10 Bloody Reasons For Honor Is The Next Chivalry

For Honor Screen
Glory, Honor, Blood.

Medieval Combat Evolved

Ubisoft takes us into the new era of swordplay with their new gruesome IP, For Honor. Hope you’re ready for some gorey hack and slash, because we’re expecting this game to become the next staple in competitive sword and board combat.

For Honor - E3 2015 Announcement Trailer

Here’s 10 reasons you should be twitching to migrate those combat skills of yours to For Honor.

Reason 10. Diversity

Warriors, Come Out To Play.

For Honor is based in historical combat, no magic, no flying gryffin mounts. But it’s not the standard knights charging knights we’ve grown used to in Chivalry.

For Honor spans the globe, seizing the deadliest fighters across continents. When the game releases it will be packed with Knights, Vikings, and Samurai, all eager to dice the other to oblivion.

Samurai For Honor

Samurai at the gates to the West

Female warriors will also step into the fray, which is a nice change from the armies of male-exclusive combat we’ve grown accustomed to.

Named heroes are expected to be playable on release date. This is an extra perk for me, as I find playing Chivalry’s same grunt soldiers each game somewhat repetitive.

For Honor Stoic

Wear your colors proudly

Reason 9. AI Fills The Ranks

Fodder For The Blade

Players aren’t the only ones clashing swords. Bots will fill the fields of war, making battles massive and extra bloody. After All, what kind of war is fought between 10 players?

Army For Honor

That’s more like it!

Small teams are all well and good for Counter Strike but I like my medieval siege to look more... well, like a siege.

Killing AI isn’t just for fun, even though it’s bound to be fun. Players can rank up their score counter by taking dozens of these guys out. There’s the possibility that this score will be directly linked to player xp and leveling up, so, go get your hands bloody.

Reason 8. More Abilities

If The Sword Misses, The Boulder Will Hit.

Taking a page from big name AAA war games. For Honor is rewarding the players with added perks. Your D-Pad will be your key to using special skills as you rack up the kills.

Rain hell.

Knock your enemies out of the Iron Age by pinpointing catapult attack from the sky. We’re expecting this to work similarly to modern war games’ missile strikes. Only, this looks way cooler.

There will also be player buffs, and healing skills, making builds more flexible and helpful and critical to your teams’ victory. A war is not fought alone.

Reason 7. Flair

Give Them Blood, But Make It Look Pretty.

For Honor’s Combat is almost entirely timing and reaction based. But perfect timing with a heavy strike will earn you a stunning killing blow. It’s nice to be rewarded with badass animations.

Who said decapitation couldn’t be beautiful?

With epic kill screens, comes epic screenshots. We can’t wait to see the player community flood the internet with killcams and gorey screens after launch.

Reason 6. Game Modes

Keeping Combat Fresh

For Honor is keeping us on our toes by switching up the familiar team-death match we’ve grown too comfortable with. At E3, Ubisoft showed off Dominion mode, which spans a large play area.

Check out this awesome gameplay commentary video.

In Dominion, players fight to control a series of territories -think king of the hills only there are many hills. This adds a stronger focus on team play and strategy.

Pushing the lane with minions

Not a team player? That’s okay, For Honor is promising something for everyone. Ubisoft announced a variety of game modes that will be ready to play at launch.

We can expect to see a lot of familiar archetypes found in pretty much every competitive combat game, as well as some new unique modes to sharpen our swords for.

Reason 5. Multiple Platforms

Ubisoft Casts A Wide Net

When the game launches, PC Gamers won’t be the only ones to feel the love this time. There is a severe lack of games like Chivalry on consoles. Mostly due to the lack of AAA companies’ interest in the genre.

We’re thankful that Ubisoft is working hard to share the gorefest with all gamers. Currently, we’re looking at PS4, XboxOne, and PC releases. Ubisoft's been known to cover every platform possible with their games, so that list may grow longer in the coming months.

Blue knights For Honor

Blue Knight Faction, Sponsored by Jagermeister

We’re doubting that cross-platform play will be a feature, but it’s still something to consider. It’s just a very difficult thing to balance in competitive genres. So, you might want to start figuring out which version you and your friends need to pick up.

Reason 4. No Button Mashing

It’s Dead, Stop Clicking

90% of your controls are coming through your analog sticks. As you can see, holding the right-stick in any direction raises your guard in that direction. But how will this translate to PC.

Interesting Choice of Controls

Players will need to use timing to catch the enemy’s blade at the last moment to make their counter attack as effective as possible. For Honor punishes button mashers, making poorly timed moves leave dangerous openings in their defenses.

Hacking and slashing will simply not be enough.

Timing is everything

After an opening appears, you’ll want to dive in to finish fights quickly. Death comes fast in For Honor. Health bars exist but a swift strike to the neck will take anybody down.

controller for honor

Finish him!

Throw your opponent off balance and strike when the opportunity’s hot!

How will these controls carry over to PC though? I’m all for dynamic combat but I’m hoping for intuitive mouse and keyboard controls. But, we might just have to suck it up and use a controller.

Fingers crossed.

Reason 3. Customization

Head To Toe Medieval Swag

It’s rare to have any amount of character customization in an FPS, but Ubisoft has you covered, literally.

Looking good for the Valkyries

You’ll be able to collect and unlock new armor, colors, patterns, capes, helmets, belts... well, you get the idea. Basically, you’ll be able to deck you fighter out head to toe with hard earned apparel.

What better way is there to show off your achievements than by wearing them in battle? We like this decision. No doubt Ubisoft does too, because this means lot’s of potential DLC.

Reason 2. Enthusiasm

Excited Devs Keep The Spark Alive

Developers for this game seem even more excited than the fans. It’s great to see distinct personalities coming together to make something great. They’ve been completely open to in depth interviews and want us to know as much about this project as possible.

Jason VandenBerghe is the leading director and he always looks this happy.

I saw Jason’s face and immediately recalled the bearded viking screenshot -I just had to do a side by side comparison. This project has been his dream for ages. Seeing it become a reality makes a AAA title feel more relatable.

Check out this awesome interview on the directors feelings about the E3 reveal.


Gamers celebrate hardest

Reason 1. Single Player Campaign


The best news about For Honor that others in the genre can’t compete with, is a full on single player campaign... and wait for it... a story! This is the most exciting news.

It’s a little harsh to ask players to drop $60 dollars on a game that requires a constant internet connection. The single player will be a full on game in itself which makes me all the more eager to run out to pick up a copy on launch day.

Check out the Single Player Campaign Interview, straight from E3.

For victory, for glory, For Honor!

I understand that gamers don’t play Chivalry for the story, but in a game so unforgiving, having a meaningful single player option will definitely draw in more gamers, and give us a much funner way of honing our skills.

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