For Honor Best Factions - Which Should You Choose?

For Honor's Faction War

For Honor has three main factions which you can choose to represent in the many battles you will partake in. There are also two extra factions that have since been added over the years for you to align with as well. With so much new content and recent updates, which faction should you choose to wage war? Who will help you stand victorious upon the field of battle?



Warmommy Servants

The Knights of Ashfeld are the most popular warriors for beginning For Honor players. They have the most well-rounded warriors and currently have the most heroes in their ranks. The Warden, Peacekeeper, Conqueror, Lawbriniger, Black Prior, Warmonger, and Gryphon are a group of valiant warriors that no one wants to mess with. 

Choose the Knights if you agree with the following: 

  • You want to master the basics of For Honor Gameplay.
  • You like the classic medieval knights.
  • You want to poison everyone in the world as the Warmommy.



Valhalla & Mead Squad

The Vikings of Valkenheim are brutal warriors that are littered with primarily offensive partial heroes. Most of their warriors have little in the way of defense, but defense is not the way of the viking. Their philosophy is to start the battle strong and fast, ending conflict before needing to defend. Their attacks do serious damage and most characters have solid combos that dominate any fight like a true viking. The Raider, Berserker, Valkyrie, Warlord, Highlander, Shaman, and Jormungandr are the warriors that will rip through your lands like a hurricane and leave just as quickly. 

Choose the Vikings if you agree with the following: 

  • Have a more offensive combat mindset.
  • Have a more offensive odor. 
  • Strictly use offensive language.



Enter anime protagonist

The Samurai of the Dawn Empire are talented warriors that use their warrior expertise to dispatch opponents quickly and decisively. These warriors are better reactionary fighters as almost all of them can easily feint out of their attacks. The Kensei, Orochi, Shugoki, Nobushi, Shinobi, Hitokiri, and Kyoshin are deadly foes that will make any enemy feel like a fool for challenging them in their final moments of life.

Choose the Samurai if you agree with the following: 

  • You like anime.
  • You like a versatile fighting style to master.
  • You like anime… Because come on, we know you do.


Wu Lin

They will choke you out, kick you across the map, and scream hysterically

The Wu Lin are a mix and match of high ranking Chinese Heroes that require a little more finesse to use than the other factions. They each come with several unique skills or abilities that take a bit more time to master on top of the basic For Honor gameplay. However, do not mistake this challenge as a reason to not play one of these ferocious warriors. Mastering a Wu Lin Hero will make you a far better player than anyone who has avoided playing as their faction. The Tiandi, Nuxia, Jiang Jun, Shaolin, and Zhanhu will carve you up like carrian and throw out the scraps. 

Choose the Wu Lin if you agree with the following: 

  • You like shifty swifty warriors.
  • You feel confident enough in the game to learn a difficult fighting style.
  • You want to drain stamina, kick heroes across the earth, teleport, or scream really loud.



Praise the Outlanders! Praise the innovation!

The newest faction of For Honor serves as less of a traditional brotherhood faction and more of a way to bring new Heroes that would be scattered throughout the world. The Pirate and the Medjay are the newest warriors to grace the battlefield with their presence. While neither have been overwhelmingly dominant they both come with some of the most unique and arguably coolest mechanics. They show the warriors of the For Honor world that their traditional ways of fighting are no match for the newer age.

Choose the Outlanders if you agree with the following: 

  • You like incredibly obnoxious, shooty shooter Pirates.
  • You like ultra buff, insanely cool, Egyptian warriors.
  • You like… Well I guess we will have to see what else there is to like in the next few updates.


While it is far from necessary to stick to one faction for all fights it is inevitable that one of the four will be your favorite. Whether you simply like the appearance, culture, or fighting style of one faction more than the others, everyone will have their preference. I always recommend playing as each and every character to learn how they work which makes fighting against them a bit easier, but staying with one faction consistently will help improve your skills for the rest of the faction’s heroes.

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