Microtransactions Cause Stir in For Honor Community

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For Honor comes with great graphics and gameplay but at what price?

Is Ubisoft Going The Right Way With Micro-transactions?

Many For Honor fans are now horrified that their gameplay and experience of the game will be measured by the amount of dough in their wallets. For those who haven’t played the game yet, For Honor is a bloody hack and slash game published by Ubisoft for Microsoft Windows, Xbox and thePlaystation. The game has now released a microtransaction feature, forcing players to buy every item you possibly want or need in the game. 

Players all over are commenting their dislike of this with one being a particularly concerned user competent on Reddit.The Reddit user by the user name ofbystander007 has crunched the numbers and given his opinion on the matter saying, ‘I personally have just suppressed the Completionist within me and stopped bothering to grind for unlocks. Once you do the math, you’ll agree.’ Let’s see what bystander007 found out after he did the math. 

What will all the Unlocks Cost you when Playing For Honor? 

It’s sad to see a great game die because of money 

While many are more than happy to pull out the credit card when playing a game, they may not be so happy when finding out the cost it will be to have all the unlocksto play For Honor. Those that don’t mind earning the bells and whistles through gameplay will also not be happy with the numbers crunched by bystander007. Either way, no one is happy. 

The Reddit user states that ‘Ubisoft has [valued the total cost of all unlocks at $732 over and above the original $60-$100 spent on the game to start with]. Casual players who play 1-2 hours 5-7 days a week will never reach this goal. Completing orders/half-contracts will get you roughly 1000 Steel, [as well as another 200 Steel] for matches you’ve played. [Therefore 1,200 Steel for one day’s gameplay is a good estimate for casual players]. That’s 915 days. Roughly 2.51 years.’ 

While these results are absolutely ridiculous, this doesn’t even include any DLC’s released which will cost you even more. This is when you have to ask yourself if the game is worth it or not. Quite frankly, even if I had all the money in the world, the game isn’t that great that I would pay that or work that hard for it.

What Else Is Wrong Here?

For Honor players are not happy with the game at all

While the cost to play this game (money and energy wise)is ridiculous, it is not the only problem. It is said that one of the main problems are the servers which keep disconnecting or have resyncing issues. There are also issues that come with the stats on certain gear like Revenge.

The Reddit user also made a comment in this regard stating, ‘Right now they’re just trying to charge us more for unlocks in a broken game,’ which seems kind of greedy, don’t you think, Ubisoft? With so many complaints Ubisoft has one simple response that gives no hope to players as they ignore the problem.

Ubisoft’s response is,

‘We don’t expect a player to buy everything.’

While that statement may be true, they aren’t focusing on the bigger picture. The players aren’t happy and therefore, the game will tank. 

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