[Top 15] Fortnite Best Bundles To Get

All geared up!

15. Ghostbusters crew/Ghostbusters Patrol

Who you gonna call?


Why these bundles are awesome:

  • You get to play as a Ghostbuster!
  • Pair these skins with the Ghostbusters gear to bring all the looks together
  • Hunt other players like you’re hunting ghosts


These bundles can be grabbed from the item shop for 2,000 V-Bucks each


14. Wukong Bundle

Long live the king!


Why this skin is so cool:


  • Based on a mythical deity
  • Pairs well with the Panda Team Leader skin
  • Royaly dominate your enemies


This bundle is available in the item shop for 4,080 V-Bucks


13. Daredevil Bundle

Matt Murdock: The Man Without Fear


Why this skin is blindingly awesome:


  • Two different styles, with one having the more comic book look
  • Awesome back bling, pickaxe, and glider included
  • Have no fear when taking on opponents!


This bundle was available in the Daredevil Cup as a reward and it was also available in the item shop for 2,200 V-Bucks


12. Psycho Bundle



Why this skin will make you go insane:


  • From the popular game Borderlands
  • Comes with a companion back bling and pickaxes
  • More unique looks than most other characters


This bundle is available in the item shop for 2,000 V-Bucks


11. Starfighters

This has got some moves/Bring hope back to the galaxy


Why this bundle soars above others:


  • If you have any Star Wars skins, these pair well with them!
  • A must buy for any Star Wars fan


This pack will cost you 1,800 V-Bucks in the item shop


10. Harvests Bounty Bundle

A Thanksgiving classic!


Why this is a great bundle:


  • Very unique skins with them actually being foods!
  • Cobb has an alternate popcorn style
  • The added accessories really bring everything together


This bundle goes for 2,000 V-Bucks in the item shop


9. Edge Factor Bundle

Sharpened for battle and set on a perfect angle of attack, it’s time to shape up or ship out.


Why this bundle is awesome:


  • Abstract design
  • Synthwave aesthetic 


This bundle will cost you 2,300 v-Bucks in the item shop


8. Slurp Legends Pack

Side effects may vary with the Slurp Legends pack.


Why this is a great bundle:


  • A Slurpified play on existing skins
  • Gives older skins a fresh new take 
  • Stand out from the crowd with your unique look!


This bundle will run you 2,00 V-Bucks in the item shop


7. Shadow Strike Pack Bundle

Strike from the shadows.


Why this bundle is great:


  • You can’t go wrong with all black everything
  • Get a squad together to have a whole team of shadows
  • Strike your enemies from the darkness


This bundle is 2,800 V-Bucks in the item shop


6. X-Force Outfits Bundle

X-Force! Assemble! Oh, wait…


What makes this bundle heroic:


  • Get a 4th man with the Deadpool skin to complete the team!
  • Look badass when taking on squads of enemies
  • Throw Wolverine in the mix and you have the X-Men!


This bundle goes for 3,000 V-Bucks in the item shop


5. Batman Caped Crusader Pack

Activate the bat-signal! The Caped Crusader has joined the fight.


Why this is a great bundle:


  • Comes in two different styles: The Dark Knight movie and comic book
  • Capes, pickaxes, and glider included
  • Looks and feels awesome taking down Joker as The Bat


This bundle was $15.99 in the item shop


4. Ninja Bundle

Watch and learn.


Why this is a great bundle:


  • Play as your favorite Fortnite streamer!
  • 3 different styles and a unique emote
  • Flex on your enemies while you up your game!


This bundle will cost you 2,000 V-Bucks and is available in the item shop


3. Marvel Royalty and Warriors Pack

Warriors can be formed for any reason, whether it be a king’s responsibility, a soldier’s duty, or a hired gun’s price.


Why this bundle is amazing:


  • One of the best-valued bundles in Fortnite
  • Play as Black Panther with this pack!
  • Each skin comes with appropriate accessories to match


This bundle was a limited time offer worth $24.99 in the item shop


2. Kratos Bundle

I am what the gods made me.


Why you should get this bundle:

  • Play as Kratos from the God of War series
  • Comes with a special built-in emote
  • Unleash your rage on all who oppose you!


This bundle is available in the item shop for 2,200 V-Bucks


1. The Last Laugh Bundle

Genius comes in many forms - whether you’re dangerously funny, creating havoc with wild plants, or flooding the island with your best intentions; it often comes along with a companion: madness. Become everyone’s nemesis with The Last Laugh Bundle!


Why this is the best bundle in Fortnite:


  • Brings Midas back!
  • Play as The Joker!
  • Pickaxes, back blings, and gliders all included!


This is a limited time offer in the item shop RIGHT NOW for $29.99!



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