[Top 10] Fortnite Best Halloween Maps That Are Fun

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I wonder which map would be the best to play on Halloween?

Are you looking for the best maps to play on Halloween?


Fortnite brings with it loads of seasons and events according to what’s popular or the season going on. The winter season brings a snow-filled map in Fortnite, the summers bring a beachy theme, Easter comes with surprise little Easter eggs, and so on.

Hence, with Fortnite doing something special for every event or season, Halloween is something they can’t miss. Fortnite always added really fun stuff for Halloween, like Fortnitemares and the map is turned dark and mist surrounds it whole. 

To enjoy the upcoming Halloween, I decided to find the greatest maps with a Halloween theme, and voila, I succeeded. The maps below are the best maps you can find in creative to enjoy the festive theme and spirit of Halloween in Fortnite. These maps range from fun deathruns to sweaty edit courses and so much more, so stick around and go try them out the next time you miss Halloween.


10. 3v3v3v3 Go Goated [Halloween edition] 1283-5072-1813

Map gameplay

This is a team PvP where four teams of three players fight it out on a spooky map with horror themes. You need to team up and game your heart out to come out victorious with your team, in the fire of Halloween.

Why 3v3v3v3 Go Goated [Halloween edition] is Great for Halloween:

  • Map: Spooky, fiery theme.
  • Gameplay: It’s always fun to verse your friends, that too in groups of three.


9. Halloween Box Fight 5235-2376-4814

Map gameplay

This is your usual box fight except for it being in a haunted castle with ghosts buzzing around. The players start off in the base of the castle and need to fight and survive in this 2x2 basement of the haunted castle. 

Why Halloween Box Fight is Great for Halloween:

  • Gameplay: Box fights are already loved by everyone and that too in a haunted castle? Sounds good to me.
  • Map design: The haunted castle is very well designed and pleasing to watch for Halloween lovers such as me.


8. HALLOWEEN HUNT 7752-3345-8194

Map gameplay

This map is specifically designed for a trio as it's an escape map requiring three players. You and your friends are trapped in a very scary house. You three need to communicate and work your way out together by solving puzzles and finding clues to make it out alive. 

Why HALLOWEEN HUNT is Great for Halloween:

  • Gameplay: The puzzles and clues are well thought-out and require brains and teamwork to get through.
  • Horror theme: The dim lighting paired up with the colors used gives the map a good horror vibe.



Map gameplay

This is Ebbialishah’s best death run map, as the map creator was smart with the trap design in his death run. The traps are placed and designed in a way to replicate and produce a look that is seen in horror movies.


  • Map design: The traps and death run is designed very well with Halloween in mind.
  • Difficulty: The difficulty is very variable and can be easily played by players of all levels just looking to have some fun.


6. Visionsky 50 LEVEL HALLOWEEN DEATHRUN 1688-3750-6827

Map gameplay

This is your normal 50 level death run with a hint of spookiness. The death run itself is very easy in the initial rounds at least and gets a bit harder as the levels progress. The death run overall is easy to complete compared to other famous deathruns.

Why Visionsky 50 LEVEL HALLOWEEN DEATHRUN is Great for Halloween:

  • Difficulty: The levels are easy and overall it’s easy to complete and go through.


5. HALLOWEEN EDIT MASTER - FFA 6321-6896-1033

Map gameplay

This is an editing course for my fellow sweats who want to improve even on holidays but in style. This is a very visually pleasing edit course since usually they are bland and consist of builds only. This map is created in the darkness of Halloween. This adds a very beautiful touch to an editing course.

Why HALLOWEEN EDIT MASTER - FFA is Great for Halloween:

  • Improvement: This editing course is great to improve your editing skills and become better at the game.
  • Visual theme: The editing course looks beautiful with the Halloween theme.


4. JDuth's 50 Level Halloween Deathrun 1177-1484-8959

Map gameplay

Jduth made this map on the previous Halloween and even though it’s not the latest map in the market, it still stands out. Jduth used different types of traps and jumping pads with different colors so it looks more towards the scary side.

Why JDuth's 50 Level Halloween Deathrun is Great for Halloween:

  • Deathrun design: The death run has beautiful traps placed very well along the map.



Map gameplay

This is a really fun and different map since it's based on a game we all love, “Would you rather?” The map is very well made and the questionnaire is very interesting too. You get two choices and you need to move through the door that suits your answer and thinking. The map is very fun to play alone and alongside a friend.


  • Concept: The would you rather in a Halloween edition is a very fun, unique concept that makes this map stand out.
  • Questionnaire: The questions are very relatable and fun to answer.


2. HALLOWEEN LAZER TAG 8320-3105-8995

Map gameplay

This map is huge and based in a carnival-like place with space for 50 players. The map is filled with clowns, zombies, and any spooky thing you can imagine. You get cool laser guns with which you need to eliminate anything and anyone that’s not a teammate. 

Why HALLOWEEN LAZER TAG is Great for Halloween:

  • Spooky theme: The map is filled with zombies alongside huge clowns and spiders to make sure you get those Goosebumps every time. 
  • Lots of players: The map is designed for 50 players so you can fill in a lot of friends.



Map gameplay

This escape room is by far the most fun death run map that you can play with your friends, as well as alone. The floor of the map is covered in cloud-like thick mist and the map is filled with pumpkin heads standing in corners to jump scare you. 

Why HORROR ESCAPE ROOM HALLOWEEN is Great for Halloween:

  • Gameplay: Fun puzzles and parkour levels.
  • Design: The map design is top-notch with the Halloween theme being fulfilled in every way.

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