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For Honor Best Faction
Three heroes from each one of the factions prepares for battle

What is the best For Honor faction for you? 


      For Honor has a unique online system that allows players to pick from three factions: The Knights, the Samurai, and the Vikings. Picking one of these factions allows players to participate in the Faction War every season where they can earn war assets and place them on strategic territories on the War Map. Each faction competes to have the most territories by the end of a round during a season and whoever wins the most rounds wins the season. 

    Winning rounds and season awards players of that faction with things like ornaments, steel, and loot boxes.  So this begs the question: Which faction is the best? Well, that question is largely up to the player and their preference of medieval warrior. Below are each of the three factions that you can join plus the Wu Lin faction added with the Marching Fire expansion. Note that the Wu Lin faction cannot be joined like the original three but you can play as the heroes.

 #1 The Iron Legion (Knights)

  A Warden of the Iron Legion decimates the battlefield with a catapult strike. 

        The Knights, better known as the Iron Legion, are defenders of the land of Ashfeld in the Western part of For Honor’s map. They make sure their lands are safe from the Viking hordes and Samurai invaders at all costs. They are described as being “brash paragons of might” by the official website. Their insignia means order, ancestral roots, and protection. Most knights wear some sort of metal armor and wield their weapons in the hope of bringing glory to their name by fighting for what’s right. 

You might choose the Knights if:

  • You love medieval fantasy books, movies, or video games
  • You’ve always wanted to be a knight in shining armor 
  • You love their aesthetic 
  • You want to go on an epic crusade against the enemies of your people

#2 The Vikings (The Warborn)

A Viking raid fleet sails over rough to their next target to loot and plunder

        The Vikings, known to themselves as the Warborn, are a collection of clans hailing from the frozen lands of Valkenheim in the frozen north of For Honor’s faction map. They are masters of navigating by boat but are also some of the fiercest warriors in the entire game, despite seeming the most primitive compared to the other three factions. To an outsider, they may seem like savage clans in a constant state of civil war but the Vikings value freedom, bravery, and the strength to do what’s right. 

You might choose the Vikings if:

  • You love Norse mythology
  • You like drinking from the skulls of your enemies
  • You like winning the Faction War
  • Winter is your favorite season

#3 The Samurai

A Samurai castle overlooks the Myre with all its majesty

         The Samurai, known to themselves as The Chosen, are warriors of the Dawn Emperor that hail from the eastern part of the map knowns as the Myre. They are elegant warriors and are arguably the most skilled when compared to the other factions. Their faction is the smallest in number, according to lore, so each of their warriors must be worth ten of their enemy’s warriors. Unlike the Knights and the Vikings, the Samurai are the least divided and place a high importance on loyalty as they must stick together in order to ensure the survival of their faction. 

        You might choose the Samurai if:

  • You love Japanese history
  • You really like anime
  • You think the katana is the best type of sword ever made
  • Above all, loyalty and honor is what matters to you

#4 The Wu Lin

        The Wu Lin is a new faction added to For Honor last year during the Marching Fire update. The Wu Lin is a faction of warriors that hail from China that have traveled west for their own reasons be it honor, revenge, exile, or disgrace. Each of the four heroes fights with grace and beautiful technique and their armor and weapons sets are simply beautiful. Sadly, this faction is not one of the three you can choose for the Faction War. Instead, there are simply four heroes from the faction you may choose. 

You might like the Wu Lin if:

  • You love ancient Chinese history
  • You love martial arts
  • You love Bruce Lee movies

         So, in conclusion, each of the three joinable factions and the Wu Lin feature interesting backstories and noble warriors to fit nearly anyone’s tastes. No one faction is truly better than the other when it comes to winning the Faction War, it is up to the members of each faction to fight hard for victory. Admittedly, the Vikings have won the majority of the seasons, but that should not discourage you from choosing the other two factions. You should choose the faction you like the most and fight with them to the bitter end.

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