The 25 Best Fortnite Settings That Give You An Advantage (PC)

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These settings are sure to help you grab a victory royale in the near future, as long as you don't die to fall damage.

When playing a Battle Royale like Fortnite, RNG will play a huge factor in your chances of winning. However, there are many ways you can give yourself a competitive advantage, simply by optimizing your settings. This guide includes frame rate boosts, quality of life changes, and keybind improvements.

25. Activate Turbo Building

Problem: Without Turbo Building, for each individual wall, floor, or ramp placed, you will have to click. Spam clicking is not fun unless you’re TSM Myth.

Solution: Turn on Turbo Building, which allows for a much more seamless building experience.

  • Go to Game Settings
  • In Building, turn Turbo Building to on, hit apply

24. Motion Blur stinks

Problem: Motion Blur not only costs performance from your GPU but also takes away from your ability to capitalize on a higher frame rate. This setting should not be used in a shooter, and especially not Fortnite. Motion blur is like wearing someone else’s glasses.

Solution: Simply turn off motion blur.

  • Go to Video Settings
  • In advanced graphics, switch Motion Blur to off, hit apply

23. Tune the textures down

Problem: Fortnite, at its maximum settings, can be taxing on your GPU. 

Solution: Tune down your texture settings a bit, or maybe even to the lowest setting.

  • Go to Video Settings
  • In Graphics Quality, set your textures to low, hit apply

22. Turn off V-Sync

Problem: If you have good hardware and a monitor with a refresh rate of 144Hz or higher, V-Sync will limit you to 60 fps.

Solution: Turn off V-Sync if you have a good computer. Your game will run at a higher frame-rate. If you’re not sure if your PC can handle it, simply test the game with and without the setting.

  • Go to Video Settings
  • In Advanced Graphics, turn VSYNC off, hit apply

21. Up the frame-rate to 120Hz

Problem: Once again, it depends on the hardware and your monitor’s refresh rate, but playing on PC at less than 120 frames could become a disadvantage.

Solution: With V-Sync off, simply change the frame-rate in the in-game settings. 

  • Go to Video Settings
  • In Display, change the frame limit to your desired preference (or make it the same as your monitor refresh rate)

20. Crank up the View Distance

Problem: With a low view distance, you’ll have to be closer to things like weapons, or structures to see them.

Solution: If your computer is being strained, turn down some other graphical settings to higher your view distance.

  • Go to Video Settings
  • In Graphics Quality, change your view distance to high or epic, hit apply

19. Network settings

Problem: A spike in lag or ping could easily cause you to lose a battle, especially with builds and edits involved.

Solution: With Net Debug, you can see the status of your connection, and avoid fights if your ping suddenly skyrockets. 

  • Go to Game UI Settings
  • In HUD options, set Net Debug stats to on, hit apply

19. Color Blind Mode

Problem: During the day, the standard color blind setting makes the game look very bright

Solution: By changing your color blind mode to “Deuteranope” and tuning the color blind strength upwards, the screen is much less bright during the day.

  • Go to Video Settings
  • In Graphics, turn color blind mode to “Deuteranope” and set the strength to 5 (may want to play around with the strength setting to see what’s best for you), hit apply

18. Sprint by Default

Problem: Using a key to sprint is simply a waste of a key, and one more key to learn.

Solution: Turn on sprint by default, and use the key you would’ve used to sprint to something useful. 

  • Go to Game Settings, 
  • In Movement, turn sprint by default on, hit apply

17. Hold To Swap Pickup

Problem: Swapping guns off the ground, and re-sorting your inventory, is a waste of time

Solution: Rather than re-sorting your inventory, simply hold the button you use to swap, to automatically replace your unwanted weapon.

  • Go to Game Settings
  • In Combat, turn on hold to swap pickup, hit apply

16. Auto Sort Consumables to right

Problem: Shield and Heals, like any item, have to be sorted in your inventory. This could waste valuable time in-game, though.

Solution: Automatically sort your consumables to the right side of your inventory to save time and avoid switching to the wrong item in combat.

  • Go to Game Settings
  • In Combat, turn on auto-sort consumables to right, hit apply

15. Nvidia Highlights

Problem: Nvidia Highlights may be silently recording in the background while you play Fortnite, which could cause PC performance issues.

Solution: Simply turn it off, unless you’re consciously using it if you’re not sure, then you’re not using it.)

  • Go to Game Settings
  • In Extra Game Options, turn off Nvidia Highlights, hit apply

14. Confirm Edit on Release

---This setting depends on if you’re basic or advanced in editing skills.

Problem: Editing can be difficult, if confirm edit on release is on, it’ll be easier for basic players to make an edit. For the more advanced editors, having this setting on will slow you down.

Solution: Turn this setting on or off, depending on your skill in editing.

  • Go to Game Settings
  • In Building, switch to the desired setting, hit apply

13. Don’t crouch while building

Problem: Binding a key to crouch while building is a waste of effort and memory. It can also slow down your momentum.

Solution: Unbind any key for crouch while building

  • Go to Keyboard Controls Setting
  • In Building, unbind any key that is set for crouch while building, hit apply

12. Make use of your mouse buttons if you have them.

Problem: Fortnite is a very mechanically intensive game, meaning you’ll have to use a lot of keys to dominate. Using a lot of keys can certainly be difficult at times.

Solution: If you have buttons on the side of your mouse, be sure to use some of them to take the stress off of your left-hand fingers.

  • Go to Keyboard Controls Setting
  • Set at least 2 actions to your side mouse buttons (preferably actions that are used at least moderately)

11. Adjust your X-Axis Sensitivity 

---If you use aim trainers, or are extremely comfortable with your sensitivities, skip this
Problem: Moving too slowly or quickly(horizontally) while aiming will cause you to lose many aim battles, or just miss out on easy eliminations.

Solution: Fine-tune your aim settings, so you don’t feel like your cursor is getting away from you.

  • Go to Mouse and Keyboard Settings
  • In Mouse Sensitivity, adjust your X-Axis sensitivity accordingly (the green line indicates a good sensitivity for basic players.

10. Repeat step 11, but with Y-Axis Sensitivity

9. Turn off Record Creative Mode Replays

Problem: PC performance can be hindered if you record replays.

Solution: Simply turn off the setting, allowing your PC to use its resources on more important processes in-game.

  • Go to Game Settings
  • In Replays, turn off Record Creative Mode Replays (honestly, just turn all the replay settings to off, unless you’re using them), hit apply

8. Fullscreen Display

---This may be unavoidable if you are constantly switching to applications other than Fortnite while you play

Problem: Running the game in any display other than Fullscreen will cause your game to run a bit slower.

Solution: Turn on Fullscreen mode.

  • Go to Video Settings
  • In Display, switch the setting to Fullscreen, hit apply

7.  Turn off toggle-targeting

Problem: With this setting on, you’ll have to click your aim key to both aim down sights, and aim out of the sights. This could slow you down when switching targets or quick shotgun shots.

Solution: Turn off this setting, so the “aim down sights” action is triggered by holding, rather than pressing, the aim button.

Go to Game Settings

In Combat, turn toggle targeting off, hit apply

6. Turn off Reticle-Ammo Indicator

Problem: The indicator being near your crosshair can serve as a distraction

Solution: Turn off this setting, make sure you reload before fighting and listen for the low ammo audio cue.

  • Go to Game UI Settings
  • In HUD options, turn off “Reticle Ammo Indicator,” hit apply

5. Turn down your targeting sensitivity

Problem: Fortnite recommends a higher than the optimal percentage for target sensitivity (aiming down sights). 

Solution: Turn it down to a number you can handle. This may take some playing around with.

Go to Mouse and Keyboard Settings

In Mouse Sensitivity, adjust your targeting sensitivity accordingly, hit apply

4. Repeat step 5, but with your Scope Sensitivity

3. Turn off Auto Pick up Weapons

Problem: After picking up an elimination, you’re likely to scavenge for loot. It is easy to pick up unwanted weapons, disorganizing your inventory.

Solution: Turn this setting off (this can be good in the early game, but mid/end game, you’ll want it off).

  • Go to Game Settings
  • In Combat, turn off Auto Pick Up Weapons

2. Crouch with your pinky

Problem: Crouching can be difficult when switching between shooting, building, and editing.

Solution: Use your pinky to crouch (shift or ctrl key).

  • Go to Keyboard Controls
  • In movement, set crouch to either left shift or ctrl, hit apply

1. Set your Reset Keybind to Scroll Wheel Down

Problem: The speed at which you reset your edit can be life or death in Fortnite. It is difficult to find a good key to use, because of the number of actions required to edit.

Solution: Use Scroll Wheel Down to reset your edit. 

  • Go to Keyboard Controls Setting
  • In Building, set your reset building edit to mouse wheel down, hit apply

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