Mount and Blade II Multiplayer: How it Works

Mount and Blade 2 Multiplayer
"To the left, dammit!!"

Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord is a medieval RTS/RPG war game by TaleWorlds Entertainment. So far, a release date has not been given. Many are hopeful that there will be a release date given by developers at Gamescom 2018. They do plan to have a couple of things to show, but not many are hopeful it will be news of when they’ll get to play the epic war game.

How M&B 2 Multiplayer Works

There is something many find fun about leading entire armies against people you know are real. In Bannerlord, TaleWorlds Entertaintment is introducing a new 5v5 multiplayer mode known as Captain's Mode. With six cultures existing within the game's universe, developers were able to provide players with a wide selection of troops to choose from. Players can choose from different troop types like light or heavy archer. Light archers have a focus on armor, while heavy archers can execute melee attacks. Consquently, there are less units in a heavy archer regiment than a light archer regiment.

Wanting to recreate the atmosphere of a medieval battlefield, developers implemented moves like cavalry charge and shield wall for players to use during a multiplayer session.

Lead Designer Armagan Yavuz has also stated that the bot-free multiplayer mode is meant to give players quick action and keep them on their toes. The mode may also change or evolve based on community feedback.

There are also plans to implement a system that allows novice players to match up with other novices to avoid getting slaughtered by more experienced Bannerlord players.

For each type of unit you command, you can choose two of six perks or buffs that give bonuses to stats liek armor, accuracy, and movement speed.

Arrange your weapons of war in strategic places as you prepare to storm the enemy castle. During the placement of your siege weapons, you are also able to arrange your troops in whatever tactical formation you feel will work for the siege.

A defending players can use ballistas that shoot large flaming arrows or burn the enemy forces to death with hot oil to stop the battering ram getting through the gates.

Multiplayer Modes

Armagan Yavuz, the lead designer for Bannerlord, has said that aside from Captain’s Mode, there will be three other multiplayer modes: Siege, Duel, and a multiplayer mode with no bots. Developers hope to release a multiplayer beta at some point in order to test the modes they have planned for the game.

Scale of Battle

As mentioned earlier, battles will be 5 v 5. Allowing ten players to enter the field of battle on either side will make for epic fights against live opponents. People working on the same team will likely benefit from choosing different classes from their teammates, giving strength to the entire time if they can coordinate their forces like proper army. This will allow a team to capitalize on an ally’s unit strength and compensate for their weaknesses, increasing their chances of survivability.

Archers stand almost no chance of a head on encounter with a heavy infantryman armed with Bastard swords, but are excellent at picking most units off from a distance. And although slow, heavy infantry can de-mount an enemy with one well-timed swing.

Can I Take Over Someone Else's Castle?

Players will be offered a multiplayer mode known as Siege, where they can either be the army conducting the Siege or the army defending the castle. Although a person can establish their own castle, there is no word on whether or not players will be able to take over another’s castle.

Multiplayer Gameplay

Captain Mode puts players in command of their own detachment of troops in multiplayer battles of up to 5 vs 5.

Keep up to date with Bannerlord at and look for TaleWorlds Entertainment to announce some new things at this year’s Gamescom.

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