[Top 15] Fortnite Best Deathrun Codes That Are Fun (Ranked Fun To Most Fun)

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You are something special if you can make it out of a run with death in its name.

[Top 15] Fortnite Best Deathrun Codes That Are Fun (Ranked Fun To Most Fun)

Since the creative mode was introduced to Fortnite, death run maps have been on the top. People can get tilted and feel angry by dying at a part many times and that’s normal. But just the rewarding feeling at the end of the death run is enough to push you to complete it.

So I have compiled a list of the best death runs of all time, which have the best fun-to-anger ratio. This will ensure that you have a good time and enjoy the death run plus giving you the sweet satisfaction of completing it.


15. 100 LEVEL DEFAULT DEATHRUN (2359-3574-9339)

Map gameplay

This is a default deathrun which, as the name suggests, is playable by new players as well. Players who don’t have good control over their movement can also play this mode since the difficulty level is low.

Why 100 Level Default Deathrun is fun:

  • Easy levels.
  • Doable for new players.
  • 100 levels of fun.


14. EASY SPEEDRUN DEATHRUN 51 LEVEL (4880-1143-1604)

Map gameplay

This deathrun consists of 51 easy levels. It is also playable by new players that might not have that good movement. It will be a good time if you want to play something light-headed without needing to try hard.

Why Easy Speedrun Deathrun 51 LEVEL is fun:

  • Easy levels.
  • Easier for new players to play.
  • Fun light-headed run.


13. THE 1 MINUTE DEATHRUN (3009-5833-7847)

Map gameplay

This deathrun has an easy pathway and can be done by the majority of players. But, the main challenge here is the one-minute time limit. You need to do the deathrun within a minute and that’s where the fun lies.

Why The 1 Minute Deathrun is fun:

  • Has the challenge of completing in a minute.
  • Easy levels.
  • Fun challenge and gameplay.



Map gameplay

This is a casual deathrun with the goal to get through it without dying in a dumb way. The map will have you raging due to the foolish deaths you face, but that’s the fun in it.

Why More Wacky Ways To Be Eliminated is fun:

  • Fun but a bit difficult levels.
  • Foolish, fun deaths.
  • Good time for someone who wants a break from the usual Fortnite.


11. SUMMER SPLASH - DEATHRUN RACE! (3958-2152-5837)

Map gameplay

One of the most fun deathruns with the map surrounded by water. Complete a set of 25 levels against 15 other players. The first one to complete the run is crowned the winner.

Why Summer Splash - Deathrun Race is fun:

  • 15 other players to compete.
  • Coming first among 16 players is rewarding.
  • Great map design.


10. WONKA'S 100 LEVELS DEATHRUN (8001-3952-0624)

Map gameplay

This is a 100-level, fun deathrun that can be played by players who joined today, or hard-skinned veterans of the game. It has some fun mini-games in it as well, in case the deathruns aren’t enough for you.

Why Wonka's 100 Levels Deathrun is fun:

  • 100 levels to get used to.
  • Fun mini-games.
  • Good for all players.


9. RELATIVITY (7024-4001-0960)

Map gameplay

This is a very unique deathrun. It has a very different design base and an unusual playing style. If you’re bored with the usual deathruns and want to switch it up, this map is what you’re looking for.

Why Relativity is fun:

  • Different from your usual deathruns.
  • Newer map design.


8. THE VOID (7373-1875-6620)

Map gameplay

This is a very interesting map design. It is built in outer space. The way to get eliminated in this run is, falling to death. It also has levels with vehicles to clear and has a mix of fun and rage.

Why The Void is fun:

  • Fun map concept.
  • Vehicles were added as a way to complete levels.
  • Good map design.



Map gameplay

This map has a very beautiful design as well, made in the outer galaxy. The eye-catching visual themes paired with the freaky nightmare theme are a very interesting combination. Even if you don’t play deathruns, I’d still suggest you play this just for the thought process that went into this map.

Why Escape Your Nightmare|Deathrun is fun:

  • Beautiful eye-catching design.
  • Fun concept.
  • Easy levels with a tad bit of difficulty.


6. TOTAL WIPEOUT DEATHRUN (3431-6427-0613)

Map gameplay

This map is a remake of the show “Total Wipeout”. It’s a great idea for a deathrun since that show was about a real-life deathrun. So it translates well to the gameplay and has a variety of levels with very different mechanics to get through.

Why Total Wipeout Deathrun is fun:

  • Fun levels with different mechanics.
  • Famous map design based on a famous show.


5. SLIDE NATION DEATHRUN! (7901-8789-8064)

Map gameplay

This is a very fun deathrun in which your legs are frozen and you’re sliding the whole way. The only movement you can do is skid around with ice feet.

Why Slide Nation Deathrun is fun:

  • Frozen feet make it a challenge.
  • Constant movement makes the game fast-paced.
  • Hard yet fun levels.


4. THE NORTH POLE: DEATHRUN (7773-6191-5527)

Map gameplay

This is a cute, Christmas-themed map made in a way that it looks like the North Pole. It has 25 easy-medium difficulty levels which can be done by a majority of the players.

Why The North Pole: Deathrun is fun:

  • Wholesome and nice map design.
  • Good medium difficulty levels.


3. THE FUN HOUSE! (DEATHRUN) (1643-6299-5750)

Map gameplay

The fun house is not a fun house because it's full of traps and all other types of devices that’ll give you a run for your money.  This is a classic type of deathrun with the traps and electric poles and is enjoyable as it has been since the beginning of death runs.

Why The Fun House! (Deathrun) is fun:

  • Classic map design.
  • Enjoyable OG gameplay.


2. MEEP'S DUO DEATHRUN (6680-3671-6431)

Map gameplay

This is a fun co-op deathrun and one of a kind. In this deathrun, you have to work alongside another player to progress through levels and you need to think the riddles out. The inclusion of another player makes it a lot more fun.

Why Meep's Duo Deathrun is fun:

  • Can be played with a friend.
  • Fun to work out levels with a mate.
  • Really fun co-op levels.


1. CIZZORZ DEATHRUN 3.0 (4043-5793-6999)

Map gameplay

This is one of the most awaited deathruns in the community. Cizzorz is known for his famous deathruns and this part is said to be the best one yet. The rage-inducing, hard levels make ending the run just as much rewarding. A must-play since it's such a classic.

Why Cizzorz Deathrun 3.0 is fun:

  • Classic gameplay.
  • Very rewarding ending since hard levels.
  • Best of the best deathrun map creator.


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