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Build, Aim, Edit
Running and Building

Are you looking to improve your editing in Fortnite? Well, Discover some of the best maps here in this article.

Winning a victory royale is the goal of any player that plays Fortnite, and there are several ways to get there. Combat and construction abilities must be honed as the game advances, as the dynamics shift.    

You may improve your fighting abilities by using Alter course maps, which let you fine-tune your ability to design and edit fast-paced battle pieces. Split-second editing methods typically determine who has the upper hand in a fight.


10. Star's Edit Course

Star's Edit Course, Fortnite

Code: 9860-5179-4527

This course offers a variety of options to go. Before playing Fortnite, this is an excellent method to warm up your fingers. As a bonus, it's a terrific way to fine-tune any construction mechanisms that may have become stale. The Star Edit Course features include a timed run; retry button, and accessible construction mode.

Why Star’s Edit Course is great

  • Excellent for warm up
  • Excellent way to tune your construction mechanisms
  • Includes timed run, retry button and construction mode.


9. EGO-Edit Hapec's Course

EGO-Edit Hapec's Course, Fortnite

Code: 7613-7227-9374

This course is designed to help Fortnite players improve their rapid construct combat turnarounds by offering tight corners, dangerous leaps, and more. EGO's Edit Course maps serve as a warm-up and a learning curve for gaining abilities.

Why EGO-Edit Hapec's Course is great

  • Improves rapid construction
  • Offers tight corners and dangerous leaps.
  • It serves as warm-up and learning curves


8. Candooks Official Edit Course

Candooks Official Edit Course, Fortnite

Code:  1743-6684-9261

The Cooks course offers a variety of game types for players to try out, including solo, pair, and team play. Players can challenge themselves in a Fortnite legal battle to create and adapt to any situation they may meet.

Why Candooks Official Edit Course is great

  • Variety of games offered
  • Players can challenge themselves
  • Players can adapt any situation they want


7. Percy's Edit World

Percy's Edit World, Fortnite

Code: 1430-2310-1162

Percy, a Fortnite map maker, has created "Percy's Edit World," a resource that teaches gamers all they need to know about map creation and editing. A top-ranked Edit Course for 2019 will remain such through August 2021. It's an open-world game where players may team up or go it alone to see what the environment has to offer.

Why Percy's Edit World is great

  • Explore environment 
  • Top ranked edit map
  • Teaches about map creation and editing


6. Edit Hardcore and Build 2.0

Edit Hardcore and Build 2.0, Fortnite

Code: 3188-7071-2917

Fortnite gamers wishing to sharpen their skills will find our Edit Course an excellent resource. The map has received a good response and is one of the most popular. Entries, tunnels, winding ramps, and more await even the most experienced builders.

Why Edit Hardcore and Building 2.0 is great

  • Test your skills with the hardest editing routine. 
  • Build your way out to be victorious.
  • Learn to edit and build extra fast. 


5. Flea's Edit Practice Map

Flea's Edit Practice Map, Fortnite

Code: 5039-3862-1262

Flea's Edit Practice Map is a veritable playground for editors. In addition to the edit courses, the primary map is loaded with everything from edit tunnels, edit ups, and edit downs to edit towers. 

Because the many-colored squares on the floor serve as markers for the various types of courses, you won't become too used to or memorize any of them; Flea's map has a few subtle versions of each. When you first arrive on the island, you may be taken back by the starkness of the landscape. 

Step on the "Walls Off" pads to uncover the courses and begin practicing. If you're using a PC, the walls are meant to keep you focused on the work at hand while minimizing the risk of missed frames.

Why Flea's Edit Practice Map is great

  • Primary map helps you edit up and down to edit towers
  • Step on ‘’Walls off’’ pad to uncover course
  • Walls minimize the risk of missed frames for Pc users.


4. Raider's Warm-Up Course (5 Levels)

Raider's Warm-Up Course (5 Levels), Fortnite

Code: 2559-0136-9834

From "Easy" to "Impossible," there are five distinct editing courses on this map. You'll be able to improve your edits regardless of your present skill level because of the wide range of difficulty levels. To compare the pace of your completed runs, you may start a timer when you begin an editing course. 

You'll learn how to pop edits and rapidly shoot at an opponent if you're paying attention as you progress through the edit courses. Six mini-games have been added to Raider464's edit courses and the edit courses. Mini-games involve practicing double edits, learning to aim, and keeping track of your progress. If you're able to master all of these strategies, you'll be a much better player.

Why Raider's Warm-Up Course is great

  • 5 editing courses in one map
  • Improves your pop edits and rapidly shoot
  • Six mini- games to improve your performance


3. Crosshair Placement, Piece Control & Aim

Crosshair Placement, Piece Control & Aim, Fortnite

Code: 3739-6759-3380 

When it comes to editing, crosshair positioning is critical since it will boost your editing speed and reduce the likelihood that you will miss an edit. The best places to set your crosshair for each sort of edit are marked on the models in front of you in this editing course. Repeated practice is critical, and after a while, your editing crosshair placement should be as automatic as breathing. Immediately after editing, this map offers an edit and aim course to improve you’re shooting and aim. 

The edit and aim course has marks to show you which edit to do and where to put your crosshair for the most influential movement, similar to the crosshair placement course. Even while this map has the most complicated editing approach, it also includes instructions on using more basic piece control techniques.

Why Crosshair Placement is great

  • Offers to improve shooting and aim
  • Complicated editing approach
  • Boost editing speed


2. 1v1 Edit Race

1v1 Edit Race, Fortnite

Code: 9124-5509-6523

This map allows you to race a friend through a challenging editing course, making it one of the most fun entries on this list. You'll gain the same degree of editing instruction as you would from most other editing courses while having fun and competing with a friend. You can take one of three distinct editing courses on the map, each of which covers a wide variety of edits. To make the route more difficult for you and your companion, you can raise the movement speed of your character.

Why 1v1 Edit Race is great

  • You can race with your friends
  • Character movement speed can be increase
  • You can race with friends


1. Star's Ultimate Edit Course

Star's Ultimate Edit Course, Fortnite

Code:  1356-0099-8570

Even though Star's Ultimate Edit Course is one of the simplest on our list, its effectiveness lies in its simplicity. The course takes around 10 minutes to complete, but you are forced to concentrate and work hard to finish it because of how long it is. It's hard to tell that this map is an editing course in disguise. Finally, you may use the map's free-build portion to complete your warm-up or practice and begin merging your adjustments into your building style.

Why Star's Ultimate Edit Course is great

  • Simple but effective 
  • 10 minutes duration
  • Free build area

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