[Top 5] Fortnite Best Rifles That Are Excellent (Ranked)

Which rifles are the best and why.
The Top 5 rifles best to use in the battlefield.

Fortnite has amassed a huge fanbase over the last four years, with skins, maps, and updates coming out on a daily basis.  Of course, the one thing that truly makes Fortnite what it is, is its weapons. There are many types but today I am going to be talking about its most versatile weapon: Rifles. 

5. Heavy Assault Rifle

Heavy Assault Rifle gameplay in Fortnite (It's OP)

At number 5, the heavy assault rifle will demolish you enemies. Not only does it have a first-shot accuracy, but it also deals high damage being most suitable for long-distance and medium shooting. Not to mention, it has a DPS of 135, with a reload time of 3.08.  Using it at the start-med of the match would be the best way to utilise it to its fullest potential.  

4. Primal Rifle


At number 4, the primal rifle will give you an advantageous edge. With a DPS of 193.75, it has a fast fire rate that deals thirty-one in damage.  It also has a short reload time of 2.5, making it a force to reckon with when using it in battle. Although when it comes to shooting at longer ranges, it is quite weak. 

3. Suppressed assault rifle


At number 3, the suppressed assault rifle is a silent killer in disguise. An automatic gun that works best when using it at a long to medium distance. It had a DPS of 165, with a steady damage of 30 and a fire rate of 5.5. 3. It is a well-rounded weapon overall, making it extremely useful in the battlefield. Also, since it is supressed, that means that it won’t be heard over long distances. Pretty useful, right?

2.  Slone’s Pulse Rifle

MYTHIC PULSE RIFLE *ONLY* Challenge! (Fortnite)

At number 2, the mystic pulse rifle will provide you with a number of options. A weapon when at hip fire mode, is at its best since it has a high DPS of 159.6, and faster fire speed that will enable you to eliminate your target more efficiently.  However, if you’re looking to deal heavier damage, ADS mode will work since it has a damage of 57 and a fire rate of 2.1.

1. Zapotron


Finally, at number 1, the Zapotron reins the top. With a DPS of 150, and a fire rate of 1, it ranks at the top since it has no damage drop-off and can significantly damage multiple opponents, even at long distances.

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