For Honor Best Assassin - All For Honor Assassins Ranked

For Honor Best Assassin
The three original assassins geared up for battle

    For Honor is a third-person multiplayer fighting game developed by Ubisoft Montreal set in an alternate history where Knights, Vikings, Samurai face off in all-out war. For Honor has a couple hero classes to choose from in each faction: the vanguards, heavies, assassins, and hybrids. 

    One class, the assassins, is known for fast attacks, excellent offense, and unique deflect attacks. Being quick on their feet and quick to strike makes the assassins a very fun class of hero to play as and everyone should have one in their back pocket. 

    If you’re trying to find out what assassin suits you or what assassin is objectively the best then look no further. Below is a ranked list of the assassins in the game with the pros and cons of each. 

#7 The Orochi

The Proud Orochi

According to For Honor lore, the Orochi are lightly armored, katana-wielding, imperial assassins that strike like ghosts causing fear in all they come across. The Orochi has fun and flashy attacks with good counter-attacking power sure to satisfy any would be Samurai. 


  • Very fast light attacks
  • Flashy, high damaging, and unblockable deflect attacks
  • Undodgeable attacks


  • Low health
  • Offense is sometimes hard to keep going. A blocked light can lead to big punishes
  • Dodge attacks are very predictable and can be blocked easily

Power Score


#6 Nuxia

    The graceful Nuxia

The Nuxia are the assassins in the Wu Lin faction and are bodyguards to royalty. They are also dancers and use their hook swords with deadly grace. Their hook swords are also able to use special trap attacks to deal extra damage to defensive enemies. 


  • Fast attacks
  • Trap attacks can crack open defensive enemies
  • Powerful deflect and dodge attacks


  • Traps are easy to see coming, a little bit of practice and you can avoid these most of the time
  • Her deflect attack can be blocked 
  • If her light attacks are blocked, the enemy can follow up with a heavy damage punish

Power Score


#5 Shinobi

The stealthy Shinobi

Shinobi is an extremely agile and mobile assassin. They excel at repositioning themselves and their opponent through the use of their weapon, the kusarigama. Their weapon allows them to attack at a long-range, unlike all the other heroes. Shinobi is also able to use moves like backflips, rolls, and smoke bomb dodges to control the distance at which they fight. 


  • Very fast and nimble, can literally Naruto run to gain a speed boost
  • Unblockable deflect attack that causes bleed
  • Fast light attacks
  • Backflips, dodges, and rolls allow them to control the distance he fights at
  • Only character that can use long-range attacks and grapples. Long-range grapple can open up opponent to a heavy damage bleed attack
  • Can literally run like Naruto


  • Lowest health out of all the heroes in the game
  • Long-range attacks leave them very open to big damage attacks if they are blocked or countered
  • They can be staggered out of his repositioning moves by opponents, denying him the space they need

Power Level:  70/100

#4 Peacekeeper

The silent Peacekeeper

The Peacekeeper is the silent blade of the Knights and everyone’s favorite kidney stabber. She is lightly armored and moves through the battlefield swiftly, able to put her enemies down quickly with the use of her dual blades. Her dagger can also make her opponent bleed and her attacks have special properties while the enemy is bleeding. 


  • Fast light attacks, like all the assassins
  • Utilizes special moves with her dagger that apply bleed to her enemies
  • While her enemy bleeds, she is not staggered when an enemy blocks her light attacks. This allows her to keep up the offense
  • Unblockable deflect attack that bleeds her opponent


  • While it is a quick attack, her bleed attack can be predictable if used too much and punished with a heavy attack
  • Below average health like all assassins
  • Can have trouble with offense if her opponent is not bleeding

Power Level: 75/100

#3 Gladiator

The boisterous Gladiator

Gladiators live for glory and riches and earn it by fighting in grueling matches in grand arenas. Their trident allows them to skewer opponents, causing them to bleed. They also have a special move where they stab the enemy's toes with their trident, doing a relatively small amount of damage. This move is enhanced when the enemy is out of stamina and the Gladiator will actually knock the opponent on the ground if it lands. 


  • Fast attacks (are you seeing a pattern here?)
  • Unblockable trident skewer causes their enemy to bleed and can lead to a throw 
  • They can use their buckler to bash opponents, this attack is unblockable and it stuns opponents and drains their stamina
  • Excellent pressure when enemy is out of stamina
  • Unblockable deflect skewer attack
  • Unblockable toe stab attack is perfect for interrupting enemies


  • Low health like all assassins
  • Skewer attack is slow and predictable
  • A missed toe stab attack leaves the Gladiator open to attack

Power Level: 80/100

#2 Berserker

The savage Berserker

Berserkers are savage, ax-wielding Vikings that strike fear into the hearts of friend and foe alike. Berserkers are hard-hitting assassins that attack their opponents relentlessly, leaving them no room to breath or time to get their defense in order. Berserkers also have access to uninterruptible attacks so that their offense momentum isn’t interrupted. 


  • Hardest hitting assassin. Combo enders are unblockable and high damage, getting hit by a heavy combo will most likely spell your doom
  • Berserker’s combo attacks are uninterruptible, meaning they cannot be staggered by normal attacks during their combos 
  • It can be difficult to stop a Berserker once they have started their offense
  • Deflect attack is a grab that gives the berserker a free, hard-hitting, heavy attack
  • Dodge attacks are undodgeable
  • Of course, their light attacks are fast


  • More nimble heroes can dodge out of Berserker’s combos
  • No great defensive moves beside the deflect attack
  • Heavy combo finishers are slow and predictable
  • Low health like the rest of the assassins

Power Level: 90/100

#1 Shaman

The Feral Shaman 

   If the Berserker is considered savage then the Shaman is straight-up feral. The Shaman lives a solitary life outside of civilization,  fending for herself in the cold wasteland where the Vikings live. Do not let her insanity fool you, she is a very capable warrior and possibly the most powerful of the assassins. Much like Peacekeeper, she has attacks that can bleed enemies. While the enemy bleeds she enters a Blood Trance that allows her to heal every time she lands an attack and unleashes a powerful attack where she bites off the neck of her enemy. 


  • Unblockable tackle attack drains stamina of opponent and can stagger them against walls
  • Has a running leap attack that can easily close distance to enemies and lead to combos. This move can also be canceled to fake out the opponent
  • The start of heavy attacks can be turned into a quick light attack that makes her enemy bleed, the ends of combo attacks can also be followed up by this same quick bleed attack
  • One of her combos has an unblockable finisher that does good damage or can be turned into a fast bleed attack
  • Blood Trance gives access to healing attacks and an unblockable neck bite that does heavy damage and heals Shaman
  • Guess what, she has fast light attacks


  • If you use her bleed attacks too much it will become predictable. You might get punished heavily 
  • Unblockable heavy finisher is a little slow
  • Her leap attack and tackle can be dodged pretty easily
  • Would you believe she has lower health like the rest of the assassins

Power Level: 100/100


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