[Top 10] Fortnite Best Exotic Weapons That Are Powerful (And How To Get Them)

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Hmmm I wonder picking which exotic weapon won't get me killed in the next fight?

So many exciting weapons to pick. Which one should I get?


You have to admit these days using the normal weapons is getting kinda boring. Picking up the same rifles and shotguns every game just isn’t exciting anymore. So Epic added new exotic weapons, to help you get over this boredom. And try out extremely eye-catching weapons to enjoy that victory royale in style.

There are plenty of these exotic weapons on Fortnite island and I’ll tell you which ones you should have and how to get them. So read this article and jump into the game quickly, to get your hands on these babies and try them out. Hopefully, catch a win too.



10. Dragon's Breath Sniper (Best For Mid-Long Range)

A fiery sniper that shoots fire-causing bullets.

This is such a unique exotic weapon and has a very different way of dealing damage. It fires one projectile bullet and even if you miss your enemy, the fire starts burning the builds around the enemy and can deal damage. Still, you gotta work on your aim buddy, the fire won’t look out for you always. But in the meanwhile you work on your aim, this sniper will look out for you.

What makes Dragon's Breath Sniper great:

  • Rewards damage even if you miss your shot directly.
  • Sets fire on builds.
  • Deals damage of the shot and fire if it's a direct hit on the enemy.

How to get Dragon's Breath Sniper:

Tutorial on getting the Dragon's Breath Sniper.

Dragon's Breath Sniper details



9. Boom Sniper Rifle (Best For Mid-Long Range)

The deadly boom sniper rifle!

As the name suggests, these sniper rifle shots go, BOOM! This is  a special type of a sniper rifle. It shoots clingers that stick to players, builds, or anything you name it, and explodes after a short amount of time. This weapon too rewards bad aim since the clingers explode and deal damage to everything nearby.

What makes Boom Sniper Rifle great:

  • Rewards damage on shots that miss the enemy.
  • Deals high damage if you stick the enemy with a clinger.
  • The clinger breaks builds and exposes enemies.

How to get Boom Sniper Rifle:

Tutorial on getting the Boom Sniper Rifle.

Boom Sniper Rifle details



8. The Big Chill (Best For Mid Range)

Caution: This snowball shooting gun will cause slippery feet.


This gun is one of my favorites due to its wacky, fun nature. This gun shoots large snowballs, which cause the player it hits to get ice feet and constantly slip until it wears off after some amount of time.

What makes The Big Chill great:

  • Really fun weapon.
  • Allows you to send your enemies sliding off of cliffs.
  • Allows you to slide and move into the zone quicker.

How to get The Big Chill:

Tutorial on getting The Big Chill.

The Big Chill details



7. Hop Rock Dualies (Best For Short-Mid Range)

The anti-gravity double pistols.


This is also one of my favorite fun items due to the special ability it provides the player using it. It gives you a low gravity effect, allowing you to jump higher and it also results in no fall damage. These pistols also damage 43 per shot and have an insanely high DPS.

What makes Hop Rock Dualies:

  • Antigravity effect.
  • Higher jumps.
  • No fall damage.
  • Very high DPS.

How to get Hop Rock Dualies:

Tutorial on getting the Hop Rock Dualies.

Hop Rock Dualies details



6. Shadow Tracker (Best For Short-Mid Range)

The silent killer doesn't let your enemies know what hit them.

This is one of the most accurate pistols in Fortnite with a silencer attached. You can use this to catch enemies off guard and that too without warning any other player nearby due to noise suppression. It also has a very very high DPS due to the fast fire rate.

What makes Shadow Tracker great:

  • The silencer allows noise suppression.
  • 29 damage shots.
  • Very high DPS.

How to get Shadow Tracker:

Tutorial on getting the Shadow Tracker.

Shadow Tracker details



5. Storm Scout (Best For Mid-Long Range)

Lost on the island? This bad boy's got your back.

This sniper is one of the best guns in the game due to its one special ability which is not found in any other weapon in Fortnite. This gun shows the next storm circle on a small radar when you aim in. You can immediately base up and better your position that’s already in the next zone. This gives such a huge advantage to the player using it as he already has better positioning than anyone in the lobby.

What makes Storm Scout great:

  • Shows the next storm.
  • Large magazine size.
  • 90 damage shots.

How to get Storm Scout:

Tutorial on getting the Storm Scout.

Storm Scout details



4. Burst Quad Launcher (Best For Short-Mid Range)

Scared of one rocket? How about four at a time?

This beast is deadly even if the player using it has never played the game before. Yes, you heard me, it's that easy to use. It holds 4 rockets and shoots two rockets in one go. It deals explosive damage and makes killing enemies easier.

What makes Burst Quad Launcher great:

  • Easy to use
  • Shoots two rockets at once.
  • Holds 4 rockets at a time.
  • Deals explosive damage to enemy and builds.

How to get Burst Quad Launcher:

Tutorial on getting the Burst Quad Launcher.

Burst Quad Launcher details



3. Burst Pulse Rifle (Best For Mid-Long Range)

The cool looking Burst Pulse Rifle.

This is probably the coolest-looking gun in Fortnite in its original form. It is just as hard-hitting as good it looks. This burst pulse rifle shoots two bullets per burst when aimed in, it free fires without ADS. Even if it dealt less damage, I’d still pick up this gun just for the way it looks, I mean who wouldn’t?

What makes Burst Pulse Rifle great:

  • Different shooting styles when ADS’ed and hip firing.
  • Deals very high damage shots when you ADS.
  • Very uniquely cool-looking gun design.

How to get Burst Pulse Rifle:

Tutorial on getting the Burst Pulse Rifle.

Burst Pulse Rifle details



2. The Dub (Best For Short Range)

If one shot wasn't deadly enough, two will surely do the job.

This is a very mean-looking gun and that too for a specific reason. It shoots such strong shots that it literally pushes you back and knocks you a few meters back, just like the flintlock gun.  The only way to avoid a slap back from this bad boy is to shoot while crouching. It deals huge damage numbers regardless.

What makes The Dub great:

  • Very high body damage (120).
  • 2 high damaging shots in the magazine.
  • Can eliminate an enemy on full health and shields in 2 shots.
  • Can be used to push yourself in the zone with its kickback mechanic.

How to get The Dub:

Tutorial on getting The Dub.

The Dub details



1. Night Hawk (Best For Mid-Long Range)

The sharpest shooter in the West.

This scoped revolver is the hardest-hitting pistol in Fortnite currently. It has high damage shots with very high accuracy. The scope also allows it to hit shots easier alongside the gun being hitscan. In all, this gun is really good to use at mid to long-range as it can be used as a sniper due to its scope or a hard-hitting AR due to its accuracy.

What makes Night Hawk great:

  • Very high accuracy.
  • Easy to aim with due to scope.
  • High damage shots.

 How to get Night Hawk:

Tutorial on getting the Night Hawk.

Night Hawk details



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