For Honor Tier List [Strongest and Weakest Heroes Revealed]

For Honor Tier List
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If we’re talking smashing and stabbing, For Honor is probably the go-to game across all consoles! From heavyset brutes with spiked kanabo logs, ready to drop divine judgment on the enemy’s heads, to shifty slashers with hooded faces and deadly blades ripe for bloody assassinations. 

Among the almost 30 different heroes, all with various skill types and movesets, we here at Gamers Decide have put together a list, ranging from the top heroes and classes to the lesser-tier classes.

S-Tier (Offers incredible movesets while also having great recovery. Players that are excellent at these characters will more than likely have the overall chance of winning)

  • Shugoki 98/100
  • Kensei: 96/100
  • Warlord: 95/100
  • Warmonger: 92/100
  • Hitokiri: 90/100
  • Gryphon: 89/100
  • Tiandi: 88/100
  • Jiang Jun: 87/100

A-Tier (With lots of practice, a good team behind you, and dedication to these heroes, you stand a good chance against S-Tier heroes, easily)

  • Nobushi: 86/100
  • Warden: 84/100
  • Berserker: 83/100
  • Kyoshin: 82/100
  • Black Prior: 80/100
  • Conqueror: 79/100

B Tier (Super easy pickup heroes who can add a bit of spice to a great team-up. They are quite quick on the uptake when first learning their movesets, and are quite dependable)

  • Raider: 78/100
  • Valkyrie: 78/100
  • Shaman: 76/100
  • Zhanhu: 74/100
  • Gladiator: 71/100

C Tier (These heroes have many good feats that make it easy enough to get through a game or two, however, there are no standout qualities amongst them that set them apart like the upper classes)

  • Centurion: 69/100
  • Lawbringer: 67/100
  • Jormungandr: 63/100
  • Peacekeeper: 60/100

D Tier (These heroes are usually utilized in special situations or for more personalized team-ups. However, these guys might not last in a one on one on their own)

  • Shinobi: 57/100
  • Orochi: 55/100
  • Highlander: 53/100

F Tier (The worst heroes in the game currently, they can be read and easily ganked if used by a beginner. These heroes could be used as a means to show off skill, as they are a challenge to use)

  • Aramusha: 50/100
  • Nuxia: 48/100
  • Shaolin: 46/100


[Top Heroes]



The Shugoki are the enforcers of the Samurai faction, large warriors with ungainly, yet incredibly powerful weapons. The Shugoki are the guardians of their faction and though they may look small and cumbersome, do not let that fool you from their indomitable will and iron-clad strength. 

Shugoki is an absolute S-Tier hero currently. He now has a forward and side bash, which does guaranteed damage if he decides to target swap. There is no need to initiate another light attack.

His zone attack is still coated by hyper armor, an odd sight to see in the game’s current season but still, a welcome advantage for Shugoki-mains. 

The Shugoki’s heavy also has incredible range, in addition to his hug attack (a perfect setup for ganking procedures). Like most others on this list he is a dependable single-combat and team player and once mastered, can be absolutely deadly. 


  • Shugoki Hero Rating: 98/100




The Kensei are the living incarnations of the Samurai’s way of the warrior, Bushido. The Kensei act as the vanguards of the Samurai and are masters of multiple forms of martial arts. With entire decades spent on honing their craft and striving for a level of perfection few other warriors can reach, the Kensei are formidable, with or without any help. 

Kensei is one of the best team heroes and anti-gankers For Honor currently has. Kensei's ability to stall in battle and make room for their teammates to either recover or take advantage of the enemy is unparalleled.

They, along with the Warden, are one of the most balanced heroes the game has to offer. 

The Kensei is a great peeler, long-ranged light, and heavy attacks, great hyper armor after the dodge, fast recovery on most of his feats, and his great fourth feat make him an excellent fighter. 


  • Kensei Hero Rating: 96/100



The Warlord, unlike others, has never been born into anything. Everything The Warlord has, he has earned. Blood, sweat, and metal are the three things that guarantee his respect. His shield protects those who cannot protect themselves and their simple yet incredible brutal fighting style has them at the front of every charge. 

The Warlord is an absolute menace when it comes to ledges. He will push you off if you’re near one, so be prepared if you’re going up against an experienced main. The Warlord is also an incredible team hero, with the ability to carry his team, with pretty much the ultimate anti-ganking moveset among most of the other heroes, especially with his stalling gifts on the battlefield. 

His headbutt is also an incredibly annoying stun, and if he catches you mid-run, be sure to not be on an elevated part of any map, his crashing charge


  • Warlord Hero Rating 95/100



The Warmonger exists for one thing, and that is a new era. She isn’t worried about the petty livelihoods of these inferior factions, they’re beneath her. The leader of the cultist army, the Order of Horkos, embedded with members from all factions, the Warmongers reject the old gods and strive for a new age, and they’ll stop at nothing to achieve it. 

Because of her feats, 50/50 vortex, and her enhanced lights she is pretty much a juggernaut on the battlefield, no parry needed. 

Her forward dodge and undodgeable heavy that will track if you try to go left, right, and back is quite lethal in one-on-ones. 

Her dodge heavy is perfect for OS pressure in addition to her slap attack, which puts her in a similar category to a Lawbringer.


  • Warmonger Hero Rating: 92/100



The Samurai has a long-held tale, one of a set of executioners from long ago. Hitokiri, a word meaning “manslayers” without a heart. With their masakiri in hand, large axes used to dole out quick and heavy devastation, they enact their lack of humanity on any poor soul that happens to delve too deep into the shadows of their faction. 

Hitokiri is an absolute unit, their 50/50s and heavys are pretty much undodgeable. Their hyper armor, heavy spam, and chain unblockable make them a nigh-unstoppable force on the battlefield. You do not need to know much about this character to dominate in games, especially in one-on-ones such as duels and brawls.

Her neutral heavy is very good for indicator spam, and overall they are a strong pick amongst the Samurai heroes. What stands out amongst most of these S-tiers rings true for the Hitorkiri as well, they are great on their own and in a team.


  • Hitokiri Hero Rating: 90/100



Holden Cross is back. However, you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Having come back to atone for the sins of his hand in the Blackstone Legion, Holden has come back from a transformative journey under a new name. With a bardiche at his side and a fury in his eyes, Gryphon now steps onto the battlefield. 

Gryphon is still pretty much hated in the For Honor community, however, his speed, healing, bash, and dodge techniques have been tweaked enough to make him easy enough to use without bordering on overpowered. 

Gryphon is great at having offensive and defensive capabilities and his damage output is top tier. He utilizes a bardiche which aids him in peeling off in team battles, with his forward dodge heavies and lights. All in all the only thing Gryphon lacks is an unblockable.


  • Gryphon Hero Rating: 89/100



Tiandi, the loyal protectors of the Wu Lin, live their entire lives in service of their namesake “Heaven and Earth”. The Tiandi pride themselves in their use of the Dao blade, and with their courage and dignity in battle, they become nigh invincible. 

Tiandi is an S-Tier hero because of his I frames on his Dragon/Tiger dodges, as well as avoiding a lot of 50/50 mix-ups. If you factor in his blocking and stalling capabilities, with his feet, shield, and health, he becomes a very easy hero to use. 

He can pretty much handle any match of any type easily. The only drawback would be the lack of damage with his moves, but definitely more of the stylish S-Tiers. 


  • Tiandi Hero Rating: 88/100




Jiang Jun

Jiang Jun is a utility-blessed hero with multiple avenues of attack and defense at his disposal.He is quite literally one of the best Dominion heroes, due to the critical exposure of his zone attacks. Link that into the heavy unblockable and it’s pretty much curtains for 30-40% of your overall health. 

His Sifu Stance is quite helpful as well due to the low cooldown and high mix-up potential. 


  • Jiang Jun Hero Rating: 87/100


A-Tier Heroes



Nobushi is pretty much a clutch character through and through. Her team fight and peeling capabilities make her almost indispensable. Her hidden stance into the undodgeable forward heavy is incredibly powerful and crazy because with the patch she can now catch people off guard, even during a dodge. 

She is also a crazy good staller due to the applications of hidden stance. 

The only thing is the high-skill curve it takes to master this hero. In addition, she doesn’t have any true anti-ganking abilities. 


  • Nobushi Hero Rating: 86/100



Warden has a strong 50/50 and his shoulder bash is pretty excellent for opening up to more combos. 

That overhead strike, plus the cancellation into a guard break is a lethal combo that leaves opponents staggering and ready for more punishment. His heavy hitboxes are now decently sized, so if you happen to get revenge, you can force a reaction out of your opponents easily.

His zone attack cost a bit too much stamina so his peeling capabilities are hindered. His lights are also not great.

However,f his team capabilities are pretty good. 


  • Warden Hero Rating: 84/100



Berserker is a beast if you know how to use him. However if you’re not advanced in assassin-like playstyle stay away from him, his moveset revolves around trades, parries, and dodges. Good unblockable mix-up, faster top-lights, with enhanced dodge moves, make the Berserker lethal in 4v4s due to his ex-turtling capabilities and being troublesome,a great assassin overall.

Not a hero for beginner users at all.  


Berserker Hero Rating: 83/100



Kyoshin is a very strong hero with a lot of tools under his belt. He doesn’t have as much range as others when it comes to his unblockable and his full block is quite annoying when playing against him. 

His 50/50, revolving around the bash chain is pretty good, and his undodgeable mix-up gives him a lethal edge over most other heroes. He can also gank like a madman due to his unblockable, which makes it trouble to try and land moves in a team game or a 2v1/1v2. 

His feats are a bit reserved due to them all being passive. 


  • Kyoshin Hero Rating: 82/100


Black Prior

Black Prior is a menace on the offensive end, with an incredible unblockable attack, low recoveries, bulwark’s power also makes him incredibly hard to deal with offensively. 

To be honest in this position the only Black Prior counter is another Black Prior. Undodgeable, bash, and chain mix-ups are deadly as well. His feats are incredible as well, one of which gives shields to his teammates and takes shields away from enemies. 


  • Black Prior Hero Rating: 80/100



A Conqueror has the ability to reach S-Tier, due to his incredibly beneficial zone attacks. He deals decent damage on a regular run, and his zoning abilities allow for quite fun team-ups if you decide to team up with one or more of them. 

His full block and punish, as well as his double bash into a light, makes him incredibly versatile on the defensive and healing end, making him an absolutely annoying opponent. However, Conqueror’s only drawback is his pretty lackluster feats. 


  • Conqueror Hero Rating: 79/100


B-Tier Heroes



Raider is a B-Tier hero due to his great mid-clear game. He has one of the best lights in the game when it comes to mowing down minions. 

Good at team fights.

Decent at ganking, ledging, zoning, and his hyper armor traits. Not much else to say, however, a great beginner hero.


  • Raider Hero Rating: 78/100





Valkyrie is an underrated hero. Her opener is great, as well as her fire flask feat. Her full block is incredibly dependable, as well as her quite satisfying Bloodlust feat which allows her to gain more damage after a kill. 

If you know how to use her you can feel out multiple clutch wins. Her only drawback is the lack of an updated moveset. 


  • Valkyrie Hero Rating: 78/100




Shaman has some super unreactable soft feints. Her fire flask, ax, and bear trap feats are pretty dope get-out-of-dodge tactics that can help in a bind. Her bite move is pretty much a godsend if you can pull it off successfully. 

Her biggest drawback is her heavy reliance on team play to be truly at her top effectiveness. She is also slower than the other assassin characters.


  • Shaman Hero Rating: 76/100





Pre-buff Zhanhu had some weaknesses, however, that was months ago. His unblockable light chain makes him pretty predictable, but otherwise his side dodge light, heavy, or mix-up is pretty devious if pulled off correctly. 

His zone also has a sense of predictability to it, however, his opening bash move creates various openings for opponents to stagger. 

Although he is a pretty predictable character under the right circumstances he’s fun to use. 


  • Zhanhu Hero Rating: 74/100



Gladiator is one of the best ganking heroes, he also has I Iframesframes on his sucker punch and haymakers. Gladiator can deal damage easily whenever he wants to, he can chain and flow quite well. Though his reflex guard is a bit tricky so watch out for that.

But if left unchecked the Gladiator can wreak havoc on opponents easily.


  • Gladiator Hero Rating: 71/100




C-Tier Heroes



Centurion is one of the best team heroes if you know how to gank with him. He also has a decent zone attack. 

He is pretty unpredictable especially with his cancellation opportunities and ability to ambush opponents. His peeling isn’t really up to par, however,, he is a solid pick all around regardless. 


  • Centurion Hero Rating: 69/100





Lawbringer has little to no offense whatsoever. 

He is a good hero defensively if you’re able to parry and gank appropriately, as well as his decent stalling tactics. 

He’s pretty underrated, but you won’t have as much fun playing him as you would the others. 


  • Lawbringer Hero Rating: 67/100





Jormungandr has many strengths and a lot of potential to win games for their team. Their feats are one of the main strengths of the hero, his guard break as well as his unblockable are incredibly satisfying to pull off as well. 

Once your opponent has no stamina, all it takes is one push (and the Thor-like hammer strike) and most of their health is zilch. 

Jormungandr doesn’t fare well in team fights, as well as if you are playing an experienced player, he might become predictable.


  • Jormungandr Hero Rating: 63/100





Peacekeeper has poor defensive options, however she makes up for that with her impeccable offensive capabilities if she is able to sneak a bleed in. 

Once she has you bleeding she becomes insanely overpowered, to the point where running would be a good option. Outside of that though, she doesn’t have anything of note that stands out about her, classic assassin hero. 


  • Peacekeeper Hero Rating: 60/100


D-Tier Heroes



Shinobi really only have ranged attacks and guard breaks, which has become incredibly annoying but with his rework, he’s become a pretty lackluster hero with his loss of teamwork capabilities. 

Not much to say about him, however, he’s fun to play if you like to challenge yourself. 


  • Shinobi Hero Rating: 57/100



Orochi doesn’t offer much when it comes to team fights. He does have a good top-heavy unblockable, but his Riptide and Storm Rush are quite predictable. 

His kick-mix-up isn’t too fun either. 


  • Orochi Hero Rating: 55/100



Highlander has pretty wishy-washy lights. His hyper armor is creative and crazy due to his Celtic Curse. 

However, he has a very predictable moveset which renders him quite vulnerable against even slightly better heroes. 


  • Highlander Hero Rating: 53/100


F-Tier Heroes



Aramusha’s all guard stance is much better than the previous patch, however, he has extremely weak openers. His ring the bell bash is pretty on point and if he or his teammates or going for a ganking situation. 

However, Aramusha’s lack of opening potential renders him useless against a roll, dodge, or parry. He becomes more of a burden than an asset due to his incredible lack of defense. 


Aramusha Hero Rating: 50/100



A very niche hero, the Nuxia is prime in certain situations, such as traps which are the main arsenal of the Wu Lin’s assassin. 

Outside of that, however, there isn’t much upside to this character competitively. Her hook swords are dope though. 


Nuxia Hero Rating: 48/100



Shaolin is a fun hero, but not too much of a good one. He doesn’t have a good opener and if you dodge early, he’s pretty much useless. His team fighting capabilities are also not too good. 

He only really has one good feat in Key Trap, however his others fall very short. 


Shaolin Hero Rating: 46/100

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