[Top 5] Fortnite Horror Maps That Are Fun!

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Are you looking to play the best spooky and horror maps in Fortnite? Well, find the best maps here in this article.

There's much more to Fortnite's creative coding than simply cheap Minecraft rip-offs. Creative has endless hours of fun, which is constantly updated with new biomes and buildings, innovative tools, and Fortnite island codes.

These Fortnite Creative codes will bring you to a masterpiece by a builder. The type of things we used to imagine making with Lego pieces. Let's face it: Lego is only for the affluent if you want to construct large. The sky's the limit in Fortnite.

You don't need to know the Fortnite Creative codes to go to any of the great creators' islands since Epic has permission for their work to be shared and enjoyed by everyone. We've selected just the most acceptable codes from the ever-expanding repository for the time being.


5. One Last Sacrifice

One Last Sacrifice, Fortnite

Code: 2898-6711-4466

It's safe to say that even the most experienced Fortnite gamers will be terrified by this map. Inheriting a farm from the Greens, the players have decided to spend the night in their new digs. There are some of the finest scares in any Fortnite horror map beyond that point. Although it takes time, the shocks are well worth the wait.

Why One Last Sacrifice Map is Great:

  • Experience spending the night in the new digs.
  • Experience Shocking Events
  • Dark throughout


4. The Elevator

The Elevator, Fortnite

Code: 3964-7837-2736

Instead of relying on jump scares to induce fear, this horror map focuses on creating a tense atmosphere. As in most horror games, the primary objective is to survive. In The Elevator, you're transported to another universe where you're forced to comply with the demands of a mysterious stranger. You'll never be free if you can't face your anxieties.

Why The Elevator Map is Great:

  • Play in a Tense Atmosphere
  • Survive and don't get killed
  • Face Anxieties and Set yourself free


3. Emily Wants to Play

Emily Wants to Play, Fortnite

Code: 3959-2728-0956

Fortnite's horror map is based on a popular video game. A primary objective of the game's design is to break down players and make them afraid to turn around in real life. The door slams shut behind the player as he enters the residence. You may find one of the game's deadliest maps in this house, where someone or something constantly haunts players.

Why Emily Wants to Play Map is Great:

  • Based on a Popular Video Game
  • Experience horrors
  • Play in a Haunted House


2. Mystic Mansion

Mystic Mansion, Fortnite

Code: 9872-3680-6180

This mashup of Haunted Mansion and Mario Party is a surprising amount of fun to play with friends (and even strangers). Fortunately, you don't have to rely on an honour system when it comes to rolling dice. You can only go up to the number of slots you've earned. Parkour puzzles, kart racing, and an odd pinball obstacle course round out the mini-game diversity nicely.

Why Mystic Mansion Map is Great:

  • Play in a Mashup Map
  • Play along with your friends
  • Enjoy various mini-games


1. Metro Zombie Invasion

Metro Zombie Invasion, Fortnite

Code: 1511-0189-1102

On this unique level, teams of up to four players must work together to fend off wave after wave of zombies while upgrading their gear, patching up their wounds, and accumulating enough cash to access and repair generators. 

As the number of players grows, it becomes increasingly difficult for each player to amass the necessary money to make each upgrade possible. Players must first repair four generators and then destroy the zombie spawner to complete the map. It is a fun and easy game to boost communication at your Fortnite party!

Why Metro Zombie Invasion Map is Great:

  • Team up with your friends
  • Fight Waves of Zombies
  • Destroy the Zombie Spawner

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