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A Warlord stands ever vigilant

The Warlord is the original heavy class Hero for the Vikings. He is a stereotypical looking Viking, a massive warrior wielding a sword and a wooden round shield. They are the protectors of their people and employ a brutal yet simple fighting style that allows them to hit hard and harass their opponents. This guide will hopefully introduce players to Warlord and teach experienced players a few extra moves with this Hero. With that in mind, this guide assumes that you know the basics of terminology when it comes to For Honor. 


Warlord’s Moveset

    To start, let’s look at Warlord’s basic combo chains:

  • Focused Strikes - light attack, heavy attack
  • Hack and Slash - heavy attack, light attack
  • Elder’s Strike - light attack, light attack
  • Elder’s Whirl - heavy attack, heavy attack

As you can see, his combo chains are nothing flashy, they are basic but that is not the end of his moveset. The Warlord has a few other moves and features in his toolkit that make him a formidable opponent. 

  • Crashing Charge - While not locked on to an opponent and while sprinting, hold the guard break button and Warlord will slam into opponents, pushing them with his shield.
  • Uninterruptible Heavy Attacks - All of Warlord’s heavy attacks are uninterruptible on their startup. 
  • Superior Block Light Openers - Warlord’s light attack openers have the superior block property on their startup, meaning the attack will become a Crushing Counter (with unblockable property and increased damage) if they successfully block an attack.
  • Headbutt - Do a dodge forward and press guard break and the Warlord will do a Headbutt. If it lands, the Warlord can follow it up with a guaranteed light attack. 
  • Headsplitter Leap - While sprinting, press the heavy attack button and Warlord will jump forward and slam down with his sword. This attack is also uninterruptible. 
  • Headsplitter Leap Alternate - Same move as before except this one is performed by locking onto an opponent, dodging forward, and doing a heavy attack
  • Headsplitter Leap Combo - While performing the Headsplitter Leap Alternate, press guard break. The Warlord will do a headbutt then you can press light attack to get a guaranteed light attack if the headbutt lands. 
  • Shield Counter - After getting a parry, press guard break and the Warlord will smack the enemy with his shield. Press light attack right after landing this to perform the Shield Counter Combo.

    Beyond these extra attacks, the Warlord also has a full block stance. In this stance, the Warlord will guard any attack that is not unblockable. The Warlord also has access to counter attacks while in this stance:

  • Block and Stab - Immediately after guarding an attack using full block, perform a light attack to stab your opponent
  • Board and Blade - While in full block, use a heavy attack. The Warlord will perform a wide swinging, undodgeable heavy attack.
  • Headbutt Riposte - Immediately after guarding an attack using full block, press guard break to use a headbutt. This can be followed up with the Headbutt Combo by using a light attack when the headbutt lands. 

For more information on Warlord, including things like damage values for his attacks, I highly recommend this video by MightyMattman90,


Warlord Strategies

    For a beginner Warlord player, the easiest and most effective strategy at first will be to spam the headbutt as it is a quick bash that guarantees damage. Trading hits with other fighters by using the uninterruptible heavy attacks should also be something to get the hang of at first. As you grow in skill it will be important to master the full block stance that Warlord has. It can be used as both a prediction tool and something to feint into. You should also practice Warlord’s crushing counter light openers as well. Crushing counters are an excellent way to do increased damage as they will do more than a normal light attack. Also, always try to charge your opponents to the nearest cliff or environmental hazard.

    For an example of high-level Warlord gameplay and strategies, check out this video by EternalCookie.


Warlord Feats

Tier 1:

  • Speed Revive - Rapidly revive fallen teammates
  • Rush - Trigger to gain movement speed for a short duration
  • Deadly - Attacks deal more damage every 3 seconds

    Tier 2: 

  • Bear Trap - Set a trap down that deals damage and stops victims in their tracks
  • Juggernaut - Slow movement speed, gain damage reduction, all attacks are uninterruptible 
  • Flesh Wound - Gain moderate damage reduction every three seconds

    Tier 3:

  • Fury - Raise movement speed slightly, raises attack and defense greatly
  • Tough as Nails - Raises maximum health when unlocked
  • Punch Through - Deal more chip damage when an enemy blocks your attacks

    Tier 4: 

  • Regenerate - Regenerate health when out of combat
  • Auto Revive - Automatically revive yourself unless executed
  • Fire Flask - Projectile that does massive fire damage over an area

    Warlord’s Feats can be built for survivability and damage and can synergize with his gear perks. For instance, if you have Bastion and Bulk Up activated on his gear and bring along Tough as Nails and Flesh Wound you will be very hard to kill while defending a point. Fury and Deadly also stack with each other, making your already strong attacks hit like a freight train, double so if Warlord is in revenge mode. 

    For a good example of an optimal build of Feats with Warlord, check out this video by Daniel DoesIt.

Warlord Gear

    Warlord’s gear consists of three pieces of armor: Helmet, body, and arms. And three weapon parts: Sword blade, sword hilt, and shield. 

    Warlord’s gear perks are as follows:

  • Aegis - All shields received are increased by 20%
  • Shields Up - Upon spawn or revive, gain a 15 health shield
  • Bastion - When in a zone or carrying a banner/offering, gain 10% damage resistance
  • Vengeful Barrier - When Revenge ends, gain a 25 health shield
  • Last Stand - When in critical health, gain 20% damage resistance
  • Fresh Focus - When out stamina, blocks and parries regenerate 20% stamina
  • Bulk Up - When gaining a Renown level, increase maximum health by 4 (max 4 increases) 

As you increase your Reputation with Warlord you should look out for Vengeful Barrier and Bulk Up, and Bastion. Because Warlord has a lot of health and is a heavy class hero, he is practically built to defend capture points. Therefore, building Warlord to be a walking tank is the best strategy. These gear perks combine with Warlord’s feats, Tough as Nails and Flesh Wound, make him very hard to kill when he is on a capture point. 

For a guide on another very good Warlord build, check out this video by Kenzo.


Warlord Executions

    Warlord’s executions are brutal as the rest of the Vikings but hilariously, a couple of them are actually references to wrestling moves. Executions like “The Viking’s Elbow” and “The Heart Attack” are both references to moves seen in the WWE. Though my personal favorite execution for the Warlord is “Final Slumber.” For a look at all of Warlord’s executions and extra data on which ones are the fastest and heal the most hp, check out this video by Xinlyfenne.

Warlord Fashion

    Warlord’s fashion is pretty well done. His armor sets don’t always allow the most amount of player expression but the right customization options can make him look like a warrior to be feared. His weapon sets all look excellent. They evolve from simple wooden shields and basic swords to very ornately designed metal shields and impressive looking swords. 

    For a showcase on Warlord’s gear, check out this video by Filthipino.


Warlord Tips

  • One thing to keep in mind is that you can use your headbutt to interrupt opponents, this is extra useful when in a group fight so you can stun an opponent allowing your allies to get a hit in.
  •  Remember that Warlord has far throw distance, there’s no shame in tossing your opponent off of a cliff or into another environmental hazard. 
  • In a group fight, it can help to disengage for a moment so you can do a Crashing Charge and disable your opponent. 
  • Your Shield Counter is an excellent tool to stop relentless attackers as a parry followed by your Shield Counter will drain a lot of stamina and stun the opponent. 
  • Headbutt is an excellent tool to open up defensive opponents.
  • Don’t play super aggressively with Warlord, that is not his style. 
  • Since a lot of Warlord’s strategy involves heavy attacks, be sure to keep an eye on your stamina. 
  • Learn his optimal punishes for when the opponent is out of stamina
  • Warlord’s zone attack is fast and undodgeable, making it a decent mix-up tool
  • Warlord has one of the highest health pools in the game, don’t be afraid to trade hits with uninterruptible attacks. 

    For more extra tips on how to play Warlord, check out these videos: 

Warlord Parry and Guardbreak Punishes and Additional Tips by Freeze

Warlord Guide by RED D4WN


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