For Honor Best Ways To Get Steel (Updated Latest Guide)

For Honor Best Ways To Get Steel
Toss a Coin to Your Heroes!

4#.  Warrior Trials

The second easiest way.

We would mention doing the Campaign but that would entail you breaking every single pot in the game for a 4 thousand Steel. It’s something you could do, but we’re here for the efficient ways, yeah? 


The Warrior Trials are pretty much the same as the Apprentice Trials in terms of availability. However, the reason we put it at the last tier is that it’s a step up in terms of difficulty for less of a payout, giving 500 Steel less than the Apprentice Trials. Despite that, it is still a great way to easily nab up some Steel. 


How It Works

  • Click on Training on your Main Menu
  • Head to Warrior Trials
  • Complete 100%

How Much Steel Can You Get With Apprentice Trials

  • Up to 1500 Steel


3#.  Apprentice Trials

The easiest way by far. 

Apprentice Trials are probably the easiest way to get Steel in For Honor. The Apprentice Trials give you pretty much free Steel for learning how to play the game. 

It’s pretty much a cop-out and takes little to no time at all. Plus, a way better payout than the Warrior Trials for an easier go of it. 

Give it a try!


How It Works 

  • Click on Training on your Main Menu
  • Head to Apprentice Trials
  • Complete 100%

How Much Steel Can You Get With Apprentice Trials

  • Up to 2000 Steel


2#.  Orders

Orders are probably the best way to get continuous fixed amounts of Steel. Orders are in-game missions that can grant you a wide range of Steel bundles. 

The good thing is, they are never-ending, you can access orders every day of every week and there will always be a new mission for you to do, and Steel for you to acquire. 


How It Works

  • Click on Multiplayer on the Main Menu
  • Press on the Orders button. 
  • Complete daily/weekly missions. 

How Much Steel Can You Get With Orders 

  • Contract Orders: 100-200 Steel
  • Daily Orders: 300-500 Steel


1#.  Playing the Game

The best way!


Sounds simple right? Well, it’s also the most effective. In 1v1s, Duels, and Brawls, you can gain from 25 to 50 Steel per game. In addition, Dominion and Breach can range from 50-150 Steel depending on how good you do, and considering how much of a For Honor fanatic we all are, I know the pile-up of those will look magnificent after the end of a day’s gaming. 

It is well known that Brawls are the fastest way to get Steel in For Honor, proven. Just some time and effort and you’ll see the Steel start to stack up in no time. 

Have fun with the process! 

Even though it may make you wanna toss your console out the window at times, the payoff is way greater than you’d imagine. 


How It Works

  • Play the game

How Much Steel Can You Get by Playing the Game

  • As much as you grind for, which can be unlimited


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