.

Fortnite revisits classic DC characters this November

Epic Games, creators of the free-to-play battle royal Fortnite, have partnered with Warner Bros. Interactive and DC Comics to announce The Last Laugh Bundle – another in a long list of cosmetic packages that Epic had introduced since Fortnite Battle Royal’s release almost three years ago.

As its name suggests, The Last Laugh Bundle will feature three new skins, two of them being some of Batman’s most notorious villains, including Poison Ivy and, of course, The Joker. The bundle will also include Midas Rex, who, while not a DC villain, is an integral part of Fortnite’s overarching narrative.

Also included in the bundle are 1000 V-Bucks, the paid currency used to purchase battle pass access, and other cosmetics. Plus, three new Back Blings, four new pickaxes including an appropriately themed mallet known as “Bad Joke,” and the new “Pick a Card” Contrail.

This isn’t the first time Epic has introduced iconic characters from DC Comic’s established roster. Last year, Epic released other limited-time DC cosmetics, including the one and only “world’s greatest detective” and even Harley Quinn. Aside from Batman himself, the bundle also included a Catwoman skin, Batman-themed weapons like the “Explosive Batarang,” and the reskinning of then-named Tilted Towers to more resemble Gotham.

Licenses aren’t cheap, especially for iconic intellectual properties like Batman and the menagerie of other DC characters. But even though caught amid two separate lawsuits against tech-giants Apple and Google, Epic will still manage to produce new ventures moving forward. It isn’t hard to imagine how Epic will stay afloat financially, only last year Fortnite brought in around $1.8 billion – almost entirely through micro-transactions.

The Last Laugh Bundle won’t release until November 17, so to tide player’s over until then, Epic has decided to re-release many of those same cosmetics previously listed and their related accouterments back on the Item Shop

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