[Top 5] Best Fortnite Maps for Fun

Super heroes, Fortnite
Superheroes, Fortnite

Are you wondering what are the best maps to have fun in Fortnite? Well, discover the top five maps here.

Five Fortnite Creative Codes for November are here for your enjoyment. With the recent Fortnite x Naruto crossover, we've discovered a terrific adventure creative code mode that recreates the Hidden Leaf Village and features some of the key Naruto characters as NPCs. Big Guns, zombies, and Zone Wars are just some of the other game modes you'll encounter in the game. Take a look at these five Fortnite cheat codes for November with a group of buddies.

In addition to Battle Royale and Save the World, Fortnite's unique codes are an essential aspect of the game. Community-created maps and modes allow players to experiment with the game's core features in various ways. Player-created content includes death matches and obstacle courses in addition to the standard Battle Royale mode.


5. El Cartel – Gun Game

El Cartel – Gun Game, Fortnite

Code: 9410-9435-7605

The El Cartel is a lawless, wild west-style town with many buildings, balconies, and open places to battle in for this Fortnite gun game mode. To win the round, all players must score a kill with every weapon on the list, which are 50 in this mode. This is a terrific game to play with friends because of the vast array of weaponry available, from sniper rifles and shotguns to rifles and grenade launchers.

Why El Cartel – Gun Game is great

  • Lawless town
  • You have to kill all enemies with every weapon to win 
  • Clear ground to battle


4. Hidden Leaf Village Adventure

Hidden Leaf Village Adventure, Fortnite

Code: 0610-6440-1958

With the recent debut of Naruto skins in Fortnite, we recommend that you check out this adventure role-playing creative coding mode where you may explore a reproduction of Hidden Leaf Village and perform tasks. You may fulfill Sasuke, Sakura, and Naruto duties, among other NPCs, while exploring the world.

Why Hidden Leaf Village Adventure is great

  • Exposé Reproduction of Hidden Leaf Village
  • Perform Sasuke, Sakura and Naruto
  • Role Playing Map


3. Tilted Zone Wars (XA)

Tilted Zone Wars (XA), Fortnite

Code: 3729-0643-9775

In this Fortnite creative coding mode, you'll be thrust right into the middle of Tilted Towers. To win in these Zone War battles, you'll be battling up to 15 other players in an area that keeps becoming smaller and smaller as the ring around it becomes smaller. Tilted Towers is where you'll begin the game, and you'll need to prepare to battle as soon as you're thrown into a confined space. Tilted Zone Wars is an excellent place to start if you're a newbie to battle royale games.

Why Tilted Zone Wars is great

  • Land in the middle of Tilted towers
  • Ideal place to start war
  • 15 enemies to kill


2. Boogies Zombies

Boogies Zombies, Fortnite

Code: 1741-8348-4812

Zombies from Call of Duty Zombies and Left 4 Dead are combined to create a unique game mode in Fortnite's creative method. Your main challenges will be fortified portions that need to be guarded and linear parts complete with zombies that you need to knockdown. To keep the undead hordes away, you'll also locate Boogie Bombs.

Why Boogies Zombies is great

  • Inspired from Call of Duty Zombies and Left 4 Dead
  • Use of Boogie Bombs to keep undead hordes
  • Knock down Zombies and Fortify Potions


1. 500 Level Easy Deathrun

500 Level Easy Deathrun, Fortnite

Code: 2096-7924-6419

Five hundred levels spread over 30 different regions in Fortnite's death run creative code. Although these obstacle courses aren't the most difficult out there, you'll still have to deal with a few problems as you go through them. Shock and poison darts, slippery ice blocks, and more await those who have the talent and time to remove them swiftly. If you want to race your pals, you should use this type of death run mode.

Why 500 Level Easy Deathrun is great

  • 30 regions with 500 levels
  • Contain Obstacle such as poison darts and slippery ice blocks
  • Ideal death run mode to race your pals

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